Ghajini review ( Aamir rocked )

Inspired by the hype given all over , Last weekend I went to see the latest flick of Aamir khan , Ghajini . I saw the original version of ghajini ( a Indian version of Momento ) in telugu and tamil before . Having a confidence on Aamir , I thought he will try to do something different in the new version . But what I felt when I saw the movie ? Keep on reading : ) ..

The movie has nothing except Aamir . Aamir has done every effort from his part to create a master piece , But it did not work this time . Let me say a few words to Aamir before I start writing about the movie .

Dear Aamir ,
You are fascinating actor .You have enough talent with you to stand as a superstar . Your dedication towards your job , your hardwork is always appreciable . I am confident that audience are not disappointing you much by watching your movies in pathetic theatres . But dude dont try to copy someone . Still now what ever movie I saw in which you played a role are just original versions and I always praised you for your work . You did extremely well when you did something yourself . You are good in creating things . But I think you are not good in analysing a role which is already done by someone else . You did somethings which are not in line with your fan thoughts . For knowing the mistakes you have done in the movie , you also have to read the rest of review .
Lets start with Aamir 's introduction part . The hero ( Surya) in the original version of Ghajini is of good height . So the director made him fight with bad guys whose height is in sync with him and he made them fall in one shot . It was good to see that . But Aamir is a short fellow . He is made to fight with guys who are quite taller than him . The fight is supposed to be like Aamir dominating them with his strength . But as the guy is longer , it looked like Aamir is struggling to fight with him. what I mean is if hero has to dominate the villains ( by making them fall in one or two shots ) , he should make sure that they are weaker than him in physique . Next comes the heroine . The introduction song of the heroine in Telugu version was very good . But in Hindi , its not upto the mark . The music would had been better for that song and even the picturisation too . The whole movie is a copy paste . The heroine part which played a great role in making the early versions hit , can not do this time . How can Aamir think of putting some south Indian heroine beside him in a bollywood movie ?

The first half is better compared to second in the movie . The second half is just filled with violence which follows a beautiful song Guzarish . I should say about Aamir this song . His body was shown as if he is some girl . I understand Aamir that you have developed this to show your competitors that you are better than them but the picturisation of movie can not add value to your body . You would had utilisted it better in the movie . The entire movie looks as if Aamir is acting in some south Indian movie . You would had gone for some bollywood director instead of Murugadoss who tried to show you just by replacing surya in the original version with out trying to adapt it to the tastes of bollywood . The heroine should also had been changed .

Oops , I should mention about the changed climax na . Some people said that the climax is highlight of this movie as it has been changed . But I did not find it so . There is just some logical act there and nothing much interesting apart from it .

In a whole , the movie deserves to be a one time watch that also only if you are a fan of Aamir .
It deserves a rating of 2.5 from me .

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Dude.. You missed out the last part..

After the climax of ghajini you can see taare zameen par.. and even the children will make fun of his short term memory loss.. lolz..

And the most annoying part is the Sloooooooooooow motion shots of Amir and Asin's soul ( as she is already dead )

In short.. It sucked..

hey man, hold on. Amir has definetly done his part excellently though the whole movie was ripped with violence. It was a good job from the director and the acting team. Certain people are biased by we South Indians who basically polish the so-called hi-flying northi actresses. The Directors of south are much more realistic than the northis...soo...please don't have biased views for talents. it is good movie and Amir & Asin have definetly done a great job.

Good Movie......
But, It is "Faaltu" if compared with our Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi........
Aamir is good with marketing skills, but the movie is not that good........

The dumbest review of a movie ever.......

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