How to send .exe file in gmail ??

Are you a Gmail favourite ,who set Gmail as your primary mail service ???Then you should be getting frustrated with it when you want to send files with the following extensions exe, dll, ocx, com or bat as you have to use other mail services like yahoo which allows the file with these extensions to be sent over them.May be Google has got security reasons for this.If you try to attach a file with these extensions ,It will give you a error like this "This is an executable file. For security reasons, Gmail does not allow you to send this type of file."
[I don't understand y Google gives this error after uploading the whole file to its server.If you have the reason post it as comment !!!].

Now Ill tell you some trick through which you can send or attach any type of file in you Gmail.

  • Open your My computer or explorer window.On the top menu beside file,edit and view,you can find tools.Now go to folder options in it.A window will pop up.
  • In the window click on the view tab.Now find Hide extensions for known file types and uncheck it.Now click Ok.
  • Go to the .exe file or some other file which is to be sent over the Gmail.
  • Now change the file extension of the file to other extensions which Gmail allows like .jpeg or .GIF [For e.g If the file hdd.exe is to be sent,rename it to hdd.jpeg] and send the file.If you have a large file,do the above steps and then Zip it.You cant send just by zipping , as gmail scans extensions in zip files also.
  • At the recievers end,after downloading the file,ask them to get it renamed again to the original file extension.
Apart from this,you can send the .exe files without renaming by just using Winrar.Gmail doesnt scan files in the rar files.If the sender and reciever has winrar,Just rar the file and send it.No renaming and all.

If you don't want violate Gmail policies or anything.just go to some file sharing service like rapidshare and upload your file there.They will give you a link.Send the link to the recipient through the mail.

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Great tip, buddy! Will really prove useful

dont know why gmail has banned exe file . May be they dont wanna run a antivirus scan , as exe r main ways of spreading virus via mails.

anyways thanks for the tip.
[ cant we rename file to xxx.jpeg ]

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That really worked out. Thx

You can pack your files in a RAR or a .ipa

if you wanna do it with an .ipa your gonna need to rename the file extension of the ipa to .zip,
then put your files in it, then rename the .zip to .ipa.

Send it like that and it wil work.

I've been struggling with this too. My trick is very similar, but to keep it easier for the recipient, I just -add- .txt to the offending file extension. So I end up with things like filename.exe.txt or zippedfile.zip.txt. It works.

I wish google would allow these, possibly via a Labs extension.

Today Gmail became great service compared to any other mail service in which lots of advertisments,Ads etc.Gmail looks clean & Quick in loading ,Hope google must take the antivirus support,to solve this problem.

the idea is good ..but not enough to send the file
without the knowledge of recevier

The Best Method Ill tell You Guys

just copy an exe file

Then open microsoft word

paste exe file in word

send that .... No Gmail will come to Know


Hi, Superb comments. Thanks !!!

gmail doesnot allow rar file containing exe file

fanstastic about sending .exe file through gmail... thank you

To send exe file dont use .zip to compress use .rar to compress, gmail allows to send.

they dont let you 'cause of viruses being sent via email

file.exe ==> file.ex

use the RAR dudes.

Sometimes renaming doesnt work because Gmail reads the file headers rather than the file names.. So RAR is the best as of now..

I renamed the zip extension to ziip :P. If anything, just warn people from opening exe files - don't take away a power that they can easily get from somewhere else (or hack their way around).

What is "SECURITY" if there are work arounds? It only causes annoyance to users.

Awesum Guys i have used it and it work....I have used the word one also it wroked...thanks alot.


Even simpler, create your zip, then rename your zip to .rar before sending it. Avoids the need to use Winrar altogether.

The reason that you have to upload the whole file before you get told is because the server has to have the whole file to do its scan.

I think the reason they do this is to prevent stupid users from clicking exe files that contain viruses. Its a good reason, but annoying when trying to send a driver to a less then brilliant computer user.

I rename the files with the extension .googlesucks. Works perfectly.

it works ...thanks :)

Thanks, this works :)

All you have to do is upload the file/folder to google docs and then share it with people. Then you don'e even have to change anything.

really , ms word is good method to send exe file.

I appreciate it.

really now am much clear with your trick..

I was finding the way to send exe files through gmail. I was not able to send my clients and friends exe files. After using winrar I was able to send exe files through gmail. This post is really very helpfull.

Rashid from http://www.micro-digital.net/

Works like a champ....Thanks A Million!!!

it works, but not authentic, because where u r sending ur mail, if that person does not have knowledge how to rename extension, that that person will unable to open it,

check this post for more such info t.e how to send exe files via gmail

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