Earn more money from your blog with Payperpost

Payperpost or IZEA is website that will let you find opportunities to get paid for blogging about advertisers websites or products or blog reviews . It's a new way to make more money from your blog .There are plenty of opportunities available for all types of bloggers - New or Old . You will start up with less rates but as time progresses you can really make some nice bucks .

Signing up is quite easy and once you have applied you have to simply submit your blog for approval.

There are some entry requirements ,which you can find on the payperpost website. When you meet the requirement , you will be sent a notification mail that you are accepted or rejected . Approval will take a few days . If your blog is rejected then you will be given a reason why and an opportunity to fix the problems and to resubmit at a later date !

Once your blog is approved you can find opportunities and accept them and start earning money right away . There are many offers to choose from and you only have to write about the ones that you are willing to discuss on your blog and that are relevant to your niche . Once you have reserved an opportunity , you simply write the post to the advertisers specifications (word length etc.), include the links and you are done. You just need to submit the link of the post you have published . Payperpost will verify it and once the post is approved you will be paid within 30 days via paypal ( Note : Posts should be atleast kept for 30 days)


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