How to capture a screenshot in windows media player ?

Ever tried to capture a screenshot from Windows Media player ? Whenever you try to capture a screenshot from your media player by pressing print screen button and then pasting it in paint and saving it , you will get nothing except a black image . So how are you going to save it ??

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  • Method 1 : This is the simple method . Instead of pressing the print screen button , hit the key combination ctrl + I and a dialogue window opens asking you where to save the file .
  • Method 2 : If you want to go for normal print screen method , then you have to tweak your configuration a little .
  1. Open your windows Media player .
  2. Go to Tools --> Options .
  3. Select the performance tab and click the advanced button in it
  4. Now uncheck the option Use overlays .
  5. Click Ok .
Now you can save your screenshots by just pressing the print screen button of the keyboard .

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