How to change the file extensions in Windows Xp ??

Sometimes you might have to change the extension of your files , like I mentioned in How to send .exe files in Gmail , for some specific purposes.But you might not be getting succeeded unless you have some knowledge of xp.Here by I'm explaining you how to change the extension of a file.
In a computer,every file stored will have its own extension,like a application may have .exe, a word document will have .doc or a image may have .jpg.....By default windows don't show you the extension of a file.Only files whose file type is not associated with any application is shown.So you can't change a extension by merely renaming.Since renaming changes just the name of the file.For E.g,If you want to change the file subhash.exe to text file i.e subhash.txt.When you rename subhash.exe,it will change to subhash.txt.exe and will still remain as a application.SO how should you change the extension ??Follow the steps below.

  • Go to windows explorer or some other folder in your PC.
  • Go to tools(Alt+ T) --> Folder options,which will be beside file,view,favourites on the top menu of the window as shown in the fig.
  • A dialogue box will popup.In that go to view tab and then uncheck the option Hide extension for known file types.
  • Now you will be able to see all the files along with their extensions.
  • Now just change the extension after the . in file name.
Once you are done with changing the extension,I recommend you to check the box,Hide the extension for known file types ,again as it looks weird with every file showing its extension.
When Ram wrote this article,Someone has commented that this is a sick post for dummies.Don't say that way people,because one day you was also a dummy.May be this might help someone who is just learning.


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