How to copy text and files to your desktop from remote PC ? Share clipboard between computers !

Most of the IT engineer might be working on remote PC 's in their day to day life . One of the very common problems we face working in remote PC is that you can not copy and paste things from your remote environment to your local desktop ( You might be restricted or something else ) . In such a case , if you still want to copy something from remote environment to your desktop , How can you achieve it ? Technade gives you two ways to achieve the same .

Tweak windows : You need to do a simple tweak inorder to achieve this which is as follows . Go to your control panel by navigating Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services . Now you can see services listed over tere . In the list enable and start the following services in the order shown below:

  • Network DDE DSDM
  • Network DDE
  • ClipBook
  • Thats it , you can now copy and paste text / files / graphics from your remote desktop . If you want to check whether its working or not , Open your clipboard viewer by typing clipbrd in your run prompt and check .

    Sometimes , you can not do this , if you do not have enough previliges to enable services in your computer .

    Method 2 ( via internet ) : In that case you have one service called CL1P.net which acts as internet clipboard . Remember that you need to have internet connection on both the computers . All that you need to do in this website is Enter a URL that starts with http://cl1p.net in the text box given. Replace technade below with any word you want .
    E.g : http://cl1p.net/technade/.

    In the page that opens upload text ,graphics , files ( size upto 30 MB) by selecting the appropraite option in the left side menu which looks like as shown in the figure . Access the same URL from your other computer and get the text or files whatever you want .Good thing with this site is we need not have to fill signup form to do all this .

    So simple na !! if you know any other way so that you can copy and paste files from remote PC , let others know by throwing your valuable comment .

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