France ready to give a try on Internet Piracy

Do you believe that downloading music or films illegally can have you banned from accessing internet ? ... hmm you might think it won't happen ... But the France government did the same thing by preventing web access to those who download music and movies illegally through a new anti-piracy system .

This has been as a result of pact between Internet service providers, the government and owners of music and movie rights . It might be a great move for the industry not for the viewers .

How it's going to work ?

It's simple . 1,2,3 and your internet connection is banned . Yes , they will give you three warning when they find you downloading illegal stuff . Once you get 3 warnings, you are prevented from accessing the web .The deal also creates obligations for film and music companies, who pledge to make their works available online more quickly and to remove technical barriers such as those that make music tracks unreadable on certain platforms as per New York times.

I know certainly people will try to bypass those restrictions . I think you can look upon anonymous surfing now to bluff your service providers .My article might help you .

How to access Restricted or Blocked Websites in school or workplace ? Bypass proxy at your school for accessing orkut , Myspace , Facebook ?

Got this news via Techcrunch .

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