Gtalk tips & tricks

Are you a fan of Google talk,A simple looking messenger from Google which is lighter and faster than other messengers like yahoo!.To increase your user experience with this messenger,I'm offering you some tips & tricks of Gtalk which will be a lot useful to you.

How to give line break in a conversation ??
Sometimes when you want to type a long message before you can send to the other user,you might want to give some line breaks in it.It's simple in Gtalk.Just hold shift and press Enter and you will in next line.This shift + enter thing works with other messengers also like Gaim,yahoo..

How to write bold and italic text in Gtalk Conversation??
Gtalk IM window does'nt have any formatting toolbar like other messenger.So You might not be able to write italic and bold text.Here is the solution
For bold text : put "*" before and after the text.For e.g For typing Hi in bold letters type * Hi *
For italic text: Put "_" before and after the text.For e.g For typing Hi in italic letters type _ Hi _

How to switch windows in Gtalk ??
For switching,Hold ctrl, click on I will switch you through each chat window
For minimising,press ALT+ ESC
For restoring the chaw window.Press Windows + Esc

How to increase the font size in Gtalk ??
To increase or decrease the font size in Gtalk sonversation,just scroll the mouse wheel and the text size will change.

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use minus sign to screch the text

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