ASP.NET Custom role provider

Easy guide to write your custom role provider

Merge splitted .mkv files

Learn how to merge splitted .mkv files (.mkv001,.mkv002...)

How to Zoom in and Zoom out your sql execution plan ?

Tool to tune your sql query

send .exe files with gmail

How to send files having blocked extension with Gmail ?

Multiple home pages in Internet explorer

How to set multiple home pages in internet explorer ?


How to burn a ISO file to CD or DVD ?

Most of the Linux Operating Systems are available in .ISO format for download via internet . After downloading the iso file , How to burn the ISO file to CD or DVD ? I found two free tools which can complete your task .

Active@ ISO burner : Active@ ISO Burner is a freeware application that will allow you to burn an ISO image file to CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, CD-RW, DVD-RW, DL DVD+RW, HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

Steps to create a CD after you have downloaded Active@ ISO Burner:

  1. Download the ISO CD image to a folder on your computer.
  2. Insert a blank CD in your CD-RW drive.
  3. Run Active@ ISO Burner.
  4. Type the path to ISO image file or click Browse button to locate it via standard File Open dialog.
  5. Click the [BURN ISO!] button to start the process of writing ISO image to CD.
For more details of active@ ISO burner , Go to this page .

Deepburner : DeepBurner comes loaded with an extensive list of practical and amazingly valuable features that will totally satisfy your burning needs. These start from compiling your CDs and DVDs in different formats and ending with the creation of fascinating photo albums and rock solid, reliable backups.

There is pro version of this software also available for which you have to afford some $'s .

You might find these interesting !!

How to create Live Linux version ?
50 MB linux

If you know any other free application that can be used to burn a ISO file , post it as comment .

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My workplace

Hi friends , Check out my new work environment .

Just In : LCD monitor and Dual core processor .

Adium - Multiple protocol instant messaging application for Mac

What is this Adium ?

Adium is a free instant messaging application for Mac OS X that can connect to AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, and more.Its absolutely free and you can connect to any number of messaging accounts on any combination of supported messaging services and then chat with other people using those services .

Services Adium supports :

* AOL Instant Messenger (Including ICQ and .Mac)
* Jabber (Including Google Talk and LiveJournal)
* MSN Messenger
* Yahoo! Messenger (Including Yahoo! Japan)
* Bonjour (Compatible with iChat)
* MySpace IM
* Gadu-Gadu
* Novell Groupwise
* QQ
* Lotus Sametime

Features Noteworthy :

* OTR Encryption
* Tabbed Messaging
* File Transfer
* Webkit Message Display

If you know any other multi protocol supporting messaging clients for Mac , post it as comment . Don't forget to give your review on Adium as comment .

Now have group chat with your friends on Gmail

Gmail has just launched new features for its chat version inside Gmail . Whats new ??

  • Gmail has added the group chat feature in its chat with Gmail . As shown in the fig , you can invite your other friends to have chat with you ...Similar to conferencing in Yahoo .To start a group chat, click 'Group chat' from the 'Options' menu when chatting.
  • You can now see smiley's in your chat if you and the other person are using chat inside Gmail as shown in the figure . The shortcuts for the smiley's is shown in this page .
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How to send free text message ( SMS ) to U.S mobiles free through web ?

By sending a email , you can deliver your text message to your friends at no cost in U.S . I'm listing different service providers in U.S along with the email address to whom you have to send email .

Verizon :
AT&T :
Sprint :
T-Mobile :
Nextel :
Cingular :
Virgin Mobile :
Alltel :
CellularOne :
Omnipoint :
Qwest :

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I should thank my friend on All things marked for compiling such a beautiful list .


How to add Save as PDF button to your website or blog so that your viewers can save your articles in PDF format ?

When I used to be in college , people used to multicast articles that are interesting in PDF format . Most of the articles used to be in PDF format . Advantage with the PDF format is that one can send a total web page along with images included in it in a single file .So How to add this feature to your page so that your viewers can share your articles with their friends in a easier way ?

I found a solution to this . A company called BCL technologies is offering this . Follow the steps below to add the Save as pdf button to your webpage just like I did in my item pages .
  • Go to web2PDF online website .
  • Now sign up in the website .
  • Login to the website and there they will give you Java script code for Save as PDF button .
  • Paste the code provided in your page template depending on your required location on it .
That's it , you are done .Now you can see save as pdf button on your website . If you know any other way to let the readers save the articles they like in PDF format , post it as comment .

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How to view Google analytics stats on your desktop ?

Yes , you can now see your website statistics from Google Analytics on your desktop . I found this thing via simplehelp . The software is Google Analytics AIR Beta .

About Google Analytics AIR beta :

The Google Analytics Reporting suite is an Adobe AIR application that brings Google Analytics to the desktop. It uses it’s own custom API to interact with Google and nearly implements all features of Analytics. Not only it does bring your analytics to desktop , It even has some cool features that will interest you .Lets have a look .
  • Easy profile selection and account management.
  • Use multiple profiles from different Analytics accounts.
  • All visitors, traffic and content reports available.
  • Tabbed interface to easily switch between reports.
  • Data drilldown, goal values, data segmentation.
  • Advanced data grids with filtering and paging.
  • Data drilldown, goal values, data segmentation.
  • Switch between interactive reports or PDF reports.
  • Site overlay view .
  • Export to Pdf , XML and excel .
Download Google Analytics AIR beta 2 (for AIR beta 2)

I hope you will like this . Tell me how you feel about this software as comments .

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How to create and add a favicon to your blog or website ?

What is this Favicon ?

Favicon is nothing but just a small icon that appears in the address bar just to the left of the page 5p shown above in the address bar.So How to create this ?

Step 1 :- select the image which you want to be shown in the address bar.Get some image using software like Adobe photoshop , paintshop pro........ or else there are lot of favicon generators available in the net . Try to create a image that looks relevant to your website.

Step2 :- Its better if your image has very less details like company initials,companies symbol . Reduce the size of the image to 16*16 pixels using some image editing software.Don't have one ?? Use Online Photo Editors .

Step3 :- In order to save the image in ICO format from photoshop , you need to get a plugin from . Extract the .8bi file in the zip file you downloaded to file formats folder in the plugins folder of photoshop.Now save your image in the .ico format and it's better if you are saving it with the name favicon.ico if you have access to root directory of your website , else save it with name xxx.ico if you are making it for your blog .

step4 :- Now you need to upload the .ico file somewhere on the web . If you have access to the route directory,upload favicon.ico in it.Else upload it on file hosting service.No one accepts .ico file . The only services are fileden and google pages.I uploaded my icon in the google pages .

Step5:- Now paste the following code in between <head> and </head>

<link rel="icon" href="URL" type="image/x-icon" />
<link rel="shortcut icon"URL" type="image/x-icon" />

Replace the URL with the location where you uploaded your .ico file . Refresh your page and you are done . If you have any problems , Contact me .

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Free Online Picture Editors : How to edit pictures Online ?

Earlier people use to edit their photos with softwares that eat a lot of resources in your PC.Now photos are edited in a new way through internet.Welcome to world of online photo editing.Here by I'll give you some prominent online photo editors that i know and their features.

Picnik: It is the latest release in this segment.This is flash based and its almost the fastest of the category.It also comes with integrated flickr uploader.Once you are done with editing your photo,you can transfer your photos directly to flickr. Picnik has replaced Ajax-based PXN8 as my favorite online photo editing tool.Since its new I am also publishing its features.
  • One-click photo fixing or in-depth tweaking
  • Crop, rotate, and resize in real-time
  • Tons of special effects, from artsy to fun
  • Amazingly fast
  • Works directly with many photo sharing sites
  • No download required, nothing to install!
  • Works on Mac, Windows, even Linux
  • Free and premium versions
Fauxto : It is also flash like and looks like photoshop. It can be considered the best in the category.Using it is not easy as other editors , Unless you already have knowledge of working with photoshop. It might irritate you with its complexity if you dont know much about photoshop . But its flash has been worked in such a finer way that you will feel they did some work hehe...I dont know which segment of market they wanted to target but i like it.

Picture2life : Its in the AJAX based segment. Its mainly targeted for grabbing and editing the pics that are online. Looks like the site is still in its dark ages with its poor interface,bugs and very less tool selection. It has also got the feature of transferring your pic to flickr , imgeshack after editing.

PXNA : One of the best in this segment . It's the leader of AJAX based segment . User interface is good with the main features shown as icons. It also features uploading to Flickr and save to disk. Moving your cursor shows the pixel number on the photo. It's basic enhance much works like auto corrector for your pictures correcting the normal problems.

Snipshot : Previously called Pixoh, is another very-good Ajax-based editing tool . It has got nice design and they also have a API in their service.But its now way better than PXN8.

Preloadr : Its a Flickr based API tool which even uses flickr login to sign in.Comes with normal features like layers , filters [gray scale ..],cropping ,auto contrast.... Logging and accessing pictures directly from Flickr can be termed as its advantage.

Apart from these they are also editors like ,

Also check Free Online office suites and Free office software ( Microsoft Office Alternatives ) .

If you know any other picture editor that's online and free , Post it as comment . Google search for Online picture Editor is here .

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Is Docstoc going to become the youtube for Professional Documents ?

Well friends , you might all be aware of How youtube caused sensation in the web by letting internet users share their videos online . I just found one more great service which can create news.Its Docstoc - A user generated community where you can find and share professional documents , find free legal documents and free business documents. You can Upload your documents for all the world to share. If someone shares a secret document , this site will really become a sensation just like a good video gets famous instantly on Youtube .

Docstoc is presently in public Beta Now .There is no limit to how many you can upload, and Docstoc accepts the following file formats: .doc, .xls, .ppt, .rft, and .pdf . You can upload multiple number of files simultaneously using the bulk upload feature . The high viewed , High rated , Most downloaded documents will be shown on their respective pages which can be accessed from the links on the Homepage of Docstoc .You can also browse through others docsters profiles .

Bloggers , you also have something here for you . Docstoc can bring you traffic . The most viewed blogs will be shown on the top page . Moreover other Docsters can check you profile and then visit your blog if they like it . So join Docstoc today .

Also check How to save youtube videos ?

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Learn CGI programming online

I found three good sites that have good tutorials for learning CGI proramming .

If you have got any other good website for learning CGI programming online , Post it as comment as Ill keep updating the list .

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50 MB Damn small Operating System ( Linux ) - Do you believe it ?

Do you believe this ? A OS comes in just 50 MB in this era where each one occupies 3-4 GB of our disk space . I was also excited when I found this . Its true buddy . It's made possible with Damn Small Linux or DSL .

What is this Damn Small Linux or DSL ?

It's is a very versatile 50MB mini desktop oriented Linux distribution . Using this , you can boot from a business card CD or Flash Drive just like Live CD . It allows you to run inside the windows i.e Multiple Operating systems can be used simultaneously . You can transform this into a Debian OS with a traditional hard drive install . It can run very fast even on a computer with 128 MB RAM with full flow .DSL has a nearly complete desktop , and many command line tools. All applications are chosen with the best balance of functionality, size and speed. Damn Small also has the ability to act as an SSH/FTP/HTTPD server right off of a live CD .

What are included in this Damn Small Linux ?
  • XMMS ( For playback of MP3, CD Music, and MPEG) .
  • FTP client .
  • Dillo Web Browser , Netrik web browser , FireFox.
  • spreadsheet, Sylpheed email , spellcheck (US English) , wordprocessor (Ted), three editors (Beaver, Vim, and Nano ) .
  • graphics editing and viewing (Xpaint, and xzgv) .
  • Xpdf (PDF Viewer), emelFM (file manager) .
  • Naim (AIM, ICQ, IRC), VNCviwer, Rdesktop, SSH/SCP server and client, DHCP client .
  • PPP, PPPoE (ADSL), a web server, calculator, generic and GhostScript printer support, NFS, Fluxbox and JWM window managers, games , system monitoring applications, a host of command line tools, USB support, and pcmcia support, some wireless support .
Current version is 3.4.7 . You can know about the contributors of this project here . Want to know more ? Check DSL page.

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Know the latest buzz on the web with popurls

You might be checking the social bookmarking websites like digg , reddit... regularly to find what's going on the web as it is the fastest way to know . But instead of opening each and everyone of them , what if you get all of them at a single place ?

Popurls is a one place stop to read Digg, Reddit, Delicious, Furl, Slashdot, BoingBoing, NewsVine, Metafilter and all the others that people normally subscribe . This page retrieves up to the minute headlines from 15 websites and top thumbnail images from the social sites Flickr, YouTube, and Google Video. It's just like a web hive.

A simple mouse hover on the headline will reveal a small box of details on the article. . In a span of 5 minutes , you can scan over 18 social bookmarking websites. The site's design is also quite good and not messy even though it shows hundreds of links on one page .

Try popurls !! Tell your impressions on Popurls as comments .

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Adblock for safari Browser - SafariBlock

I think most of you might be using Adblock Plus Firefox extension by Now .For those who don't know about Adblock extension for Firefox , here is some information .

Adblock plus blocks all those annoying ads and banners on the internet that often take longer to download than everything else on the page.Just installing Adblock plus extension can get you rid of banners . Install Adblock plus for Firefox .

Are you a Mac user looking for this kind of plugin for your safari browser ?

Don't worry , I found out suck a extension for you !! It's SafariBlock .

Description : SafariBlock helps to provide a seamless extension to Safari Web Browser that supports ad-blocking.

Promote your blog with rssHugger

What is this rssHugger ?

rssHugger is a new website developed to help bloggers promote their blogs, and to help visitors discover new blogs that write about subjects that the readers are interested in.It's just like a web directory of RSS feeds.The most viewed feeds show up in the Top 100 RSS Feeds . Through the power of the internet, viral marketing , rssHugger looks to bring blog writers and blog readers closer together. To get your blog listed, you must make a blog post/review about rssHugger on your blog and submit the link. All you have to do is register your blog a and write a post reviewing the rssHugger .Your blog will not be listed until the admin of rssHugger approves your post .

If you do not want to make a blog post/review about rssHugger for any reason, you may choose to pay a one time fee of $20 ($2 per year). You may pay via paypal or using your credit card .

Benefits bloggers will get from rssHugger:

  • Raise awareness of your blog
  • Send tons of visitors to your blog
  • Share traffic with the community
  • Be part of a viral/buzz marketing campaign
  • Build deep-links for your blog posts to help with search engine optimization
  • Get new interested RSS subscribers who view your content on a regular basis.

  • For new comers , this will be a lot helpful as it gives good exposure to their RSS feeds .You can even benefit from News Feed links . Random Blog links and all .....Just try it and get your RSS hugged by new visitors .

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    How to create your own Linux Live version that is bootable from CD or USB disk ?

    In Linux ,unlike windows, You can get live versions which can work without need to be installed on your hard disk thus saving your disk space . This is one the good features that I like the most in Linux.What if you want to create a Live Linux version of your installed Linux Distribution ? Don't worry Technova has got a solution for you !!Go to the site below to create Live Linux version from your installed Linux Distribution .

    Linux Live is a set of shell scripts which allows you to create own Live Linux from your installed Linux distribution. The Live system that's create will be bootable from CD-ROM or a USB disk device . You can even use Linux Live scripts to boot Linux from iPod as well.

    This site is even distributing a free ebook on How to create Live Linux version .This book hich provides a step by step installation manual for creating a Linux Live CD based on Slackware Linux and Linux Live scripts 6.0.7 (PDF 260KB). I hope you will love this site.

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    How to convert text to Mp3 audio online ?

    This site will be particularly useful to those who want to express themselves in others voice or those who want to express their ideas in others voice . Just type the text you want to listen as audio and it will create the Mp3 file for you .Go to the site below to convert your text to Mp3.

    It even has got widgets for blogger's . You can make your readers hear your post susing this tool as shown in fig .This tool supports both wordpress and Blogger.

    I think you will like this tool. Do you know any other tools that covert text to audio instantly ? Post it as comments .


    Which file system is better ? NTFS vs FAT : Know about file systems in Windows XP

    Yesterday one of my users Yesterday one of my readers , Nitin sent me the following query .

    "Hi , Everytime I install the windows , after a while it asks me to choose between some NTFS file system and FAT file system .Which one do you think is better and why ? "

    Nitin , since you being installing Windows XP , NTFS is the better choice. It is more powerful and offers security advantages which can not be found in the other file systems like FAT.For information Ill tell you the differences between different different file systems available in windows XP i.e FAT16 , FAT32 ( FAT stands for File Allocation Table ) and NTFS , short for NT File System.

    About FAT16 :

    The FAT16 file system was introduced way back with in 1981 along with MS-DOS, and it's a bit primitive . It was designed originally to handle files on smaller disks like floppy drive, and has had minor modifications over the years to make it handle hard disks, and even file names longer than the original limitation of 8.3 characters, but it's still the lowest common denominator. The biggest advantage of FAT16 is that it is compatible across a wide variety of operating systems, including Windows 95/98/Me, OS/2, Linux, and some versions of UNIX. The biggest problem of FAT16 is that it has a fixed maximum number of clusters per partition, so as hard disks get bigger and bigger, the size of each cluster has to get larger. In a 2–GB partition, each cluster is 32 kilobytes, meaning that even the smallest file on the partition will take up 32 KB of space. FAT16 also doesn't support compression, encryption, or advanced security using access control lists.

    About FAT32 :

    The FAT32 file system, originally introduced in Windows 95 Service Pack 2, is really just an extension of the original FAT16 file system that provides for a much larger number of clusters per partition. As such, it greatly improves the overall disk utilization when compared to a FAT16 file system. However, FAT32 shares all of the other limitations of FAT16, and adds an important additional limitation—many operating systems that can recognize FAT16 will not work with FAT32—most notably Windows NT, but also Linux and UNIX as well. Now this isn't a problem if you're running FAT32 on a Windows XP computer and sharing your drive out to other computers on your network—they don't need to know (and generally don't really care) what your underlying file system is.

    The NTFS advantage :

    The NTFS file system, introduced with first version of Windows NT, is a completely different file system from FAT. It provides for greatly increased security, file–by–file compression , quotas , and even encryption. It is the default file system for new installations of Windows XP, and if you're doing an upgrade from a previous version of Windows, you'll be asked if you want to convert your existing file systems to NTFS. Don't worry. If you've already upgraded to Windows XP and didn't do the conversion then, it's not a problem. You can convert FAT16 or FAT32 volumes to NTFS at any point. Just remember that you can't easily go back to FAT or FAT32 (without reformatting the drive or partition), which I think no one will want to.The NTFS file system is generally not compatible with other operating systems installed on the same computer, nor is it available when you've booted a computer from a floppy disk.

    When to Use FAT or FAT32 ?

    If you're running more than one operating system on a single computer, you will definitely need to format some of your volumes as FAT. Any programs or data that need to be accessed by more than one operating system on that computer should be stored on a FAT16 or possibly FAT32 volume. But keep in mind that you have no security for data on a FAT16 or FAT32 volume—any one with access to the computer can read, change, or even delete any file that is stored on a FAT16 or FAT32 partition. In many cases, this is even possible over a network. So do not store sensitive files on drives or partitions formatted with FAT file systems.

    If you are using FAT and want to convert to NTFS ,Follow this guide .
    Thanks to free PC tech .

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    view the lyrics of the song you are listening on winamp or media player with Lyrics plugin

    Every internet user will love to have all the things in as small package as possible . Plugins for popular softwares became famous for the same reason as they come in small packages . I found one such package for you which displays lyrics of the song you are listening on Winamp and Windows Media player. It just retrieves the lyrics of the song you are listening to from the internet and displays in the media player. You can get lyrics of most of the famous songs from their database itself.If you can't find one , you can add the lyrics to the database easily if you have them .

    Download Lyrics plugin for Winamp and Media player.

    If you use any other software for displaying lyrics , post it as comments . If I find them worthy , I'll add them to the post

    France ready to give a try on Internet Piracy

    Do you believe that downloading music or films illegally can have you banned from accessing internet ? ... hmm you might think it won't happen ... But the France government did the same thing by preventing web access to those who download music and movies illegally through a new anti-piracy system .

    This has been as a result of pact between Internet service providers, the government and owners of music and movie rights . It might be a great move for the industry not for the viewers .

    How it's going to work ?

    It's simple . 1,2,3 and your internet connection is banned . Yes , they will give you three warning when they find you downloading illegal stuff . Once you get 3 warnings, you are prevented from accessing the web .The deal also creates obligations for film and music companies, who pledge to make their works available online more quickly and to remove technical barriers such as those that make music tracks unreadable on certain platforms as per New York times.

    I know certainly people will try to bypass those restrictions . I think you can look upon anonymous surfing now to bluff your service providers .My article might help you .

    How to access Restricted or Blocked Websites in school or workplace ? Bypass proxy at your school for accessing orkut , Myspace , Facebook ?

    Got this news via Techcrunch .

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    Google ready to take on Facebook with OpenSocial

    Once you start ruling the world , you can find lot of people running behind you to catch your position . Google is in such position now a days with the competition from Facebook in social Networking category. So , What is this Opensocial and How Google is planning to take other Social Networks ?

    About OpenSocial :

    OpenSocial is a set of common application programming interfaces (APIs) for web-based social network applications, developed by Google, and released November 1, 2007. Applications implementing the OpenSocial APIs will be interoperable with any social network system that supports them, including features on sites such as MySpace and Friendster.In brief , Google wants to create an easy way for developers to create an application that works on all social networks .

    Based on the widely-used open standards HTML and JavaScript, as well as the Google gadgets framework, OpenSocial includes four APIs for social software applications to access data and core functions on participating social networks ("containers").Each API addresses a different aspect: one is the general JavaScript API, one for People and Friends (people and relationship information), one for Activities (publishing and accessing user activity information), and one for Persistence (simple key-value pair data for server-free stateful applications).

    Applications can have full functionality on profile and/or canvas pages, subject to the specific rules of each host. Facebook, by contrast, limits most functionality to the canvas page, allowing a widget on the profile page with limited features.OpenSocial is silent when it comes to specific rules and policies of the hosts, like whether or not advertising is accepted or whether any developer can get in without applying first (the Facebook approach). Hosts set and enforce their own policies. The APIs are created with maximum flexibility.Hosts agree to accept the API calls and return appropriate data. Google won’t try to provide universal API coverage for special use cases, instead focusing on the most common uses. Specialized functions/data can be accessed from the hosts directly via their own APIs.

    I'm happy that Google is not coming up with yet another social Network as the web is already stormed by a lot of similar ones. One thing why I hate these social networks is they storm up my mail box with invites. They send the same message via different people who sign up through them . Do you also hate these typically similar social networks ?? post the reasons as comments.

    Sourced fromTechcrunch and

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    Earn more money from your blog with Payperpost

    Payperpost or IZEA is website that will let you find opportunities to get paid for blogging about advertisers websites or products or blog reviews . It's a new way to make more money from your blog .There are plenty of opportunities available for all types of bloggers - New or Old . You will start up with less rates but as time progresses you can really make some nice bucks .

    Signing up is quite easy and once you have applied you have to simply submit your blog for approval.

    There are some entry requirements ,which you can find on the payperpost website. When you meet the requirement , you will be sent a notification mail that you are accepted or rejected . Approval will take a few days . If your blog is rejected then you will be given a reason why and an opportunity to fix the problems and to resubmit at a later date !

    Once your blog is approved you can find opportunities and accept them and start earning money right away . There are many offers to choose from and you only have to write about the ones that you are willing to discuss on your blog and that are relevant to your niche . Once you have reserved an opportunity , you simply write the post to the advertisers specifications (word length etc.), include the links and you are done. You just need to submit the link of the post you have published . Payperpost will verify it and once the post is approved you will be paid within 30 days via paypal ( Note : Posts should be atleast kept for 30 days)

    How to remove ads from yahoo Messenger 9 ?

    Installed Yahoo Messenger 9.0 !! You might be getting annoyed by the ads in the bottom . So how to remove these annoying ads on the bottom of Yahoo! Messenger 9 window ?
    • Exit any running instance of Yahoo Messenger 9.0
    • Now find the file C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Cache\urls.xml
    • Clear its content and save it (as an empty file) . Now change the properties of the file (urls.xml) to " Read Only ".
    • Download the file from (size : 25KB).
    • Run the file and click Patch . If it gives up a pop-up saying “Can not find the file. Search the file?”, then click Yes and show the path of your yahoomessenger.exe ( normally it will be C:/Program Files/Yahoo/Messenger/YahooMesssenger.exe ) and click patch. After it says patching is done . restart Yahoo Messenger to see the bottom banner being removed.


    How to access Restricted or Blocked Websites in school or workplace ? Bypass proxy at your school for accessing orkut , Myspace , Facebook ?

    Vexed up with your school or workplace administration blocking most of your favorite websites like Orkut , Myspace , Facebook...... Do you want to access restricted websites in School ?

    Disclaimer : These instructions are not mentioned to do anything wrong....All the data given is just sharing a bit of knowledge

    Lets start ourselves with client side softwares :

    client software ::

    Your freedom is a client program written in JAVA which lets you surf anonymously . It needs JRE to run on your PC.It supports http,socks, and https protocols . It has got 15 servers and a feature called "Auto change server " which changes the server automatically when the present one is busy and some other is idle . If you want to change server , You can set the option to manually change server . The startup wizard helps you to set most of the things and still if u don't understand detailed description is given on freedom website or check my Your-freedom user guide .This software is compatible with all browsers,file sharing software and instant messaging clients .This is so far one of the best tunnelers available .It gives you enough speed of 64Kbps in free service and 512Kbps for paid service but free service is enough for browsing.These days time restriction has been introduced.To bypass that you need to make multiple accounts on your-freedom site and login using them in the your-freedom client.
    If your college service blocked You still have option to go to your freedom site ,check available servers and put the ip on server address box in configure. Its very simple and so far the best thing i had seen for bypassing filters .

    Bypass client from is also something which works just like your freedom but has just 3 servers and it restricts download limit for non paid users to just 1 MB per day. It is not recommended but can be used when u don't have any other option .

    This pretty small client is very good but it gives annoying ads on the top bottom corner of your screen . If you want to remove them , right click on hopster icon in the system tray which looks like your LAN connection icon and click minimize ads . They will disappear with a nice animation . Hopster is recommend for instant messaging .

    One more tunnelier which has nice servers at dresden-dresden and all . It also works like your freedom but not as much faster as your freedom . But its ok. The only problem is you have to download new version everytime if they add a new server i.e to access new servers you need to download new version . You can't update your server list right from client like others

    It works by setting server at office or home and accessing it from some other place . It creates a SSH tunnel to access . I'm not sure about it as I never got a chance to use it . But still telling about it to give you information . If any one of you guys know about this , Please post it as comment .

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    Client side softwares should help .If your administration is too smart . then you need to try all these things .

    • Use a language translator page to “translate” the sites from any language into English.

    • Use a URL redirection service like or These domain forward services sometimes work as the address in the the URL box remain the redirect URL and do not change to the banned site.
    • Enter the URL in Google or Yahoo search and then visit the cached copy of the page. To retrieve the page more quickly from Google's cache, click "Cached Text Only" while the browser is loading the page from cache.
    • Change the site name prefix . E.g - use (instead of Other prefixes to try for browseusers. search. invite. mail. blog. invite. favorites. forum. groups. events. viewmorepics. music. classifieds. signup. chat. vids.
    None of the above is working ? This is the final option for you .Using proxies is the last way for you .

    Recommended Proxy :: HTTP://

    My proxy :

    Excellent fast proxy with 10 servers to access orkut , Myspace , Facebook and other blocked websites ...

    You can also subscribe to circumventor websites which are provided by .

    A lot of proxy sites are also available on net . Go to google and get them.Some of the sites like this have great list of proxies.Check them out.

    If your administration is continually scanning and blocking proxy sites you use . Join circumventor network . Register for mailing list from sites like or and use the new sites which are updated frequently. But if your admin joins mailing list like mine...I'm sorry
    Reverse DNS Methods :

    You can try to get sites ip addresses and use them to browse websites.. You can use this even for proxy sites . If a proxy site is blocked , retrieve its ip and access it using the by typing the ip address in the address bar .Site for getting Ip address of websites is

    I shared with you people whatever i know about bypassing restrictions in workplace....If I find anything new I'll share them with you . If you know anyother way, please post it as comment to help the fellow readers .

    How to show a Random Posts widget in your blogger blog ?

    Purpose of Random posts widget :

    Random posts widget lists the links to any of your posts from the archives .The number of such random posts(random links) will be equal to what you configure against "Number of posts:".The random posts widget will have new links everytime your page is refreshed.

    How it is going to help you ?

    Many of your posts in your archives might be unexposed to your new visitors .They might not be able to see some top posts of yours .This widget lets them view all of your posts by letting them view the older posts from the archives, which normally new visitors will skip .

    How to generate this ?

    My friend has got a Random posts widget generator on his blog .Click on the link below to go there .

    Insert videos in your powerpoint slideshow with Zentation

    Zentation is a free service that combines video with powerpoint presentation.Using Zentation is simple. You have to upload your video or Google Video .Just log into Zentation and copy and paste the URL of the Google video, then upload a PowerPoint file. The final step involves using the “ZenSync” tool to provide precise start timings for each graphic in the presentation.

    Zentation currently only supports Google Video as Google Video is the only major video sharing service that allows users to jump to any point in the video even if it has not fully downloaded. YouTube does not provide this functionality and Zentation believes that it is essential for the service.

    The Video presentations can be viewed directly at or through an embedded widget.PowerPoint addicted professional speakers will love Zentation by enabling them to add their slides to recorded video presentations.

    Zentation is not the first app trying to bring PowerPoint style presentations to the web. Sites like Slideshare offer online PowerPoint hosting and WebEx, DimDim and TeamSlide also compete in this space. Zentation differs by providing a mashup service with video. Try this .If you know any other services that integrates video in the powerpoint , Don't forget to post it as comment .

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    Free Online Office suites

    Don't want to waste time downloading free office suites or waste your money on Microsoft Office ? You just want to use the required office application at the moment online ?

    AJAX13 : The Ajax13 suite includes ajaxWrite (a word processor), ajaxXLS (a spreadsheet viewer), ajaxSketch (a graphics editor), ajaxPresents (slideshow presentation software), and ajaxTunes (a media player) . The page also loads quite faster . I tested it with slow connection and the site is pretty fast .Check out AJAX13 suite review here .

    Zoho office suite : Zoho has got Zoho writer ( online word processor) , Zoho sheets ( Online spreadsheets), Zoho show(Online presentation tool ) , Zoho planner , Zoho Notebook and 14 such tools for you . I even used zoho application creator earlier which I used to make contact form for my blog . Zoho has got quick read addon for Firefox and Internet Explorer . This addon will let you have the option to view & edit documents, spreadsheets & presentations on a web page (unauthenticated) in the browser itself. This one click option gives you a clear advantage over the traditional way of doing it - downloading the doc/xls/ppt file from the internet, saving it to your desktop & then launching a desktop application to open it.

    Google Docs : Google provides us with basic tool set of Word processor, spreadsheet and presentation . You can save these files under different folder names . I can say Google docs is just Simple, straightforward and elegant, Google Docs & Spreadsheets fits the bill for basic word processing and number crunching.

    Thinksuite : ThinkFree has three main components - ThinkWrite (a word processor), Calc (a spreadsheet), and Show (presentation software) , all of which are listed on the site's My Office page, along with your most recently edited files. If you're concerned about document compatibility with Microsoft Office, you go for Thinkfree . It also offers a 1 Gb online storage for you .

    Don't forget to check Free online photo editors .

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    Free Office software : Microsoft Office alternatives

    Don't want to waste your money by investing on Office software ?? Got bored of the traditional Microsoft Office ? Wanna try something new ?? Here by I'm listing free office software for you who are the most widely known MS office alternatives .

    OpenOffice : OpenOffice is so far the best one in the free office software category. It's a free office suite that includes a word processor and spreadsheet, presentation, and database applications. It's available for computers running Microsoft Windows and Unix operating systems. This application suite is widely known as OpenOffice, but the official name is b'coz of some copyright issues . The only drawback with OpenOffice is the lack of technical support. You'need to rely on the kind techsavy people in online forums if you run into problems and Openoffice might appear a bit sluggish to you when you switch from MS office to Openoffice .

    IBM Lotus Symphony : IBM also entering the cyberware with its new free office software Lotus Symphony . Lotus Symphony is a set of applications for creating, editing, and sharing word processing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Designed to handle the majority of tasks that end users perform, Lotus Symphony supports the Open Document Format (ODF) giving organizations the ability to access, use, and maintain their documents over the long term without concern about end of life uncertainties or ongoing software licensing and royalty fees. Lotus Symphony can convert documents, spreadsheets, and presentations types into Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) files. No additional licenses are required. To check the file formats supported by Lotus Symphony , check this FAQ page .

    Staroffice : Sun Microsystems is offering Staroffice for 70$ but Google also is offering StarOffice for download as part of its Google Pack. (Instead of charging the $70 per copy that Sun has levied for StarOffice, Google made StarOffice available for free.) . You can download Google pack from the sidebar of my blog .

    Also check : Free online photo editors .

    If you are just looking for free word processor , you can try Abiword .

    If you know any other office softwares or applications that are free , please post them as comment .

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    How to know about a unknown file or process in your PC ?

    Whenever you think that something is wrong with your PC , what will you do ?? You will open the Task Manager ( By using ctrl + alt + del ) and see the processes in it . You will see whether any malicious process is running on your PC. But How will you know the purpose of each process or Whether the process is safe or not ??

    Just go to this site and enter the file name in the text box along with the extension (e.g svchost.exe ) . Since this site is web 2.0 based , you need not hit any submit button , it will display the result automatically .

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    How to remove the virus that creates .exe files automatically in your secondary storage devices and corrupts your device drivers ?

    Most of you might had encountered this virus which creates .exe files in your pen drive automatically and also corrupts your device drivers in the hard disk .The serious problem is that most of the anti virus softwares cannot detect & clean it.Even if the anti virus software detects the virus as other kind of virus (Worm 32 family) , it usually delete the whole infected file (exe & autorun.inf....etc).What does this virus do ?

    • Infecting the local hard disk drivers & executable applications
    • Spreading itself automatically via a removable medium such as a floppy disk, CD, or USB drive.
    • Spread itself over a local network or the Internet. This virus can spread to other computers by infecting files on a network file system or a file system that is accessed by another computer.
    • Adding keys into Windows registry
    So How to remove this virus ??

    My friend Hani Simo has created a removal tool for this virus .

    Download e-nil! Virus Cleaner - free virus removal tool

    e-nil! Virus Cleaner is available free. This tool will help you remove selected virus / worm infections from your computer.This tool removes the following viruses from your computer .

    • TR / Crypt XDR Gen (Avira) (TR/Crypt.XDR.Gen)
    • Backdoor Win32 Difeqs gen (Microsoft) (Win32/Difeqs.gen)
    • Worm / Generic DKD (Worm/Generic.DKD)
    • Win32 Worm P2P VBT (Win32.Worm.P2P.VBT)
    • Worm AutoRun tk (
    • Virus Win32 AutoRun tk (
    • Win32 Worm P2P VBT (Win32.Worm.P2P.VBT)
    • Virus Win32 AutoRun tk (
    • Suspicious file
    • W32/Dawin-A (W32 Dawin - A)
    • (Virus Win32 AutoRun tk)

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    How to add a contact me form to your blogger blog ?

    Are you growing popular with your blog ?? You might be noticing a huge number of spam in your inbox if you have listed your email on it . People who use blogger has to suffer the most from this problem as blogger templates never have a contact me form , even though some of them user email icons . If you want a email icon , click here .

    So how to protect your email from getting spammed ? Solution is adding a contact me form to your website . So how to do this ?

    Zoho creator : The best web source to create a contact form for your website . Ready made templates are available inside it .Sign up in the website and login in on create New application and get started . In the next page select the radio button use form template and click on contact from . Make it public and click on create now . A page with drag and drop interface appears . Select the ones you want and save your applications and embed it in your blogger post using the HTML provided .A permanent link of the form will be alloted as I have for my form .

    Feedback : Sing up in this free site and you can design the required form with the help of simple and elegant drag and drop user interface. After completing the design of the form, you will be provided with a simple HTML which you have to copy and paste in your blog. Ads will be served in free plan after sometime and you have to check your messages in the feedback website only. There is no inbox delivery to your email .

    Response-o-matic : This is one more site which makes forms in a very simple way . Just sign up , select the required options and create your form . The only drawback is ads will be served after sometime in the form .Its almost similar to

    I used Zoho creator. Just click on contact me in the top navigation bar to have a demo .

    If you know any other good websites that create contact me forms , please post them as comments for fellow readers .

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    How to add language translation flags to your blog to increase your international presence ?

    Recently a Chinese visitor of mine was chatting with me on Instant Messenger . While chatting he told me that he is not good with English and he is not able to understand what I'm writing . Then I chatted with him using Google translator . When he told me that he is not able to understand English properly , A thought hit my mind whether I'm losing some international visitors this way . Immediately I thought of adding Language translation flags to my blog . I added them which you can see on my blog .So How to do that and increase your international Presence ?Use the code below to do that .

    <form action="" >

    <script language="JavaScript">
    document.write ("<input name=u value="+location.href+" type=hidden>")
    // -->

    <input name="hl" value="en" type="hidden">

    <input name="ie" value="UTF8" type="hidden">

    <input name="langpair" value="" type="hidden">

    <input name="langpair" value="en|fr" title="French" src= "" onclick="this.form.langpair.value=this.value" height="15" type="image" width="20">

    <input name="langpair" value="en|de" title="German" src= "" onclick="this.form.langpair.value=this.value" height="15" type="image" width="20">

    <input name="langpair" value="en|it" title="Italian" src= "" onclick="this.form.langpair.value=this.value" height="15" type="image" width="20"><br>

    <input name="langpair" value="en|pt" title="Portuguese" src= "" onclick="this.form.langpair.value=this.value" height="15" type="image" width="20">

    <input name="langpair" value="en|es" title="Spanish" src= "" onclick="this.form.langpair.value=this.value" height="15" type="image" width="20">

    <input name="langpair" value="en|ja" title="Japanese" src= "" onclick="this.form.langpair.value=this.value" height="15" type="image" width="20"><br>

    <input name="langpair" value="en|ko" title="Korean" src= "" onclick="this.form.langpair.value=this.value" height="15" type="image" width="20">

    <input name="langpair" value="en|zh-CN" title="Chinese Simplified" src= "" onclick="this.form.langpair.value=this.value" height="15" type="image" width="20">

    <input name="langpair2" value="en|ar" title="Arabic" src= "" onclick="this.form.langpair.value=this.value" height="15" type="image" width="20" />

    Add this code and increase your international presence.

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    How to set your Instant Messenger status to what you are listening on our media players automatically ?

    Want to show what you are listening to your friends on the Instant Messengers ? Want to show them How cool you are ? I have found something for you which can act as a status manager for your IM.

    What can you do with Hyper IM ?
    • It lets you save all your favorite statuses and use them at any time you want - up to 16 millions saved statuses .
    • It lets you change your status instantly in all your desired IM clients - most popular IM programs supported like Yahoo Messenger , Gtalk , Windows live Messenger ....
    • It lets you show what you listen or what movie you watch - many media players supported (!!!)
    • You can leave funny answers (there's a plugin that does this for Yahoo! Messenger users)
    • You can see and use all hidden emoticons in Yahoo! Messenger on a keystroke .
    • You can format your status and answers with extendable macros: kbps, duration, ASCII progress bar , customizable countdown time, current date and time, and/or random/ordered messages taken from text files!
    I hope you will love this . Thanks to Shankar.

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