Free Online Office suites

Don't want to waste time downloading free office suites or waste your money on Microsoft Office ? You just want to use the required office application at the moment online ?

AJAX13 : The Ajax13 suite includes ajaxWrite (a word processor), ajaxXLS (a spreadsheet viewer), ajaxSketch (a graphics editor), ajaxPresents (slideshow presentation software), and ajaxTunes (a media player) . The page also loads quite faster . I tested it with slow connection and the site is pretty fast .Check out AJAX13 suite review here .

Zoho office suite : Zoho has got Zoho writer ( online word processor) , Zoho sheets ( Online spreadsheets), Zoho show(Online presentation tool ) , Zoho planner , Zoho Notebook and 14 such tools for you . I even used zoho application creator earlier which I used to make contact form for my blog . Zoho has got quick read addon for Firefox and Internet Explorer . This addon will let you have the option to view & edit documents, spreadsheets & presentations on a web page (unauthenticated) in the browser itself. This one click option gives you a clear advantage over the traditional way of doing it - downloading the doc/xls/ppt file from the internet, saving it to your desktop & then launching a desktop application to open it.

Google Docs : Google provides us with basic tool set of Word processor, spreadsheet and presentation . You can save these files under different folder names . I can say Google docs is just Simple, straightforward and elegant, Google Docs & Spreadsheets fits the bill for basic word processing and number crunching.

Thinksuite : ThinkFree has three main components - ThinkWrite (a word processor), Calc (a spreadsheet), and Show (presentation software) , all of which are listed on the site's My Office page, along with your most recently edited files. If you're concerned about document compatibility with Microsoft Office, you go for Thinkfree . It also offers a 1 Gb online storage for you .

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