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How to save orkut profile display picture ?

Earlier we are able to save anyone 's orkut profile picture . Now after Google started concentrating on Orkut , they are trying to make it more secure for its users . One of the measures they had undertaken is preventing users from saving profile display pictures . But people used to go to source and get the URL of the image and copy it . So again they used iframe to prevent this .Now you can not see the URL of the image in source . So , how to save orkut profile display picture ? . There is a very simple solution to achieve this . Follow the steps below .
  • Once you open the profile of the person whose pic you want to save , go to Tools--> Page info in your firefox browser as shown in the figure .
  • Now Click on media tab and navigate through picture URL 's as shown in figure below .
  • Once you find the required Picture URL , click on save as and save the picture to your hard drive .


Reality children

I am watching a show in one of the regional channels these days where they are organising a competition of singing for children with title Sarigamapa - little champs . I saw both series of this show . Its good to see kids singing , but the way they are made to , It dont seem to be entertaining . I dont know whether the government will ever come up with a law whether there is a lower limit on children's age before they get introduced to this unreal dramatic reality shows .

Did you notice the little kid on the right in the above picture ? She might be hardly 5 years old . She can not even speak properly . She can not even understand comments given to her song by judges properly . She never sang so beautifully till now that she get a chance to sing in a finale . I agree she used to sing very cutely as she is still a kid but ...... The only reason by which she probably would had got forwarded till grand finale is becase she is a reason for the increase in ratings of this show . People used to see the show as it was good seeing the kid singing very cutely .They even promoted the show 2 or 3 times showing the judges giving her bad comments and the kid getting embarassed as a trailer .So weird .

Itwas atleast fine . Now they brought her to finale and again they made her cry . That is the promo for the finale . They showed the same trailer 100 times a day . In the finale they made her sing for two hours and in the end they sent her home crying . It was soo embarassing to watch that show .When the show ended , I decided never to watch that channel again . Better you also dont .
Justify Full
And dear parents , next time you send your kid to a show , dont think just your kid will get name and fame . Think of their feelings before you send them in . For the channels , its just a commercial event . Send and encourage your kids to participate only when you think they really fit in there easily .

How to remove a value from array in javascript ?

Yesterday I was writing javascript and I came across a problem where I had to remove a value from a array in javascript . As usual I tried Array.remove[index] . But it did not work . So how to remove a element from Javascript array ?

Its quite simple . There are two functions which serves your purpose .

splice :

Usage : If you know index of the element / elements to be removed ,
ArrayName.splice(index,Noofelementstoberemoved) ;

E.g : If you want to remove single element from second position in Array=['one','two','three','four','five'];
use Array.splice(1,1) . The result will be ['one','three','four','five']; .

Remove :
If you dont know the index of a particular element to be removed but you know the value of it ,
You can use remove .

Usage : Array.remove('Valuetoberemoved') ;

E.g . To remove fifth element in the above array , use Array.remove('five') ;


Merry Christmas

Dear readers , I pray that this christmas send all your difficulties away and give you new happiness . Merry christmas . Haffun . Thanks for staying with Technade .


How to create a shortcut for Windows Search ?

It will be quite good if we have a shortcut to windows search on our desktop . Do you want to place a shortcut to windows on your desktop ? There is a simple solution for this . Just do as follows .
  • Open your notepad by typing Notepad in your start --> Run prompt .
  • Now in the text editor , type the below text .
Set wshshell = CreateObject("Shell.Application")
  • Now save the file in .vbs format by choosing options as shown in the figure . Filename is the Name of the shortcut and Save as type is All Files and click on Save .
  • Now the saved file is a shortcut to your windows search .Double click on it and it will open Search window.
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My Gtalk is not displaying current music track in Windows Media player ?

I installed Windows Media player 11 and its not displaying my current music track in Gtalk instant messenger . Lot of users are facing this kind of problem . So how to show current music track in Gtalk ? Its quite simple . Just follow the steps below .
  • Open you Windows Media player . Go to To Tools --> Options . You can do it by right clicking on Media player Top ribbon and navigating as above .
  • Now in the dialog window that pops up , go to plugins tab .
  • In the left side pane of dialog box , Select Background and you can see Google Talk Music plugin option as shown in the figure below .Check it and click OK .

Thats it you are done . Now your Gtalk will display the music track you are currently playing .

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Nachavule review - A typical Ravi babu direction - Produced by Ramoji Film City

One line review : 50 -50 .. Its a ok kind of picture.
Pro : Comedy in first half of the movie .
Con : Extreme psentiment in second half .

Nachavule is a story of two teens who are just done with their matriculation and how they fell in love after that ( obviously with troubles ). Director ravi babu dealt with the feelings of a teen girl extremely well in the first half of the movie . He was almost nearer to reality in this context . But in the case of the guy , he just came with usual telugu movie stunt featuring a fellow who wont do any other thing in the day except roaming behind the girl and going nuts about her . The family of the guy is somewhat comical . A dad who never cares about his wife and who never knew how to express his love to kids , A mom who does everything to her husband thinking he will thank her someday for what shez doing and defending her kids whenever they do a mistake , A little brother who steal things in his home and sell them in shop . The converstations between the dad and the little brother of the hero are very funny . E.g In telugu paina means Top and kindha means Bottom . The father asks the kid to give names of fruits showing a page with figures of a pine apple on top and a apple in bottom . The kid replies , Paina apple (Top apple) and kindha apple (bottom apple ) [:)] . One more is like the father asks him , if you have six sweets and i ask you to give me two , how many will you have ? The kid replies "Six" . The father aks him how ? The kid replies Its because I wont give you my sweets haha .

The first half of the movie is dealt with the guy trying to find some girl friend as he never had one in his life . He eventually tries and suceeds in impressing Anu to become his friend ( who works in a coffee shop to help her diseased father ) . The hero saves Anu 's father life once and Anu promises him that she will return his favour in any way he asks her . The guy asks her to be his girl friend for 15 days and if she feels he is not good enough for her , she can leave . But Anu fell in love with the guy in the 15 days and she ends up kissing the guy which is recorded by the guy in his mobile . After this , the guy is able to find lot of girls and he forgets Anu . With this the the first half ends and the troublesome second half starts . One day heroes little brother steals his phone and sells it in a mobile shop . The mobile shop owner sees the MMS and circulates it all over as a result of which the girls life gets spoiled . Now the girl hates the guy . In the mean the guys mother fell ill and she dies . But she makes her husband and kids realise how to take care of each other after she dies and what a woman expects from a man . The guy realises this and he is back on business . Now the movie is about what troubles he will cross to get the girl .

Believe me , Second half is extremely psentimental and if the movie would had been a little bit longer , I would had walked out . But the first half is worth watching . Technically the movie is very good like other Ravi babu movies who display some effect of hollywood on his movies photography .

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How to run windows applications in Linux ?

Linux is all time favourite OS for Open source lovers . The only problem people ever have with Linux is applications . They don't have all their favourite windows applications made for Linux . Although Linux has got alternatives for Windows applications , not all have been covered . You can find Open source alternatives for windows applications here . Just go to osalt and enter the name of windows application for which you want to find open source alternative and Osalt will display you the list . Don't want to settle yourself with alternatives ? How to run your favourite windows application in Linux ?

There is a application called WINE ( Wine Is Not an ( windows ) Emulator ) which is a freeware that aims at allowing us to run windows applications in POSIX or Unix like Operating systems .WINE implements the Windows API entirely in user-space, rather than as a kernel module at the time of writing. Services normally provided by the kernel in Windows are provided by a daemon known as wineserver. Wineserver implements basic Windows functionality, as well as providing extra functions such as X Window integration and translation of signals into native Windows exceptions. It just acts as a compatibility layer for running windows applications .

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Once you install WINE , follow the steps below .
  • Check whether WINE is installed or not by typing the command : locate wine . It should display a list of WINE related files .
  • Make sure you have mounted the windows drive .
  • Edit the file /etc/wine.conf by changing the line under ' Drive C ' to Path=/mnt/win .
  • Save the edited wine.conf file and copy the file user.dat to your Windows directory c:/windows/profiles/ .
  • Now type: cd "/mnt/win/Program Files/Accessories" then type: wine ./Notepad.exe .
  • This will run Notepad on your Linux OS. You can load other programs also by giving suitable directory paths .
  • If you are planning to run a game or other program that uses your midi , then Linux midi-sequencer needs to be installed .
Note that for running all kinds of programs you need to load sound and graphics properly related to that program which I can not explain briefly in this post .

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How to copy text and files to your desktop from remote PC ? Share clipboard between computers !

Most of the IT engineer might be working on remote PC 's in their day to day life . One of the very common problems we face working in remote PC is that you can not copy and paste things from your remote environment to your local desktop ( You might be restricted or something else ) . In such a case , if you still want to copy something from remote environment to your desktop , How can you achieve it ? Technade gives you two ways to achieve the same .

Tweak windows : You need to do a simple tweak inorder to achieve this which is as follows . Go to your control panel by navigating Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services . Now you can see services listed over tere . In the list enable and start the following services in the order shown below:

  • Network DDE DSDM
  • Network DDE
  • ClipBook
  • Thats it , you can now copy and paste text / files / graphics from your remote desktop . If you want to check whether its working or not , Open your clipboard viewer by typing clipbrd in your run prompt and check .

    Sometimes , you can not do this , if you do not have enough previliges to enable services in your computer .

    Method 2 ( via internet ) : In that case you have one service called which acts as internet clipboard . Remember that you need to have internet connection on both the computers . All that you need to do in this website is Enter a URL that starts with in the text box given. Replace technade below with any word you want .
    E.g :

    In the page that opens upload text ,graphics , files ( size upto 30 MB) by selecting the appropraite option in the left side menu which looks like as shown in the figure . Access the same URL from your other computer and get the text or files whatever you want .Good thing with this site is we need not have to fill signup form to do all this .

    So simple na !! if you know any other way so that you can copy and paste files from remote PC , let others know by throwing your valuable comment .

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    Why not a girl ?

    A day back I was returning from my morning walk and I heard a conversation between two women ( Probably educated illiterates ) . The conversation is as follows .

    First one : " You know Mrs X had a girl " .
    Second one : "Poor X why didn't she had a abortion "
    First One : " I heard doctors never let you know whether you are going to
    have a boy or girl .Otherwise who wants to have a girl "
    Second one : "Yeah , it will just act as burden to their family and nothing
    else "

    These kind of conversations still can be heard in our society even in a part of educated families which is absolutely pathetic . I don't understand why girls are still considered a burden to the families of these people . People should always understand that giving birth to a girl is a contribution to the society where Male : Female ratio is increasing . If the ratio continues to increase further , a day will surely come when men start fighting for girls . Girls are soft and gentle , but they can survive easily in the present world of opportunities . There are enough jobs for women . People need to understand every job is not done by a person who is tough . There are some jobs which can be handled better by females and they are doing it. I have seen ladies who contribute well to their families and who have been successful . I know girls who even went big in their life and those who are on the way to go bigger . They are never a burden to us instead they are assets which need to be just managed .
    I know no illiterate is going to read my blog , but still may be someone among you educate someone among them . Sometimes its good to write about some noble cause .
    Don't think of killing girls , Remember you are born to a woman .


    How to change the file extension of multiple files in windows ?

    A day back I recieved a mail from one of my friend with a pack of images . But to my frustration , I found out that those files don't have a extension as a result of which they can not be associated with any program . Its quite irritating to rename each file and change its extension . Have you ever faced this kind of problem ? I found out one free program which lets you batch change the extensions of multiple files .

    Extension Renamer is a freeware program that which lets you change file extensions of multiple files in a very simple way . Once you download it from the above link , install it and then run it .Follow the steps below to change the file extension .
    • Click on Select directory and select the directory in which your files to be renamed are placed in . If you want to include subdirectories , Check the option below select directory .
    • Then search the files with a particular extension and select one extension which you want to convert . If you use *.* it means you are going to change the extension of all files to the new extension . Once you filled From box , you need to fill To box also.
    • Enter the new extension in the To box (E.g abc ) . Hit Go and voila !!! Thats it .

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    If I would had been Mr Tata

    Tata , This word has been associated with India since India started progress . Progress came to India with these legendary people . Tata 's are patriots of the nation . They are people who has done everything , someone can do for a nation even at the cost of themselves . There is a story that when Tata 's came to India , they promised our king that If India is milk , we will add sugar . They always justified this word they gave us .

    Apart from being among the biggest conglomerates in India , Tata 's are treated with much more respect all over the world .I always say People can be great businessmen but not great people . Tata 's are great people . Take Ambani 's they are great businessmen not great people . If something happens to TATA 's , nation feels as if it happened to them . But others case , its just a news for the media . Tata 's always bleeded for the nation . Still they won't say a word or cry on the foul system we have in our country .

    Tata 's have lost 10 's of projects before they start like Singur and they always keep losing money . Still they always plan to do good to our nation . Like other IT engineers , I criticise my company always but internally I am always proud to be a Tata employee . We have a respect in the global societies which many other company employees never hold . We as TATA employees are people who always keep on contributing to the society . Tata companies always incorporate certain level of social responsiblity and ethics in their employees . Thats why staff of Taj lost their lives for the guests . Tata 's respect their employees with great value .For the things that happen to Tata ' s I always feel what I would had done if I am Tata ?
    For people like us , money matters . In business we
    will do everything possible to regain our lost rupee . I bet most of the
    highly grown businessmen have done some wrong thing in their life to reach the
    position they are in today . Its very tough to grow being a good person
    always . You have to act tough and take decisions that do bad to someone
    . If I would had been from a conglomerate such a Tata , I would had forced
    government to compensate my losses in the form of some discounts or giving some
    additional benefits to me always . I would had never retained people for a
    moment when my company is in losses . I would had always tried to create
    monopoly as I am the first businessman in the nation and I would
    not had let others grow in my areas . If I would had suffered as much
    as Tata , I would had lost interest in contributing to the nation and I would
    had became agressive in getting money somehow .
    Thats why I am not a TATA . Thats why they are great people . We as a nation respect you legends . Thanks for contributing to our nation .

    What you guys feel about Tata 's ? Feel free to throw your comments .a