How to switch between tabs in Firefox using keyboard ?

I think most of the Firefox users might be looking for this keyboard shortcut .One can open many tabs in a single browser window using ctrl + T in firefox . But how to switch between these tabs using your keyboard ??

Use Ctrl + Page Down to go to the next tab, and Ctrl + Page Up to go to the previous.

For Dummies : You can switch betwen windows using Alt + Tab

For switching between tabs when you know the position of a particular tab in the tab bar , just use ctrl + tab number [ E.g ctrl + 1 , ctrl +2 ...]

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I don't have a Page down button on my MacBook... any other solutioN?

Ctrl + Tab works

Ctrl+Page UP can be used

for macbook users: ctrl+alt+left/right

for macbook users using linux: ctrl+fn+down/up
(fn+down/up is page down/page up)

sorry it is alt+command+left/right for the mac

What if I have more than 10 tabs? How do I select those that are between tab No. 8 and the last tab?

Ofc you have ctrl + page down

It does not work if u have tab for youtube in between. If any 1 knows how to use in youtube please post........

thank you very much!:)

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Thank Jesus... How many facepalms I've had over this. Why i didn't just search it before i have no clue...

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It doesnt work in 3.6

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Actually, you can navigate the entire page using only Tab & Shift+Tab. Tab moves you "down" (ultimately, into the page); while Shift+Tab moves you "up" (ultimately, into the browser window). For example, if I open Firefox and my start page is Hotmail, then I press Shift+Tab 4 times, then I will end up on the tab in the browser window (you will know you're there because the title of the tab will be outlined with a dotted rectangle). Then it's just a matter of scrolling between the tabs using the arrow keys (Left & Right).

I have NOT been helped.

In windows we can go to any application window and then it puts it in the history after the previous one. Once this is arranged, alt-tab will toggle back and forth between any selected two.

I want to toggle between 20th and 30th tab without having to know their position but just by visiting 20th and 30th once and it be able to tab back and forth.

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is there any shortcuts to just navigate between the recently used tabs ?

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The shortcut to switch between tabs is working only upto 6 tabs. i mean, after the 6th tab, the cursor is not moving further.. ppls guide me how to go about?? also if i have opened a google search window, how to place the cursor in the google search box using keyboard??

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For Macs all you need is "Control+Tab"

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