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Easy guide to write your custom role provider

Merge splitted .mkv files

Learn how to merge splitted .mkv files (.mkv001,.mkv002...)

How to Zoom in and Zoom out your sql execution plan ?

Tool to tune your sql query

send .exe files with gmail

How to send files having blocked extension with Gmail ?

Multiple home pages in Internet explorer

How to set multiple home pages in internet explorer ?


Blogger Tips and tricks

New to Blogging ?? Wanna know How to become a Successful blogger ? You are at the right place. Follow our tips and tricks and be a successful blogger .

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How to show code with HTML tags in blogger post ??

Want to show some piece of code in your post to your readers ?? Normally when you insert some code with HTML tags in your blogger composer , it will be executed and the result will be shown instead of code.In such a case How to show code with HTML tags to your readers as I had shown in my earlier post ??

Its very simple.All you have to do is

  • Copy the HTML code you want to add to your post in a notepad .
  • In the notepad , go to Edit --> Replace
  • A dialogue window will pop up . In the window , type > in the text box "Find what " and type ; in the text box " Replace with " . Do the same for < i.e replacing it with
  • Now copy the entire code and use it in your blogger composer .
  • Now publish the posts and the tags which used will be shown as <> in your blog .
Hope this will help the new blogger users .

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How to get more visitors from search Engines by changing your blog title to post title ?

This simple tweak can increase your traffic from search engines . Most of the templates you find will display your blog title on the browsers title bar also . This won't attract your blog visitors . So how to change your blog title to post title ?? In search results if your blog is featured , still it will the results as "Blog title + Post Title " . E.g Technova - How to save youtube videos ? . What if the result is shown as Post "Title + Blog Title" ?? E.g How to save youtube videos ? - Technova ....Sounds cool na!! Lets see How to make this ??

For classic blogger template users :

Sign in to blogger Dashboard --> Template --> Edit HTML

<title> <$BlogTitle$> </title>

and replace it with

<title> Your main page Title
<$BlogItemTitle$> - Site Name (Optional)

For new widget based XML template users :

Go to Blogger ---> Template --> Edit HTML


Replace the above with

<!-- Start Technova: Changing the Blogger Title Tag -->
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<b:section id='titleTag'>
<b:widget id='Blog2' locked='false' title='Blog Posts' type='Blog'>
<b:includable id='comments' var='post'/>
<b:includable id='postQuickEdit' var='post'/>
<b:includable id='main' var='top'><title><b:loop values='data:posts' var='post'><b:include data='post' name='post'/></b:loop> ~ <data:blog.title/></title></b:includable>
<b:includable id='backlinkDeleteIcon' var='backlink'/>
<b:includable id='feedLinksBody' var='links'/>
<b:includable id='backlinks' var='post'/>
<b:includable id='status-message'/>
<b:includable id='feedLinks'/>
<b:includable id='nextprev'/>
<b:includable id='commentDeleteIcon' var='comment'/>
<b:includable id='post' var='post'><data:post.title/></b:includable>
<!-- End Technova: Changing the Blogger Title Tag -->

I hope this simple trick will help you get more visitors from search engines .Try this . It really works .

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We are growing

I'm very glad to announce that Technova traffic has shown a tremendous increase in the past few days with some pages getting their pagerank increased to 6 .

The top 10 countries are shown the image below . The countries are United States , India , United Kingdom , Philippines , Canada , Malaysia , Australia , Singapore , UAE and Ireland respectively . You can observe from the graph that India [ 26.76 % ] and US [31.47 %] only occupy more than half of my visitors .
I'm very glad to see my analytics graph split all over the world .

Unlike earlier since a week traffic from search Engines has shown a tremendous increase .They accounted to 68 % of my traffic.

Apart from these my feed traffic has crossed 100 just a week ago and the total number is 125 at this moment . My technorati rank is now 54,693 .

Most enjoyable part is my earnings has increased to a great extent . My Adsense CTR has increased to a good extent .

With all these things going on , I can say We are growing . Ain't we ??

Thanx for staying with Technova - The ultimate place to know about latest news , technology ,software , tips and tricks ......

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How to quickly type your website address in browser ? Browser Shortcuts - 1

Normally when we want to visit some website directly , we type the whole address . But there are also some shortcuts available to make your work simple . You can access a website just by typing a single word and using the following keyboard shortcuts :
  1. If you wish to visit a website just type yahoo in address bar and hit ctrl + enter .
  2. If you wish to visit a website with .net in the end , like , just type yahoo in address bar and hit Shift + Enter .
  3. If you wish to visit a website with .org in the end , like , just type yahoo in address bar and hit ctrl + shift + Enter .
These combinations work with most of the browsers and Operating Systems .

Check out my other tips and tricks .

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How to detect a invisible user on Yahoo Messenger ??

Many people normally go to invisible mode when they don't want to chat with everyone or when they are busy with work . You know some one's ID and you want to check whether they are online or not ?? How will you detect a invisible user on Yahoo Messenger ??

Many methods are already available on the net at this moment like using Doodle IMvironment ,Shealth settings check , Voice Chat and Conference Invitation . Apart from these there are some programs like Buddyspy which can be used to spy your friends . These all might work or not. But I found out a sure way which can be used to detect users in invisible mode.

Try this out . Its simple and it really works . There is no need of installing anything for this. Please post your comments if you like this .

You can also detect a invisible user via Vngrabber or

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How to add Yahoo online presence to your webpage ?


How to add a background image to your adsense ads ??

Did you ever think of this ?? Adsense ads with a image background !!

It will look cool na . I found this simple trick on one of my friends blog .So how to add this image background?? Just use the code below to serve the purpose :

In the above code , Replace width of the image with your background image width , Height of the image with your image's height and location of image with the path where the image has been uploaded .

Now paste this code where ever you want and enjoy adsense ads with image background . I didn't try this yet as I don't want to play with adsense ads at this moment . If it works for you , please post this as a comment .

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How to get a free domain for your website or blog ? : Domain at no cost

Going to enter the online world ?? Are you a newbie to blogging ?? The first thing any website owner would think for his website is a domain . Normally people buy domains in websites like Godaddy , who give nice offers to their customers . But what if you get a domain for free ?? A domain at 0$ and without ads ? Is it possible ?

Yes it is . A website called is offering free domains to its users .All you have to do is sign up as a user and give them a reciprocal link on your homepage .

They will ask you for the redirection URL which is your blog or website created on some other free web server.Once you are done with registration and verification of your email address , they will activate your domain . E.g will redirect you to my blog . There are no ads and no time limit for this basic package .

There is one more website called Dot .tk which offers domains with redirection and ads .This one sucks as it does not even mask your original URL after redirection .It just redirects your .tk domain to your original one . .Co.nt is cool as it acts like a normal web domain.

So register today and have your own domain.I recommend you to buy a domain before you start a website as it won't be a good move your present domain is famous .

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How to make your own tag cloud for your blog or website ??

What is this tag cloud ???

Tag cloud is just a small rectangle which can be used to show terms that represent your website or blog . You can also show highly searched terms by increasing or decreasing the font size .Tag cloud can be useful to make your readers understand your site deeply and helps them in noticing what is inside your blog or website in a glance .

So how to make your own tag cloud ??

WordPress community already offers some excellent plugins for generating tag clouds (like the Ultimate Warrior) plus the WP 2.3, has inbuilt support for tagging.What about those who use blogger ??

Follow these simple steps .

  • Go to the website Rainmaker .
  • Now in the page , type your blogger feed address or your website address [if you are making cloud for your website ] in the URL text box . Blogger feed address is****/posts/default?max-results=999

Replace ****by your blogID. This URL will retrieve your latest 999 posts and send them to analysis by the Rainmaker.
  • In the end of the form , you can see word link . type the following by replacing **** with your blog name [ E.g . fivepointsome1 ]
  • Now customize you tag cloud by choosing a image background or colour background and font colours and tag cloud border colours and font sizes.
  • Finally click on generate cloud . If you want the code , click on get the code and that will be sent to your email . If you want to skip that , just right click on the tag cloud and you can copy the HTML source from ' View the HTML ' source in the menu.
So make a tag cloud for your blog or website today and increase the time your visitors stay on your pages .

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Sourced from Digital Inspiration.


How to change the drive letter in Windows XP ?

Many of you might be looking for this simple trick . Some circumstances can lead to you changing your drive letter . Just right clicking on the drive does n't let you rename your drive . So how you rename your drive ??

  • Right click on " My computer " and click on manage in the menu .
  • A dialogue window will pop up as shown in the figure .
  • Now in the left side pane , click on Disk Management showing you the partitions .
  • Now Right click on the partition whose letter you want to change and click " Change drive letter and paths " .
Thanx to my friend Irfan .

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How to switch between tabs in Firefox using keyboard ?

I think most of the Firefox users might be looking for this keyboard shortcut .One can open many tabs in a single browser window using ctrl + T in firefox . But how to switch between these tabs using your keyboard ??

Use Ctrl + Page Down to go to the next tab, and Ctrl + Page Up to go to the previous.

For Dummies : You can switch betwen windows using Alt + Tab

For switching between tabs when you know the position of a particular tab in the tab bar , just use ctrl + tab number [ E.g ctrl + 1 , ctrl +2 ...]

Don't forget to check Total guide to Firefox tweaks and tricks .

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Twenty 20 sucks

Twenty 20 - the shorter version of cricket is n't looking good as expected . 50 over match is really good as it's a fight of teams in all aspects . But 20-20 is different . You need not need a team with talent in every aspect i.e batting,bowling and fielding , to win this . It made cricket just a game of luck. Every batsman is asked to hit the ball to the stands in these matches . Bowlers have nothing to do except getting themselves blowed up . Some people argue that bowlers are getting wickets . But who needs wickets in a 20 over match where the 10th batsman also tries to hit them . If you observe the economy rates of even good bowlers , you will find how tough bowlers find the tourney to keep going . Sometimes the best batsmen is nt able to score and the one who comes in the lower orders plays better than them . ICC might had thought that people will love to see 20 hr matches as result comes very fast. But game should not be just for entertainment of people , it should also justify the talent of the players .
One side bowlers are getting scrwed up and on other side ICC gave some offers like free hit to the batsman after a no ball and all .Totally Im not satisfied with this version of the game which lacks strategy and all .I still love to see the 50 over ODI 's .

What do you feel about twenty 20 ?


Happy Ganesh chaturthi

 Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to my readers . Have a nice day. 

For those who don't know about this God , Lemme introduce you .

Lord Ganesha , the son of one of the tri murthy's Lord Shiva is known for making you able to over ride your hurdles [Vignam's ] .So his name came out to be Vigneshwara . Hindu's pray this god before starting any work as it is believed that he lets your work to be done smoothly with out any hurdles . Lord vinayaka aka Ganesha aka Vigneswara is a fond lover of food and at this day once he ate that much that Moon laughed at him at his bulging stomach . Then he cursed moon that anyone who sees the moon  will face troubles . By this all people got frightened and prayed to Ganesha to change his mind.Lord Ganesha then changed his curse that no one should see the moon on this auspicious day or else they will face troubles . But it has been believed that if someone tells this story or reads this story seeing moon the curse wont have effect on them .The festival has been celebrated on the birthday of Lord Ganesh 


Real player 11 beta - Now with a windows media player 11 interface

Looks like the world has started changing itself with the new trendy Vista from Microsoft. Vista's basic theme has got a black taskbar and hovering over it will change the colour to a typical blue . Windows media player 11 , the latest media player from Microsoft has first changed itself to the Vista theme suitable colour . Now its the turn of Real player , who has not changed itself since a long time . The earlier real player was hated by me  just for its interface which didn't look cool . You can see the new real player in the picture above which is just similar to the windows media player in looks .The new real player interface also provides one click access to  Library , Real guide , Real games , Burn and transfer of music and video files. Once can even search for the video's using the search video text box.

Real player now allows you to download streaming web videos with just one click .

Vista has lead to a revolution with every product designer designing his product to match its interface which obviously willbe a feast to the users eyes .

Download of the month : Apple - Safari , The fastest browser on the earth

I had been waiting for this browser to be launched in windows since a longtime . I stopped using Internet Explorer after the launch of Firefox. But when you open a large number of windows with scripts on some pages , Firefox eats up all your memory and makes the system slog on . I used safari earlier on my friends Mac and I was pretty much satisfied with its performance . Safari loads much faster than Firefox and page loading is damn faster making it the fastest browser on the earth . I tested this browser on different configurations . It loaded fastly even on 128 MB RAM  computer and page loading is also pretty fast. 

Features of Safari :
  • High performance with out memory eating.
  • A sleek Mac interface
  • One click bookmarking
  • Inbuilt popup blocker and inline finder
  • Snapback : SnapBack lets you instantly snap back to your original search results or to the top level of any website, even after you’ve browsed down a few levels.Its symbol is as shown below which appears in Adress bar and search box .
  • Auto form filling
  • Built in RSS
  • Private browsing
With its impeccable performance , Apple Safari has became the download of the month .

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How to download social music from websites like Pandora , Radioblogclub , IMEEM , Yahoo Music , Myspace Music , Digg Music ?

Orbitdownloader is the tool which I recommended in my post , How to save youtube videos ? . Now the same orbit team produced a new tool named Free music zilla ,which can be used for downloading social music. Free music zilla, the first freeware specialized for social music downloading, enables you to  download free music from websites like  IMEEM , , pandora , myspace and almost all social music services.

As the forerunner of social music downloader, Free Music Zilla has first hacked the limitation of anti-leech from music websites(such as IMEEM, which based on those technology, so that users can download successfully.

 It's easy to operate and a really hear-and-get tool, from which you can obtain unlimited mount of MP3/MUSIC/SONG.

What all sites are supported by this orbit downloader and users of orbit downloader ??

  • Use as IMEEM Music Downloader. ( How to download IMEEM music? )
  • Use as Pandora Music Downloader. ( How to download Pandora music? )
  • Use as Radioblogclub Music Downloader. ( How to download Radioblogclub music? )
  • Use as Myspace Music Downloader. ( How to download Myspace music? )
  • Use as Yahoo Music Downloader. ( How to download Yahoo music? )
  • Use as iJigg Music Downloader. ( How to download iJigg music? )
  • Use as YouTube Downloader. ( How to download Youtube video? )
  • Use as Embedded YouTube Downloader.( How to download Embedded Youtube video? )
  • Use as Dailymotion Video Downloader. ( How to download Dailymotion video? )
  • Use as Embedded Dailymotion Downloader.( How to download Embedded Dailymotion video? )
  • Use as Metacafe Video Downloader. ( How to download Metacafe video? ).
  • Use as Embedded Metacafe Downloader.( How to download Embedded Metacafe video? )
  • Use as Google Video Downloader. ( How to download Google video? )
  • Use as Embedded Google Downloader.( How to download Embedded Google video? )
  • Use as Myspace Video Downloader. ( How to download Myspace video? )
  • Use as Embedded Myspace Downloader.( How to download Embedded Myspace video? )
  • Use as iFilm Video Downloader. ( How to download iFilm video? ).
  • Use as Embedded iFilm Downloader.( How to download Embedded iFilm video? )
  • Use as Yahoo Video Downloader. ( How to download Yahoo video? ).
  • Use as Videolog Video Downloader. ( How to download Videolog video? )
  • Use as Embedded Videolog Downloader.( How to download Embedded Videolog video? )
  • Use as TV Links Video Downloader. ( How to download TV Links video? )
  • Use as FLV Downloader. ( How to Download FLV Files? )
  • Use as Embedded FLV Downloader.( How to download Embedded FLV? )
  • Use as Flash Video Downloader. ( How to Download Flash Video? )
  • Use as Embedded Flash Video Downloader.( How to download Embedded Flash video? )
  • Use as Flash Games Downloader ( How to download flash games? )
  • Use as RapidShare Downloader ( How to download RapidShare files? )
  • Download All in FireFox Using Orbit Downloader
  • Use as Metalink Downloader ( How to download Metalink? )
  • Use as Streaming Media Downloader ( How to download Streaming Media? )
  • ).

    So download orbitdownloader today and download streaming videos , Flash videos and social music .

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    How to market yourself infront of tourists ??

    This is what I learnt from my recent tour to Agra, the city which hosts the majestic wonder of the world i.e Taj Mahal .I was visiting the place with my friend . I was there once earlier but that time I was in a large group and the marketing skills of the Agra people were left unobserved by me .So what did I observe this time ?

    I left to Agra from Delhi by Taj Express at around 7:30 AM and I was in Agra by 10:30 AM.After entering the Agra station , I went to comesum , A multicuisine restaurant chain by Indian railways . Eventhough the one at Agra sucks, I had to eat there as its the best option available.Comesum at H.Nizamuddin rocks  and it is the favourite 24 hr destination for delhiites. 
    After having my bfast cum lunch , I came out of station. To my surprise a group of 10 autowalas pounced on me and my friend . But I decided not to go with them and I bargained for a sharing auto who agreeed to take me for 20 rs to Taj. Once I got into the auto , that guy and his assistant  convinced me in such a great way that I finally agreed for day long trip to Taj, Redfort and all in his auto for Rs 160 . He actually tells you in such a polite way " Sir Jindagi mein sirf ek hi baar aate ho , ab bhi aap kharcha nahi karte ho [ Sir you come here once in a life , then why you hesitate to spend here. spend and enjoy] " .

    After that the autowala took me to the Taj . Taj is wonderful as usual . But Im bothered about the Yamuna on its back which doesn't have water .I hope Yamuna gets water someday.

    People who have got their guides already from other locations are warning their tourists not to buy anything from the shopkeepers in and around Taj , whom they call hawkers ,who sell marble articles for Rs 20 and all . They warn you that once you are in , they can't get you out of the bargain and they will make you buy the thing .After the day is over I was back in the auto to go to the station. Every autowala in which you sit asks you whether you wanna do some shopping . You say yes or no , still they take you to a shop named Government shopping complex . I know that before and I told him that I don't wanna go at all . But he started requesting again that We need not buy anything . We just need to visit the shop and the autowala's number gets noted there which at festival times will be used for lottery . I reluctantly went inside as that person was begging me. I was not even interested to see the articles in the shop.But my friend who is new to the place, started looking at articles. Then a very aged and experienced salesman came there and started to market his products. He started with marble articles , next sarees and finally shoes. Everytime he shows you a product he will show you the optimised priced one first to attract you towards his product. Once you find any of their product fascinating , he will show you the costly ones which will obviously the best ones available in his shop . After seeing that If you don't buy it or you tell reasons like you don't have money and all , he will say " Arey yaar , paiso kheliye sochte ho , cheez dekho aap [ Cmon , why do you think of money when you have a very good product infront of you ? ] " . He made me do a shopping worth 1,000 in his shop with his skills . I wanted to shows the guy to you folks . But my camera was outta battery at that moment .

    Everywhere you go in Agra , people will attract you with their words and marketing skills . Be careful when you go there as a lot of hawkers are waiting for you .  The only place I recommend for shopping is sadarbazar as it has enough shops and shopping locations . Agra has nothing much to be seen except Taj and Red Fort .So its better to go by Taj express from delhi in morning and return by same in evening .

    If you have any experiences in Agra share it .

    The return of Geetanjali Nagpal's Husband

    You might had seen newspaper where news about the return of Geetanjali Nagpals husbad has been published.For those who doesnot know who is this Geetanjali , Ill tell you about her in a line.Geetanjali was once a model.After losing her stardom she was left out by her parents and she became a drug addict.She wasnt seen for many years until she was located at hauz khas village in Delhi and again she was in news for a while .She living by begging in Dhabas and eating in the temples . 

    Now a person named Robert stuempfl claims that shez his wife and they even had a child named Arthur. Written in broken English, he says that his son Arthur needs his real mom and he really doesnot care what happened to her . A blogger named Sheetudeep  actually has got the mail which he has published on his blog page . The summary of the mail is as follows : 

     " This is great news from you and I send you all you need to know that i am the husband of geetanjali.i try many times true her family but the have never a good relation with gitanjali and me, i think because she married me a german fellow. anyway we have 1 son arthur his name and he is with me since he was 6 month, she liked to be free and we had a lot of troubles between eachother. but she is the mom of arthur and he needs his real mom and whatever happend i dont care really about it, then live goes on we all have to learn. and everyone is changing in time to a better, as well she will i am shure of it then she is a very good person. just a little crazy in times. anyhow i really need help from somebody who is there in india and maybe you are the right one to make things happend, so god will. I send you the marrige certification and the birthcertification of arthur our son. maybe i still have some picture of ours in early days i will attach everything and send to you.
    god bless you and i hope for the best
    best regards
    robert and arthur stuempfl "

    Sheetudeep can be contacted on this email adress . He is trying his efforts to find out about Naglpal. I appreciate his concern to unite a mother and child .

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    Map My India - Indian Wikimapia

    Map my India :- I happened to listen this word from one of my friend who recommended this when I was searching for some location on wikimapia . He said he felt it better to search on this website as it has some advanced features than wikimapia.

    What features does Map My India have ?

    Maps : You can search for any location in India using their interactive search . Im pleased to see how they present their website . They detailed each and everything. Even in the search box you can see a Example being presented. In search results again one can find three different answers. One is found results for item you typed , second is similar results which it intelligently finds other places whose names are related to the one you searched and all and then the required directions .One can even find the restaurants , banks , hotels and all in the near by locality of your search.These directions and local search are available as tabs in the search script on the left.

    Elocation : One more distinct feature of this network . To use this features , one can register on the website and then can share the phone number and adress of some hotel , restaurant and all . This one is separately tabbed which prevents the users from messing up the original maps just like in wikimapia.Once you have a account , you can guide the other users and give them directions .

    For webmasters :

    They even have one more good feature . One can print or email any particular map or directions to anyone using this . For webmasters , you can map enable it by using our youtube-style embeddable maps, and links to specific searches (of maps, directions, local and eLocation) on MapmyIndia. You can read about these free services here>>

    I think these kind of interactive portals really help the users . If you know any other website that provides maps , tell others by posting in comments .

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