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Beware of Microsoft Powerpoint Flaw

Microsoft has warned that Hackers are targetting a unpatched flaw in Microsoft office Powerpoint to attack users PC 's .

Versions Vulnerable : Microsoft Office 2003 SP3,Office 2002 SP3 and 2000 SP3 .

Hackers will launch attack by making you open a powerpoint file which has been crafted already . When you open the file powerpoint will try to access a invalid object in the memory which in turn allows the hacker to execute code remotely on your system .

As per Security advisory , attacks are not spread yet heavily but they expect some limited number of expects targetted at some users .Right Now Microsoft did not come up with any patch for this flaw but they might do it in next patch.

So What should I do to protect myself against powerpoint vulnerability ?

Microsoft suggests us not to open files received from untrusted sources, use the Microsoft Office Isolated Conversion Environment (MOICE) to open untrusted files, and use Microsoft Office File Block policy to restrict the opening of Office 2003 and earlier documents.
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