Real player 11 beta - Now with a windows media player 11 interface

Looks like the world has started changing itself with the new trendy Vista from Microsoft. Vista's basic theme has got a black taskbar and hovering over it will change the colour to a typical blue . Windows media player 11 , the latest media player from Microsoft has first changed itself to the Vista theme suitable colour . Now its the turn of Real player , who has not changed itself since a long time . The earlier real player was hated by me  just for its interface which didn't look cool . You can see the new real player in the picture above which is just similar to the windows media player in looks .The new real player interface also provides one click access to  Library , Real guide , Real games , Burn and transfer of music and video files. Once can even search for the video's using the search video text box.

Real player now allows you to download streaming web videos with just one click .

Vista has lead to a revolution with every product designer designing his product to match its interface which obviously willbe a feast to the users eyes .


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