How to login fastly in Gmail and Orkut ??

All the Google services like Orkut,gmail.. has got integrated now with Google accounts.If you had noticed, the login window in all these sites, is same one which loads through Https protocol in a different frame inside the webpage.This is the reason why Orkut can't open in some proxy sites like Manyarticle inspite of supporting Https as proxy sites are able to proxify only the main page and not the frame inside it.
In lower speeds also,Opening Orkut or Gmail may just irritate you either by giving error messages like "connection timed out” or “server not responding”.This is all because of the rich interface Google has built with that in frame.If you are on slow connection,what should you do ??
For Gmail :

  • Gmail has got another version of its mail apart from the typical AJAX interface.This secondary version loads normally when you login and when it finds that you connection is too slow.You can acess that secondary fast HTML version of gmail from the link below.
  • There is another low-fi version of Gmail apart from HTML version.It works considerably fast and it is originally devoloped for mobiles.It opens instantly and login page also loads faster. Acess mobile version of Gmail from link below.
For Orkut :
  • For orkut there are no other versions,But you can skip all the home page loading by just typing the URL of the in frame login box which shows only text box of user login ,password and submit button.
Orkut fast login URL
If you are a mobile user and you want to acess Orkut,Devils workshop has got a tutorial on How to acess Orkut through mobile.
See my article on How to send .exe files through Gmail
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