How to run applications which are incompatible with Windows Vista ??

Installed Windows Vista ?? I'm sure ,you might not be able to run most of your favourite applications right now in it.When you try to run a program, you may get a pop up saying that you can't run this program as some .dll files which are needed to run are not available in system 32.For those who want to run their incompatible applications in Windows Vista,My friend Mr.Byte has got a solution.Here is the solution.

Windows Vista has got a inbuilt feature to address this incompatibility issue.If any program is not able to run under Vista, Right click on the .exe file and select properties. Click compatibility tab as shown in the figure below.
In the drop down menu , select the OS in which the application was earlier compatible with.Like I selected Win XP sp2 above.Make sure you check the option "Run this program as an administrator".Click Ok and run the program.
I don't know whether all the programs will run this way.Some of my friends said that they are not able to run some programs even after doing that.If you have any other trick to deal with this compatibility issue ,Post as a comment or send me along with your link,So that I can link you back.


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