How to merge spliited mkv files ? play mkv.002 file ?

Yesterday I downloaded some media files and I found them with extensions which are similar to spliited rar file like .mkv001 , .mkv002 , .mkv003 .... I had already installed Klite codec pack and I even have Video LAN player in my PC . I am able to play .mkv001 but not others. I had to search lot of places until I found a solution . So how to play .mkv002 file ? What can we do to get the entire movie in one file ? Follow the steps below to Combine and play mkv file .
  • First of all , you need to install Codecs for playing matroska files . You can download Klite Codec Pack from here .Install it and you can play .mkv file in Windows Media player .
  • Alternately you can install Video Lan player which you can download here and play a .mkv file .
  • Now download HJSplit from here and extract it . HJsplit will be useful in merging the splitted mkv files .
  • Open hjsplit.exe file and click on join which is shown in the figure . In the dialog widow that pops up , Show the .001 file.
  • Select the output location and click start .
  • Joining will be completed and a message will popup " Joining Completed " .
  • Now go to output location you specified and plat the .mkv file either with VLC player or Windows media player (if codec installed ).


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http://www.bunkus.org/videotools/mkvtoolnix/downloads.html have any one used these tools in the respective OS,
I have downloaded and merging the files lets see how it works once i finish post back.

thanx........it worked...
thanx again

doesnt work for me. hjsplit just create a new 001 file that reads the 1st part only then stops

thsi didnt work. But mkvmerge GUI did

Thank You. I was having same problem now it is been solved. thank you for your article.

The best software I've found to do this and its free thax for the post

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Harsha :Thank you :)

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thank you very much. it's very helpful. now its working :)

tHANK YOU DUDE...youre help a lot.. erm, but could anybody tell me how can i joining avi file( its not a 001 file) with a 002 file?

IT WORKS!!!!! thank u..
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love the soft but the file didnt work..

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Thank you very much buddy... luckily stumbled on ur link after a lotta search... it works perfectly fine...

Worked great for me. Not sure why it doesnt work from others. Thanks a lot for the software and explanation above which made it very clear. ... Best Regards! Kalyan

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Hi. i keep getting an I/O error and then it hangs at around 64% joining the first one... Any suggestions to solve this problem?

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thanks a lot bro! this really works!!

Thanks buddy.. :) It works perfectly :)

thanks buddy...!!it works perfectly!!!

once they have joined..can we delete the original part?

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HJSplit doesn't need to be installed. you can run it directly by clicking on Hjsplit.ext. Before you start, Remember that all the parts (.001, .002, .003, .004, etc ) have to be in the same folder, and they have to have the same name but has different extension (.001, .002, .003) or else it won't work.Make sure you have all the files to join. If one is missing, you will not be able to complete the process...

Wait, so does this work on a mac?

superb ! Thanks a Ton !

thank you so so much! :)


work perfect!!!

hey sir can u help me i have 4 parts of a movie mean file type 001,002,003,004....but some how i change the file type 002 mean the 2nd part to mkv_2 file...so i cant merge the 4 parts by Hj_split...type is now like that 001 file, mkv_2 file,003 file,004 file...please help me sir...i really want to watch the movie

Fantastic! A simple solution for this troublesome container. Thanks a lot! Kind regards from Belgium.

I downloaded mkv files from http://www.hulkshare.com but unable to connect. pls help me

I downloaded mkv files from http://www.hulkshare.com but unable to connect. pls help me

Thanks for it is very helpful for vlc 2.0.3 version which doesn't support the split mkv files.

Works like a charm. Quick, easy and FREE!! thank you :)

Great Thank to you...
It works very well...

i have downloaded a few splited movies[(type: VLC Media file(.ogg)+ 002+ 003+ 004)]
hoe can i join the files? i used a lot of joiners but those didn't worked..

oh Thanks you so much you save my time so much I was going to dl from other website.

what is the difference between .001 file and .mkv001 file.
I am unnable to joint mkv.001 using the mentioned softwares.

for mkv file.,.,.try this software.,.,.i this software can sattle this problem.,.,


thanks for sharing such a nice info.

why the file 002,003,004 cannot automatically join the file 001 that we first join it?the video that i watch only file 001,but not 002,003 and 004..it can't worked to join all file.can you help me?

thx a lot you are very helpful

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