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Merge splitted .mkv files

Learn how to merge splitted .mkv files (.mkv001,.mkv002...)

How to Zoom in and Zoom out your sql execution plan ?

Tool to tune your sql query

send .exe files with gmail

How to send files having blocked extension with Gmail ?

Multiple home pages in Internet explorer

How to set multiple home pages in internet explorer ?


Does Google web accelerator really increase your internet speed ?

What is this web accelerator ?

A free software of 1.7 Mb by Google which they claim will save your web time i.e will speed up your surfing.You can get it from

How this works ? 

Amit Agarwal says "It's difficult to guess how Google decides what web pages to load in advance but my experience has been that if your hover the mouse over a hyperlink for few seconds, Google assumes that you are likely to visit that page and it will prefetch it. Google Accelerator also downloads the top search results on which is quite logical."

Does it really work ??

I had big expectations on the product as it is released by Google and unlike other accelerator utilities this one is not tweaking your XP.Its based on prefetching links in the page you are surfing.

I don't find any big difference using it . I think it just saves very little time while surfing . After a lot of browsing you will see a little amount of time being saved on the counter.You will never feel it while surfing.I never felt that it helped my page load faster.I tested the product when it was released in my college a year ago where I was behind a proxy.I didn't feel any difference there and later I uninstalled it . But when I saw the article on Amit's page yesterday I personally installed it again on my connection at home and still I don't feel any good difference.Totally the product sucks..

I used some softwares earlier who advertise that they will increase my internet speed by X00% . But none of them looked useful to me .All they did is clean up my PC or tweak my registry and XP. What do you feel about these web accelerator softwares ??

Do they really increase your net speed ?? If you think there is some software which accelerates your internet speed , post it as comment .

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How to replace AM/PM in your taskbar with some other name ??

Want to replace AM and PM in your taskbar with your name ??

My friend has got simple trick for you .Just follow the steps below . 
  • Navigate as follows, Start -> Control panel -> Regional and Language Options 
  • A dialogue box will popup . Now click on Customise which is beside English [US] text box .
  •  Now go to time tab. There you can find the options AM symbol and PM symbol . 
  • Change them to the name you want and click OK.
  • Normally they will change , if they won't , double click on time in the right hand bottom of the screen . A dialogue box will popup . In that you can see time in digital form like 3:28:00 PM . select that PM or AM and move the slider. Now click OK and you can see required name in place of AM or PM
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How to lock a folder without using any software ?

Got some personal data which you don't want to be accessed by others who use your PC ?? Looking for something that can lock your folders ? Normally you can find lot of softwares that can serve your purpose. What if you can make something for yourself to serve your purpose ? Here is something which I have to lock your folders.
Code :

title Folder Locker
if EXIST "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B303 09D}" goto UNLOCK
echo Are you sure u want to Lock the folder(Y/N)
set/p "cho=>"
if %cho%==Y goto LOCK
if %cho%==y goto LOCK
if %cho%==n goto END
if %cho%==N goto END
echo Invalid choice.
ren Locker "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"
attrib +h +s "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"
echo Folder locked
goto End
echo Enter password to Unlock folder
set/p "pass=>"
if NOT %pass%==type your password here goto FAIL
attrib -h -s "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"
ren "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" Locker
echo Folder Unlocked successfully
goto End
echo Invalid password
goto end
md Locker
echo Locker created successfully
goto End
Instructions :
  • Copy the above code in a notepad and type your password in place of "type your password here" which is marked red in the above code.
  • Now save the notepad file with name xxx.bat [ i.e with extension .bat ] .xxx can be any name.
  • A batch file will be created. Now double click on it . It will make a folder with the name locker at the same place where the batch file is saved .
  • Now add the files you want to be locked in that folder .
  • Double click on the batch file. It will ask for locking the folder . Type Y(yes). The folder will be locked and hidden .
  • To unlock the folder ,double click the batch file again and enter the password in the new window opened.
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Thanks to Mr.Shubham.


How to access yahoo messenger in your mobile ??

Yahoo messenger - The most widely used messenger in countries like India. Most of the people in India start their web life with Yahoo mail and Yahoo messenger . You might be a die hard fan of yahoo messenger and you want to stay online all the time even when you are travelling or in some place where you can't have your PC with you.So How to access Yahoo messenger then ?? There is a way for you . Yahoo messenger can be accessed via your mobile.
What should you do ?
Prerequisite : Your mobile should have GPRS enabled on it and should be able to connect to internet.
After that follow the steps below : 

Open the browser available in your mobile and type in your mobile .

A page will open listing the available Yahoo services. If you want messenger , select messenger in it and login using your yahoo id and password.

Now you can access your yahoo messenger in your mobile.The offline messages will be shown in the recent tab and the online friends will be shown in the online tab next to it.Your status will be "Im mobile " which you can change by going to the preference.

Other services provided through Yahoo Mobile :
Yahoo search , Yahoo Entertainment , Yahoo weather , Flickr , News .......

You might want to have Gtalk on your mobile !! I already told you how to do that in my post " How make free international calls ? "


Sony Ericsson K510i review

Review : 4 - Excellent

Punch  : value of every penny you spent

Price    : 5,000 INR

I write review of a product only when I think I have complete idea of it . Most of the reviewers these days write the review on the day of release . But most of the faults in product come only after using it for sometime . Five point someone has never compromised on the quality of content and reviews .Here I like to tell you what I feel about my mobile Sony Ericsson K510i which I bought a month and half ago .

About the product in brief :

Manufactured by Sony Ericsson , The model's features are a 262,144-colour TFT LCD screen (at a 128x160 pixel resolution), 28 megabytes of shared memory, a 1.3 megapixel camera, RSS feed reader, 3D graphics capabilities, loudspeaker, MP3 and AAC audio playback, 3GP video recording and playback, Bluetooth and an infrared communications port (IrDA). The K510i model is available in two colour themes, midnight black (pictured on right) and polished purple.

My feeling :

I bought the phone basically for serving my internet purpose. Normally when I used to use a Nokia 6680 for surfing earlier , I had to charge the mobile separately from charger But in k510i the phone charges automatically from the USB cable just like your ipod. The USB  transfer speeds are pretty high when you use the phone in File transfer mode [ i.e connecting your phone as a flash drive ] . When you connect the mobile to internet , you have to connect it in phone mode. In phone mode also you can have file transfer through the file manager software but transfers are slow .The phone has got a built in modem which is showing 115.2 Kbps when I connect it to internet. Im getting good download speed from my airtel network [ Appr 10 KBPS , better than Indian dial up connections ] .The phone browser is also good and has even got a download manager. 

The battery back up of the phone is quite good . When I don't surf internet from the phone , Im getting the backup for more than 2 and half days. At this range , Ericsson battery offers good performance than Nokia's.Nokia phones are good at entry level . When you are looking to spend more , I recommend other companies like Ericsson , Motorola and all .

The phone has  28 MB as internal memory and hasn't got any slot for expanding the memory [ For the amount you are spending , you should nt expect more than this ] .The phone has got a single speaker which is loud and sounds good to hear your MP3.The media player interface rocks . The phone supports Java applications also . The video playback is also pretty much fine.The camera is also good when you see the quality of the pictures .It has got features like adding sepia , black and white effects , capturing in burst mode , panorama and all .Transfers via bluetooth are also pretty faster. One can find a lot of applications for the mobile on the internet . 

The only thing that Im worried is about the joystick . I mean it's working fine but don't know how it performs in long terms . Except that everything is fine . 

What you can get from other brands in this range :

In nokia you can get 5070 , 6070 and 6080 which don't have modem to enable surfing with PC , have got very bad displays and a VGA camers with 5 MB internal memory . 

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Free software download links

Im listing some good websites from where you can download softwares for free.Im listing only a few right now.Others will be listed in my coming posts.

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The links are as follows :- 
I listed more than 10 here. If you know any good websites from where you download softwares and other applications for free, please post the links as comment so that other users can use them .


How to unlock iphone so that you can use it in your country before release ??

Apple's Iphone has already hit the market and users from most of the countries are still waiting for it to be released in their nations.Are you one of them who can't wait for the iphone to hit your country ??

Here is a great blog which shows you how to unlock you mobile phone in detailed steps . You need not be a great scientist to do this . Just follow the steps and unlock your iphone .
Remember that dismantling or opening the seal can void your warranty.To get something , you need to loose some .No pain No gain .

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Downlad free blogger templates from Gecko and Fly .


precautions to be taken to minimise mobile phone loss

Im sure everyone of you might be using a mobile phone . If you have n't lost your mobile phone yet , here are few things which you can do to minimise data loss when your phone has been stolen.

  • Note down your IMEI number , phone make , model and colour . This is the first thing one need to do after buying a mobile phone .
  • Set a PIN to prevent others from using your mobile phone .
  • If possible , change the security code of your mobile phone and set a key guard code . Don't forget to change the default security code , as everyone knows it . Nokia default code is 12345 .
  • Ensure your phone is registered at your network operator i.e you should had bought the SIM from registered dealer .
  • Mark you battery with your name and some code to recognize it .

Once you lost your mobile number , you need to report the IMEI to the police. Normally IMEI will be printed on the back of your battery or on your phone bill.

You can also get IMEI by dialing *#06# on your mobile .

You need to call your network operator and tell them your IMEI code so that they can block others from using the mobile phone .

Final tip and the most important tip is "be careful when you are in overcrowded areas ."

Google Sky

Still now , we are viewing only 3D images of earth on Google Earth . But now we can even see sky using it. Google has expanded itself to the whole universe by launching this new service . Now you can just view the whole universe from your PC using Google Earth.

Released this wednesday , this tool will let you view 10 lakh stars and 20 crore constellations.You can even have a zoomed view of these things  just like we used to see the earth images .The view depends on the time and place you have chosen . Google has 6 sources which provide the required information which are Digital sky survey consortium , palomar observatory , britain astronomical center .........

For getting Google sky , one need to download the latest version of Google Earth i.e 4.2 or download from the link below


Air conditioner buying guide : How to buy best window air conditioner ?

I was thinking of buying a air conditioner since a month as temparatures are very high at my place. So I went  to find  the prices of different models and to choose which one will best suit my needs ??After searching a bit on internet and finding out from some of my close friends , I landed myself on two brands - Hitachi and  Ogeneral . Hitachi is known for less power consumption and Ogeneral is the best available in the market with high quality cooling methods and good EER. Ogeneral provides the most efficient cooling system with the highest EER in the industry i.e 9.9 - 10.28 .powered by a Fujitsu Japan Fan motor . ogeneral has got a air circulation speed of 547 CFM.The air conditioner comes in a cream colour [ normal person will think that its a very old white coloured ac ] .The left most one in the second bottom line is Ogeneral

Coming to the costs , ogeneral is quite high than the near competitors . I don't know the model numbers exactly. But the prices of the other window AC's are samsung - 16700 INR , LG 15000-18000 INR , Voltas -16000 ..... Ogeneral has costed 24,500 along with installation costs where as Ogeneral split air conditioner cost is around 43000 where as its nearest competitors , LG has got its highest option at 30000 . But Ogeneral is known for its faultless manufacturing  There are very very few issues reported by the people about these air conditioners .
 If you can afford a bit more , Go for Ogeneral or Hitachi , or else all the rest can be considered to be the same . But ensure that there is good EER in the specifications . These days people are claiming that Onida has got good parameters on charts but none has confirmed how onida AC works by using. After buying a stabiliser and a MCB switch all costed me 27,000 bucks .
What capacity you need to buy ??
Not buying anything is not going to serve your purpose . If you buy a low capacity air conditioner for a big room , it will take more time for getting cooled and is directly pruportionate to your electricity bill [:D] . 
There are also other factors that come in, such as, whether there is another floor above the room or whether it is open terrace as typically happens in a top-floor room.A room facing the western direction can also absorb higher heat as it will be exposed to the afternoon sun. As a thumb rule, for every 100 sq. ft. of cooling, a capacity of one-tonne will be required.This capacity increases with factors like house (flat) being on the top floor, having more west facing windows and so on.A bedroom of approximately 200 sq. ft. size should require a two- tonne capacity unit while a hall-cum-dining of 300 sq. ft. would need about three- tonnes of cooling capacity.For a 12*12 sq ft room , I took 1.5 ton . 

How much it will cost to run a Air conditioner ?? 

I found this chart from The Hindu Newspaper . The price/unit might vary at your location 

ogeneral and Hitachi might consume around 1.5 unit per hour. Im not sure about this value but my friends and the shop keeper claimed so.

What other factors you need to look ?

Ensure that good quality and correct capacity of wires are used to avoid any undue fire hazards in the house. Copper wires are the best, although more expensive than aluminium. A metal socket and plug with tripper switch is also advisable at a height safe from children's reach.A good quality stabiliser will protect your equipment from the wide electrical fluctuations prevalent during summer. Do not get carried away by offers of `free stabiliser'. Check the antecedents of the brand. Unscrupulous suppliers to package electrical cut-outs in a box and call it a stabiliser.Before settling on a particular brand, ensure that a good service backup is available from the equipment manufacturer or sales dealer/distributor. Air-conditioner is an equipment that requires regular and good service. Make sure you opt for a maintenance contract after the guarantee period ends. Most companies give very reasonable labour maintenance rates for individual buyers, since the compressor is guaranteed for five years. Do ensure you read the fine print for the additional four-year warranty!

Users if you know any other parameters for buying a good AC or you know any brand which is really worthy or you want to tell How you feel as a AC , publish it as a comment .

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How to make free international calls using your mobile ?

Three days back I was watching a program named "Techcheck" on MTV . I found a product which sounded me interesting and I thought that I should let you know about it .The product is from a company named Fringland .

What is this fring ?

Fring is a free mobile VoIP software that lets you talk and live chat (IM) using your handset's internet connection instead of costly mobile airtime (GSM) minutes. fring enables free mobile calls over Wi-Fi internet access or your 3G or GPRS Internet data plan and is enhanced with real-time contact availability (presence) so you can see who'€™s available before dialing.

Using this software , you can easily communicate with all your fring, Skype®, MSN® Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, Twitter and regular phone contacts from one, integrated contact list. Make cheap local and international mobile VoIP calls to contacts€™ PCs and mobile phones and even call-out to landline numbers and regular cellular destinations, as fring also supports SkypeOut and hundreds of SIP-based services such as GizmoProject, VoipCheap, VoipStunt, Free World & SIPNET even from non-SIP enabled handset.
If you have your recipient signed up on Google talk and he is using it on fring or on his PC , you can call them for free.All you have to do is go to fring website , click on download fring  or you can click the figure here and start filling the form in next page. Fring is not devoloped for all mobile handsets at this point . In nokia I heard that N series is supported . Im using Sony Ericcson and they are not supporting my handset at this moment . But I saw what other bloggers are saying about this product .

Beyeblog's say " Today I discovered fring, a new mobile technology enabling mobile Voip on smartphones, as my UMTS enabled Nokia N70. I installed the software and start doing some tests... First of all...I called standarn mobile numbers and the quality was very good. Second, I chatted with some of my Skype contacts and the user experience was not so cool as chatting using Agile Messenger, but it worked.. The last cool test was made doing a Skype call from the train I was travelling on to a friend that was on a bad internet connection in India....amazing...we could talk each other!!!"

Crunchgear says" I tested Fring on a Nokia N80 over T-Mobile€™s network and I never had any problems with it other than forcing a few friends to download and use the app. They thank me everyday, now. In fact, a few friends told me how much better the voice quality was over my haggard Sidekick3. All you need to do is go to Fring’s download page, fill in your information and you’ll get the app via SMS. Install is a breeze thanks to the onscreen instructions. What have you got to lose? " 

I m very glad to see Mobile network being taken by VOIP these days.I earlier thought of making one such thing for mobile . But some of my friend told me that there are some legal complaints involved in making mobile use VOIP for communication . Data network is very cheaper compared to GSM network . So download Fring today and enjoy free calls to any one anywhere in the world by making them sign up on gtalk or skype .


Link Love

It was unlike earlier that just writing good content can help your blog survive. Today everything is based on links . People started learning about SEO and how to get more traffic from them .There is heavy competition out there . So you need to get as more links as you can. Here is a link train I found .

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We all know how important getting link backs is and with this chain, you can get the ball rolling! You don’t have to be an established blogger to take part in this chain.

Here are the rules:
1. Copy this post from the point where it says “Start Copy Here” to the point where it says “End Copy Here”
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I think I added a good number of my viewers by observation from mybloglog widget . Those who got links here , forward the train and let others get as more links as possible so as to increase our technorati authority .

Most common mistakes blogger 's make with Adsense to get their account blocked !

Every wants to make money as fast as possible . They try each and every method possible . Same is the case with bloggers . In a hurry to make some quick money , they commit mistakes and get their accounts blocked . Whenever you enter adsense forums and boards , you can see a lot of publishers telling their tales of woe .After observing them I noticed some common mistakes that these publishers normally commit . What are those mistakes ?
  • Clicking their own ads : The primary mistake but most of the newbies do commit this. They think they are smart and they don't understand how much smart Google is . If you wanna have a look at one of sites listed in the ads on your site , don't click it. Just paste the URL by typing in the address bar or use some Adsense preview tool . One click accidentally is Ok but if you do that more than 5 times ,Google might ask you for a explanation .
  • Dont login everywhere and check your earnings : Publishers , don't login on each and every computer and check your earnings especially in shared environments. Try to login always from one computer and make sure that no one clicks on your ads from that one . Dont try to login before some proxy unless you don't have other way, especially from your workplace where some of your friends might be visiting your webpages and they might accidentally click on some ad. It happened to me and I had given a explanation to Google earlier when I was in university.
  • Click exchange : This thing is also quite popular among publishers But I personally don't recommend these methods .When Google finds you getting clicks from someone regularly and the other person also getting clicks from you regularly , they might block both of you . So ,don't participate in such programmes.
  • Friends and Family : Never tell your friends and family to click . If you tell them once , next time they will do it automatically . They think that their friend/relation will make some extra bucks .Once they complete a fair number , Google might declare you fraud . [:D]
  • Illegal methods : Using certain kind of programmes like auto surf , click traffic and all can get your account blocked as Google has good tracing policies as mentioned in my earlier post.
These are the normal mistakes that I found . To be cautious if you are not doing any of these , keep a check on you CTR , and stats of vsitors . If you find clicks from one IP only or something fishy , take proper steps and protect your adsense account .

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What parameters Google might be tracing from its adsense script on your webpage ?

New to Adsense ?? Don't try to cheat adsense , because Google is more intelligent than you . Google traces each and every possible thing that it can from your PC when you are browsing the webpage.They collect the details everytime you visit the web page , which they will check once your account is flagged.But what factors they will use to determine whether you are using illegal methods ??

IP adress : The most primary thing that is traced is IP adress.Each PC will have its own IP adress on the netwok .So if you click again and again from the same IP, chances are there that your account will be flagged .Dont think of clicking from anonymous public servers , as Google keeps account of such IP's also . I saw many of my friends who did that and got their accounts blocked.

Your OS and your location : Normally when you visit some sites , you observe them telling you your OS and location and your IP adress.Google also keeps a record of the OS , you are using and your physical location.

Click-through rate (CTR) : It is recommended that your Click through rate should not exceed 10%. If your click through rate exceeds 10 %, Google will flag your account. Click through rates are recommended to be kept below 5 % .

Cookies : A small text file of information that certain Web sites attach to a user's hard drive while the user is browsing the Web site. A Cookie can contain information such as user ID, user preferences, archive shopping cart information, etc.

Some people get dynamic IP adress when they connect and disconnect [ Normally mobile internet users ]. So , don't think that you can disconnect and connect again to click. Google sets cookies on your computer. They can trace these cookies and check whether the clicks originate from the same computer or not .

MAC address : Every Network card or Modem will have its own unique MAC adress assigned by the manufacturer. These are normally unique.So Google might use this to verify .

Search Engine ranking : Normally Google expects that websites with high number of links and good search engine rankings gets high traffic. But if your website is getting high traffic and good number of clicks , Google might flag you and run a check .

Are you asking your users to click : Google checks whether you are asking your users to click on ads or help you by clicking them.These kind of things are extremely against the TOS and might lead to blockage of your account .

Click patterns : Google checks in which pattern the ads are being clicked .If the ads are being clicked in a particular pattern .Im listing some patterns here --

Pattern 1 : The one who clicks , just open your page , click the ad and run away . Normally Google expects any person who comes to your website stay on it for a while . So it checks the time users stay on your website.

pattern2 : It also checks whether the user is just clicking ads in your site only or on other websites also . If it finds that the user is clicking ads just in your webpage , it might want to know why is that particular user so excited on clicking ? [:D]

pattern3 : Is the clicks coming from users who came directly or from those who came from search engine ??

Like this Google will try to check all patterns.

Apart from this , Google will try to find whether we are trying to cheat its advertisers . Normally if they find you doing some thing suspicious , they will send u a warning mail and might ask you for explanation . Once you get warning , next time they will block you if you are again found doing the same . Sometimes they might block you without warning if they think you are not worthy .

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