A instant messenger RSS reader

So far,we had seen different kinds of feed readers like Google reader,Bloglines,Rojo..... or desktop RSS readers or browser based live bookmarks.Now for those whose big part of day is spent in instant messaging,for those who like to stay online for most of the time and who want to read the feeds in their instant messaging window rather than in some other reader,Here is some good news for you.
A service called Anothr has arrived for providing the feed services to you through instant messaging.It provides just-in-time alerts for your favorite blog and news feeds in Gtalk,Skype and MSN.There is no need of any kind of software installation.All you need to do is just add the Anothr messenger bot in your messenger.Following are the bots to be added as friend in your messenger

add skype Skype bot: anothr.com

add gtalk Gtalk/Jabber bot: anothr@gmail.com

add gtalk MSN bot: msn@anothr.com
One you add the bot,it automatically creates a account on anothr through which you can subscribe and share your feeds.After adding the bot,the bot will ask you to select language like type en for english and all.Once you are done with it,it will give you instructions.You can get help anytime by typing "?".Once you type '?" amd press enter, it will show you how to subscribe,share and unsubscribe to your feed.You can even subscribe or unsubscribe to a feed right from the messenger itself in Skype/Gtalk.The service also provides you widgets for your webpage to show the latest subscribers to your blog.
As soon as the blog feed is updated,the anothr bot in your messenger will send you the post as a instant message.So,If you are a fave of instant messaging,just subscribe to feeds today using Anothr.


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