How to change the file extension of multiple files in windows ?

A day back I recieved a mail from one of my friend with a pack of images . But to my frustration , I found out that those files don't have a extension as a result of which they can not be associated with any program . Its quite irritating to rename each file and change its extension . Have you ever faced this kind of problem ? I found out one free program which lets you batch change the extensions of multiple files .

Extension Renamer is a freeware program that which lets you change file extensions of multiple files in a very simple way . Once you download it from the above link , install it and then run it .Follow the steps below to change the file extension .
  • Click on Select directory and select the directory in which your files to be renamed are placed in . If you want to include subdirectories , Check the option below select directory .
  • Then search the files with a particular extension and select one extension which you want to convert . If you use *.* it means you are going to change the extension of all files to the new extension . Once you filled From box , you need to fill To box also.
  • Enter the new extension in the To box (E.g abc ) . Hit Go and voila !!! Thats it .

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