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I am watching a show in one of the regional channels these days where they are organising a competition of singing for children with title Sarigamapa - little champs . I saw both series of this show . Its good to see kids singing , but the way they are made to , It dont seem to be entertaining . I dont know whether the government will ever come up with a law whether there is a lower limit on children's age before they get introduced to this unreal dramatic reality shows .

Did you notice the little kid on the right in the above picture ? She might be hardly 5 years old . She can not even speak properly . She can not even understand comments given to her song by judges properly . She never sang so beautifully till now that she get a chance to sing in a finale . I agree she used to sing very cutely as she is still a kid but ...... The only reason by which she probably would had got forwarded till grand finale is becase she is a reason for the increase in ratings of this show . People used to see the show as it was good seeing the kid singing very cutely .They even promoted the show 2 or 3 times showing the judges giving her bad comments and the kid getting embarassed as a trailer .So weird .

Itwas atleast fine . Now they brought her to finale and again they made her cry . That is the promo for the finale . They showed the same trailer 100 times a day . In the finale they made her sing for two hours and in the end they sent her home crying . It was soo embarassing to watch that show .When the show ended , I decided never to watch that channel again . Better you also dont .
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And dear parents , next time you send your kid to a show , dont think just your kid will get name and fame . Think of their feelings before you send them in . For the channels , its just a commercial event . Send and encourage your kids to participate only when you think they really fit in there easily .


It's all what is say EMOTIONAL MARKETING, next they might have a reality show of handicap ppl for SMS income and channel TRP's.
Now they done with all the flimstars in ADS they use kids, u'll notice 75% of the ads on TV there has to be a kids maybe colgate, LG, insurance ads, etc. It's not a good marketing technique.

What people would do for fame and money! Never ceases to amaze me.Let's hope this 5 year old doesn't get traumatized from this experience.

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