How to show backlinks to your post in blogger ?

Many of the bloggers initially start with blogger and later shift to wordpress for the plugins and templates they get.But I don't think blogger is n't worthy for you to maintain a nice blog here.Many bloggers like Amit Agarwal maintain a great blog here.One of such great features in wordpress is track backing which is nothing but showing posts which link to your blog thus encouraging your fellow bloggers to link you.I thought then to do something for doing that so that I can get more links.When I started searching I found how to show backlinks to your post.Here is how to do it.

  • Login to blogger
  • Go to dashboard --> template
  • In the template,Find the tags "blogger" enclosed between '<' and '>'
  • You have to paste the code which you can download from the link below in between these tags depending on where in the post you want to have this thing.I recommend to paste the code just above tag "blogger" enclosed between <>.
<a class="comment-link" href="<$BlogItemPermalinkUrl$>#links">
Links to this post</a>

<a name="links"></a>
<h4>Links to this post:</h4>
<dl id="comments-block">
<dt class="comment-title">
<a href="<$BlogBacklinkURL$>" rel="nofollow">
<$BlogBacklinkTitle$></a> <$BlogBacklinkDeleteIcon$>
<dd class="comment-body"><$BlogBacklinkSnippet$>
<br />
<span class="comment-poster">
<em>posted by <$BlogBacklinkAuthor$> @
<p class="comment-timestamp"><$BlogItemBacklinkCreate$></p>

The code consists of 2 sections.One is Backlink indicator which will print a link reading "Links to this post.".Second one is code for displaying your backlinks.Im pasting them combined so that you don't have a problem.You can modify the code by just doing some simple editing.

If you want to show links to the post on main page also remove the tags and.If you want to see a sample of how this code works,check this post of mine How to save youtube videos ?? you can notice links to this post at the end of the page.
Now guys link any of my article and get a link from my blog automatically.Link will appear only when your blog gets indexed by Google.


Nice tip, Thanks.
Will use it when I collect enough links to show up.

cool. will check it out.

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