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Instant messaging

I think this is my first technical post...i LL get started with my reviews on instant messenger....I use a lot of messgnrs...

I think its the best of the messengers for slow connections..and the most widely used in corporate eonnections where ppl get drastic speeds...
Gtalk has a voice chat feauture along with its less graphic interface..It never creates load on ur system..but it will for sure on the web server..It has high refresh rate and nice encoding for its voice chat application.Voice goes clear over it most of has been trying to change its interface by adding feautures like file transfer,voice mail,avatars which it lack from other messenger..Al though it wasnt upto expectations of the geeks on google..Its the best for slow net connections unlike yahoo..The next post i think will b on yahoo..]
Gtalk gets reviews of 3/5



sorry ppl...Im a lil kinda busy all the im back in holidays...first lemme edit this template...I already edited the pic below nav bar..The blog hasd finally got updated...In two to three days im sure ill come wup with new working on how to make blog more insteresting...The next posts will b mostly tech reviews and some experinces...stay tuned.............