Google ready to take on Facebook with OpenSocial

Once you start ruling the world , you can find lot of people running behind you to catch your position . Google is in such position now a days with the competition from Facebook in social Networking category. So , What is this Opensocial and How Google is planning to take other Social Networks ?

About OpenSocial :

OpenSocial is a set of common application programming interfaces (APIs) for web-based social network applications, developed by Google, and released November 1, 2007. Applications implementing the OpenSocial APIs will be interoperable with any social network system that supports them, including features on sites such as MySpace and Friendster.In brief , Google wants to create an easy way for developers to create an application that works on all social networks .

Based on the widely-used open standards HTML and JavaScript, as well as the Google gadgets framework, OpenSocial includes four APIs for social software applications to access data and core functions on participating social networks ("containers").Each API addresses a different aspect: one is the general JavaScript API, one for People and Friends (people and relationship information), one for Activities (publishing and accessing user activity information), and one for Persistence (simple key-value pair data for server-free stateful applications).

Applications can have full functionality on profile and/or canvas pages, subject to the specific rules of each host. Facebook, by contrast, limits most functionality to the canvas page, allowing a widget on the profile page with limited features.OpenSocial is silent when it comes to specific rules and policies of the hosts, like whether or not advertising is accepted or whether any developer can get in without applying first (the Facebook approach). Hosts set and enforce their own policies. The APIs are created with maximum flexibility.Hosts agree to accept the API calls and return appropriate data. Google won’t try to provide universal API coverage for special use cases, instead focusing on the most common uses. Specialized functions/data can be accessed from the hosts directly via their own APIs.

I'm happy that Google is not coming up with yet another social Network as the web is already stormed by a lot of similar ones. One thing why I hate these social networks is they storm up my mail box with invites. They send the same message via different people who sign up through them . Do you also hate these typically similar social networks ?? post the reasons as comments.

Sourced fromTechcrunch and tech.co.uk

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