Apple Mac OS X Leopard - 300 + New features !!

You might had heard about the Apple's latest Mac OS X Leopard . Apple has claimed that it introduced about 300 changes in this new Operating System . Lets have a overlook on those features that Mac users love in it ..

  • Dual boot with Boot camp : Leopard supports multiple operating systems i.e windows and Leopard, by means of a software called Boot Camp. But remember that multiple OS doesnot mean you can run both at a time . I think Boot camp is a gift to the windows lovers .
  • Multiple Desktops : Apple introduced Spaces , which will let you Create custom workspaces to stay clutter-free and organized just like as in Linux. For e.g when you are chatting with your friends , you can set the background to Greatwall of china or Niagra Falls and so on ..
  • File preview : This feature is called Quick Look . This feature lets you view files with out opening them .This will help you in searching the required files very easily with out opening each one of them everytime .
  • The Time Machine : The most interesting feature in Leopard is Time Machine . This feature lets you retrive deleted files , Adress book contacts , images ... You can even know what has been done on your Mac in a particular day in the past . By clicking timeline , you can see which files has been deleted from the time the OS has been loaded . You can make a backup by just selecting some files to be associated with the time machine . When Mac's are connected in a Network , Backup is done in the server by the creation of a sub folder for each Mac . The only disadvantage with this feature is you can't delete a file forever once it gets associated with time machine . Even though you clear the deleted file from trash , it still exists in the time machine . If you want to hide what you are doing in your PC from other users , Time machine might become a hurdle to you .
  • I chat : Ichat is reloaded with new features this time like sharing you desktops , accessing others PC , Playing games , recording video and audio conversations ...
  • Enhanced Parental Control : Leopard gives you enhanced parental control by putting restrictions on the usage of MAC . You can control how much time your child can use the Mac in the weekend . One can restrict themselves to avoid using Mac in late nights by setting alarm .You can restrict what websites your children can visit , with whom they can chat , to whom they can mail and all .If someone bypasses your restrictions , it will let you know by email .
  • You can connect your Mac to your TV and view Video files in your hard disk .
  • A feature called Quick Flow shows you the components of multiple files just like quicklook .
  • New Macs will be loaded with Leopard but if you are using earlier OS , you need to buy it. Single user edition will be around 5000 ( approx.) and Family edition of 5 users will be available for 8000 ( approx.)
Update : Dailyapps reported a Bug in Time Machine feature.check it out .

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