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  • NAME : Subhash Veeravalli
  • Birthday: February 28
  • Age: 25
  • Languages I speak: English (UK), Hindi, Telugu, Kannada

About myself :- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Im a 25 year old Indian from Hyderabad , India . I completed my engineering in Electronics and Communications from Jaypee Institute Of information Technology , Noida . I am associated now with Tata Consultancy Services ( IT Services and Consulting firm) . I am working as Analyst /Designer. I am an expert in Microsoft Technologies (ASP.NET , MS-SQL, SSIS ) and scripting languages like Javascript and AJAX .I love programming and spend most of the time reading the various source codes and designing templates for websites . My other passions include LAN gaming [ Counter strike , Age Of Empires , Need For speed , warcraft are ma faves ] , F1 racing , latest gadgets [ I love discussing about these things ] and photography [ I click whereever I have a chance to ] . I don't like wasting my time on TV but these days Im watching lot of series by downloading to my computer esp Prison break , Heroes and Lost .If you wanna know more about me, Catch me on Facebook.
About Technade :

Technade blog has been started four years back and was earlier known as fivepointsome1 . .Earlier I used to write on Social issues which are used to be read by my friends . But as I kept reading others blogs especially like Amit , Rashmi and all , I shifted myself to professional blogging by publishing articles which are from my area of expertise i.e computing , Technology . Most of my articles are solutions to normal day to day computer problems and ASP.NET errors you normally encounter . I understand what problems can occur to users normally !. Technade best pagerank was 4 and has a great readership with 80 percent traffic from the search engines .

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