How to view Google analytics stats on your desktop ?

Yes , you can now see your website statistics from Google Analytics on your desktop . I found this thing via simplehelp . The software is Google Analytics AIR Beta .

About Google Analytics AIR beta :

The Google Analytics Reporting suite is an Adobe AIR application that brings Google Analytics to the desktop. It uses it’s own custom API to interact with Google and nearly implements all features of Analytics. Not only it does bring your analytics to desktop , It even has some cool features that will interest you .Lets have a look .
  • Easy profile selection and account management.
  • Use multiple profiles from different Analytics accounts.
  • All visitors, traffic and content reports available.
  • Tabbed interface to easily switch between reports.
  • Data drilldown, goal values, data segmentation.
  • Advanced data grids with filtering and paging.
  • Data drilldown, goal values, data segmentation.
  • Switch between interactive reports or PDF reports.
  • Site overlay view .
  • Export to Pdf , XML and excel .
Download Google Analytics AIR beta 2 (for AIR beta 2)

I hope you will like this . Tell me how you feel about this software as comments .

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