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JIVE'06[contd] ------ Day3

Welcome to DaY3

The day started at 11"0 clock where i went to see solo dance competition.....But the competition is held at around 3 '0 clock...In the mean i was doing out some photography in the college...taking its pics in different angles[surprise thing is a guard came and asked me wh
ether i have permission to take the photographs]............
Then I was getting bored..sO went outside to guptaji[parathe waale] so that our bhayya can have a sutta....We hanged out thr for sometime..I had 2 parathas in the end..Then we moved out to our mess for food....
Time is one'0 clock and now we wanted to participate in cofee couple...But as usual boys coupons are over and girls coupons are still not competition is shifted for the ones who came to participate with a gal.....
So i Moved to laughter challenge competition.....where ppl are trying to



This post is just to share to you people what things im using to post the pics in the blog...The pic above shows ma partner coolpix 4600..Below given is the full review of nikons lower end digital cameras cool pix 4600 and cool pix5600

Two easy-to-use compact digital cameras that make shooting more fun and convenient!

TokyoNikon Corporation is pleased to announce the introduction of the COOLPIX 5600 and COOLPIX 4600 — two new digital compact cameras with impressive image quality and packed with enhanced in-camera features that are easy to use, making them ideal for beginners of all ages.

With a comfortable grip, the COOLPIX 5600/4600 make the user feel at ease and ready to shoot right away. There’s also a range of features that enable beginners to start producing pleasing shots with confidence. A newly designed Graphic User Interface (GUI) allows the user to select functions by either name or icon. A handy “Help” button explains each menu function. Furthermore, both cameras display the menu in a choice of 11 languages. The COOLPIX 5600 and the COOLPIX 4600 feature a large, bright 1.8-inch LCD monitor that makes it easy to compose shots and to view the results. In addition to making operation even more convenient, both cameras have been designed to consume significantly less power — enabling the user to shoot almost twice as many shots with alkaline batteries, for example, in comparison with other entry level Nikon digital cameras.*

The advantage of 5.1 and 4.0 effective megapixels resolution enable the COOLPIX 5600 and COOLPIX 4600 respectively to deliver high image quality exceeding that of most entry level digital compact cameras. They also feature the advantage of a 3x optical Zoom-Nikkor lens — combining the freedom to compose in different ways with high-quality and reliability, and meanwhile supporting macro shooting from as close as 4cm (1.6 inches).

Furthermore, the COOLPIX 5600/4600 not only allow the user to achieve truly pleasing quality with minimal preparation, but they also stand apart from other cameras in their class with the handy ability to automatically improve the quality of recorded images with the touch of a button. Nikon’s exclusive D-Lighting function, for example, can be selected in Playback mode — automatically recovering and compensating for insufficient flash or excessive back lighting in order to obtain balanced exposure throughout the frame. Nikon’s Advanced In-Camera Red-Eye Fix, on the other hand, has the ability to automatically detect and correct red eyes in-camera in most situations. Both cameras are additionally equipped with Blur Warning, which alerts the user when a shot is compromised by camera shake, allowing another shot to be taken to achieve the optimal result.

Designed with a new high-density integration of key components, the COOLPIX 5600/4600 have been created with compact dimensions. They are also lightweight and easy to carry, making them even more attractive to the day-to-day user. To make operation even simpler, the COOLPIX 5600 and COOLPIX 4600 feature the same handy Scene Modes that have made the COOLPIX lineup such a success and four of them also feature Scene Assistance, enabling virtually anyone to achieve better composition. Scene Modes are easy to use — simply select the mode that most closely fits the subject, such as Sunset or Portrait, then leave the camera to select the appropriate settings automatically. The COOLPIX 5600/4600 also feature an entirely new “Underwater” Scene mode, which produces more satisfying, true-to-life colors when using the optional WP-CP3 waterproof case to shoot scenes while snorkeling or scuba diving. This exciting new addition increases the choice of handy Scene Modes to 16!

A choice of five Color Options allows the photographer to have more fun with digital photography, enabling them to select one before shooting to change the entire feel of a shot by making it sepia or black-and-white, for example. The COOLPIX 5600/4600 also have 14MB of internal memory, which enables images to be recorded without additional memory media. What’s more, they are compatible with SD cards, which enable a large number of shots to be stored and are widely available for purchase.

The COOLPIX 5600 and COOLPIX 4600 make it easy to capture action in an expressive manner with movie shooting capability. Both cameras offer a choice of three different movie modes — TV, Small and Smaller — and the COOLPIX 5600 has the ability to capture video with sound. They can also be easily connected to a TV, making it simple to share the results with friends or family.

Printing is made easy with the COOLPIX 5600/4600. PictBridge compatibility makes it possible to print directly to a compatible printer, without the need for a PC. Both cameras come bundled with Nikon’s own PictureProject software, which is user-friendly and offers a broad selection of versatile functions.

* Under CIPA-compliant test conditions, the Nikon E5600 and Nikon E4600 can shoot almost twice as many shots with alkaline batteries as the Nikon E4100.

Both cameras are compatible with the new dedicated waterproof case, WP-CP3, available as an optional accessory, offering sub-aqua shooting at depths of up to 40 meters.

Sales release schedule: Both cameras as well as the waterproof case, WP-CP3 are scheduled for release in February 2005.

Note: Specifications, design, product name, standard accessories, and release schedule may differ by country or area.

JIVE'06 --- day2

Day2 STARTS AT 11:00.....BCOZ life @ JIIT never starts in early mornings [:D]

Me got out of room and moved straight to lecture theatres to check the events...All the events going out thr are program
ming olympiad related ones or flash anime makig competitions........
After wandering for sometime i foun
d that a antaakshari competition is goin on...........
i went wid ma roomie just 2 participate....they initially gave us some questions and asked us to solve them...interestingly the first question was solved by me heheh......who is the actress in telugu version of khushi??? ans bhoomika
But we are throwd out in the tie breaker :(

Now we moved out to the lawns and found out that a matki breaking programme[utti pagala kottadam] is going on.......After seeing 2 or 3 grps performing we also decided to break it by making a pyramid.....Efforts started after lunch and continued with planning the base of our pyramid and setting ppl in the different levels of the pyramid....bUT the guys with thier best effort are ready in a hour....surpirsing thing is our batch gals also got interest and asked us help to make a pyramid and its them who built the pyramid earlier than us....heheh........actually their base was 2 or 2 ppl in other grps have their hands broken also....bcoz the pyramids made r 2 high....and gals on the top of them are obly hurt :D...............Just before we are abt to enter the competion earlier two grps went into fight regarding the the event was made 2 cancel....but the spirit never died and we asked the organisers that vll break for fun.......and we found to our agony that the rope used to tie the matki has fallen from the pulley of pole.........
Someone has to climb it to have the rope on the pulley...thnx 2 anshul he climbed it with spirit and made it ............the pic in the right shows u him
Finally we made the pyramid and has completed breaking the pot in 35 sec.......
After this event we moved to lecture theatre and found treasure hunt is gin
r also a questionaire was thr...even though we ansd them same as other 3 grps which came wid me.....only one grp anjani and saransh were able 2 make it...........After This me and ma roomie... felt like tired and went to room..Both of us had nice sleep till 8
Then we had dine and moved 2 lawns 2 chek bandish.......
We actlly slept bcoz ppl was saying earlierthan bandish sucked big time in IITD.........but dont know y ppl felt like that thr...Bandish rocked here with nice songs...Thnx to t
he energetic singger they have :D.........and to JIIT crowd which i s always ready 2 rock............We enjoyed our time thr and the day finally came to a end @ 11..............


INaurguation---5 PM

Euphoria was about to arrive for the night ...But since one of thier sin
gers has health prob they cant make it..So their managers sent another band...Silkroute famous for its dooba dooba song.............
Silkroute played songs from its albums for 2 hours..4-5 songs r really good...others are also not much boring....Atfer silkroute its time of the tantriks
They didnt have ny typical own album songs ....So they chose som
e nice mp3's from hindi and English....but tracks played are good enough for the people 2 dance...people requested for the sutta song as usual but the singers didnt sing it....The pro shows continued till 11:30 in the night..
And the day closed finally at 12.................