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Local Talk : Shankardada Zindabad

Telugu Film star's latest release Shankardada Zindabad is finally out with heavy expectations in the audience. Because of the star cast of the movie and the earlier telugu version Shankardada MBBS being hit , audience naturally had very high expectations on the movie .

Local talk : Fans claim it to be a class averaged movie and most of others say not impressive.Especially those who watched Original sequel of Munna bhai are not at all impressed. But extreme efforts are already started to make the movie run for atleast 50 days because of the star cast by the producers and fan associations of the hero .

There is some funny incident which show you the extremity of people's devotion to heroes in my state.

One of my uncle went to the movie by buying the ticket in black market for 100 bucks [Originally its 40 here ] . When he was watching the movie some of his friend called him and asked " Howz the movie ? "

He replied " bad , Not upto the expectations "

The next moment when he put down the phone, 10 guys pounced on him. They asked him " How can a movie be better than this ? what does you want in a movie other than that this movie has ?? " . They forced him to call his friend again and tell him that movie is very good.

This is very pathetic. Fans can devote their star in their heart but they should not force others. These days I find lot of people spamming about the stars from opposite caste badly in their communities. This is bad culture . Stop thinking that way . Encourage every movie and every hero who are worthy. Don't hate some one by their caste people . Behave like someone with a heart.

If you have any such funny incidents in your life , post it as comment .


What is RSS ? What are web feeds ? : A introduction

RSS - The word that is heard most on the web now a days.Earlier this is known only to Tech savvy people especially Firefox users.After the release of Internet Explorer 7.0 , This has finally came to all masses.But what is this RSS and RSS feeds ? and What is it's purpose ?? How will be it useful to readers and bloggers ??

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication .RSS simply allows a website to automatically publish a basic file of “what’s new”. A user (i.e. you) can subscribe to this file (called a feed) and be notified of anything new that has been written on that particular website since you last received an update.It’s a quick and easy way of finding what is new on any site without necessarily having to visit the site yourself. Using a feed aggregator (more on these in a second), you can quickly keep up-to-date on the latest updates to many websites in a single place.

Every website you visit mostly will have a feed.The link to the feed will normally shown on any website with the symbol

Sometimes the feed may be in XML format and will be shown with a icon having letters XML.On Five point someone , you can find feed icon just on the right along with a feedburner chiclet showing number of feed readers of the day.Apart from the regular feed , creating a feed in other websites like feedburner will gain you advantage ,as they give you more features to your feed like showing you the traffic of the feed , allowing you to put ads of the networks.Feedburner has got FAN for its publishers to publish ads in their feeds.Normally it accepts feeds which have more than 500 users.

Once you have found a feed, what do you do with it? You need to add this feed to a feed aggregator, a system that collects all your feeds in one place and converts the feed into an easily readable format. There are quite a few ways in which to read these updates.Here are some feed methods.

1. Online RSS readers :
Few examples are :

There is no need of installation of any softwares for using these ones.In Five point someone , one can find chiclets for different feedreaders on the top portion as shown in the fig.

2) Personalised homepage : There are many varieties of personalised homepages where feeds (as well as other “widgets, such as email inbox, weather updates, clocks, etc) can be added. These include:

Browser Readers Users of IE7 and Firefox web browsers will see the feed icon on their toolbars “light up”, or appear when a feed is available for a website. They can then subscribe to these feeds and read them directly in the browser as if they were a webpage.
IE RSS icon
Firefox RSS

They can be called live bookmarks.But I prefer feed aggregators.

Desktop Readers : If you want to have some desktop reader rather read your feeds inside your browser, Here are some options
a) Standalone reader software

One can download the feeds and read them offline using this.Its all the you need to have the software installed on your PC.

b) Integrated into your desktop email

These are also good but you need the software to be installed on your PC.

Email feeds : Now a days Feeds are even available through email .We at Five point someone is providing newsletter through feedburner.

Click here for Five point someone Newsletter .

Overall RSS/web feeds are an attempt to allow users easy access to the latest updates on their favourite websites, in one convenient place of their choice. Your method of reading them is down to personal preference, try a few of the free options There are many more than mentioned here, a web search for ‘RSS reader’ will find plenty of alternatives. If you have any best reader in your mind, Just post it as a comment.May be my readers will like your choice.


My issues with technorati resolved

I told a lot earlier about my blog's issues with Technorati regarding indexing and my rank.But today when I opened Technorati,I found my rank to be 63,475 as shown in the fig.Im glad that my issues are resolved as Technorati Rank is used as reference in large number of websites.Earlier I was rejected in Review me , because of my Technorati rank.But now I think My value will increase and advertisers will pay me more for paid posts.

Solar Air conditioner from Solcool

Yesterday I just wanted to find out about solar appliances for home. Actually I'm thinking to buy air conditioners for home.So I searched first for a solar air conditioner. In the search I found only one prominent air conditioner from a company called Solcool.Some blogs have mentioned its price to be around 4499$ and labour costs of 750-1500$ .

Solcool calls this system as Direct Current Air Conditioning : A Comfort Revolution from the Sun™
The all DC, Millennia air conditioning & heating system is revolutionary in many ways. The patented, low power Millennia is globally distributed through SolCool One, LLC, ( along with its wind turbine, lighting and drinking water filtration products. The 2-Ton Millennia HVAC system uses up to 75% less energy than comparable high efficiency conventional equipment as per the website.


• 24 Volt, Direct Current System

• 2-Ton, 24,000 BTU Cooling & Heating

• Ducted or Direct Variable Speed Blower

• Internal Deep Cell Battery Smart Charger

• 24 Volt DC Compressor

• Remote Thermostat Control

• Renewable or Grid Power Input Options

This solcool air conditioning system battery can also support 6 100 watt bulbs and 3 ceiling fans along with airconditioning.With a 6 to 18 hour battery bank capability,The Millennia requires very little renewable energy to run completely independent all day and night. This makes the Millennia one of a kind for zero emission climate control. The Millennia is completely scaleable, units can be combined or zoned for 2-10 ton applications.Each Millennia has its own variable speed, DC blower that overcomes 1.5 inches of static pressure.The Millennia easily installs in the attic, outside, in a utility closet, garage or warehouse. A wheeled, portable version that is fully charged can be easily operated remotely for up to 18 hours. DC options that should be integrated into the 4.0 are; ceiling fans, lights and DC power ports.

Check out this page for more information.May be as time progresses I hope these solar products prices will get reduced . But in countries like India , people should start using the solar power to the fullest to save their resources which are used in producing current.I think the life time of solar panels normally ranges from 3-25 years with performance degradation as time progresses.So all we need is to change solar panels after some years once we invest this system.I dont know whether its available in India at this moment.But its available in US at this moment as per the website.

Readers Is there any possibility by which we can buy solar panels and connect them to the equipment at home ?? How many solar panels will be needed to support a 1 - ton airconditioner ??If you have any idea post it as comment . We in India have abundant solar resources.So your idea may help us.Post your valuable thoughts as comments.

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How to extract Mp3 from a video file ?

Sometimes you may not wish to download Mp3 or you might not had found it to download , But you have a video file which have the mp3.So how you will extract Mp3 from that video file ??

Jodix offers a free Mp3 from video extractor.Free Video MP3 Extractor can extract audio from DVD and all popular formats of video into MP3 files which can be played in MP3 Players. Free Video MP3 Extractor can also work as a simple but effective converter that helps you convert avi, divx, wmv, asf, mpeg, vob, dvd, mov, mp4, rm to mp3.

The key features of this Mp3 extractor as per the website are :-
  • Free Video MP3 Extractor can extract MP3 from all popular formats of video such as DVD/SVCD/VCD, AVI, DivX, RM, WMV/ASF, MPEG and MOV;
  • Id3 Tag can be derived from source video file automatically or edited manually as you like.
  • By choosing the start and end point, you can fine tune the selection of the source video file to extract into MP3.
  • Free Video MP3 Extractor can also be used as an easy converter that can convert all popular formats of media files (such as .avi, .mpg, .wmv, .mov, .vob, .rm) to MP3.
  • Free Video MP3 Extractor is very easy to use and very fast to work.

Best of all its free.Just download it and extract whatever mp3 or dialogue's you want from the videos.

Free RM to Mp3 converter

Many songs available on the net are found in the .rm format as Real media provides high compression rates.A typical 5MB song in Mp3 format can be compressed to 600 KB in Rm format.But many people hate to listen in RM format as they have to install and play those files in the real player.So How to convert .rm files to .mp3 format ???

Jodix has provided us with a free RM to Mp3 converter.Free RM to MP3 Converter can convert Real Media files to MP3 files which can be played in MP3 Players. All Real Media formats (*.rm, *.ra, *.rmvb) are supported.The key features of this converter as per their website are -

  • It's clean and free, without any adware or spyware.
  • It's stable and fast.
  • Easy-to-use wizard-like user interface helps you setup converting process easily.
  • It uses up-to-date and high quality libraries.
  • ID3 Tag can be derived from the input files automatically.
  • Batch Processing is supported, it can process an unlimited number of files at one time.
  • Detailed HTML help file is included.
  • The installing and uninstalling process is very easy.
I hope this will be quite useful to my users who hate to play their songs in Real player.


Mobile virus

There are 5 different platforms in mobile phones. The first one is s-40.Chances of getting virus is less in this model.In the same way phones with out memory also have less chances of getting infected . The other platforms are s-60 , s-60 third edition , s-80 , s-9o which are vulnerable.

Virus and their effects

cabir warrior :

Tranismitted primarily through bluetooth.It prevents you from using your contacts in the phone memory .It deletes the information.It normally comes when you donwload games , videos and pics from internet or from some other phone which is already infected.

cam warriror :

This one is also transmitted through bluetooth.It selects some video clips in your memory and sends them to the contacts in your phonebook with out your intervention .

locknut -b :

This one is transmitted through theme files . It won't allow you to open any file in your mobile. The mobile gets switched off and on itself.

Tarzan :

This can be considered the king of viruses. About 90% of the mobiles normally are infected with this one . This decreases the battery backup in your mobile . Programmes will disappear after scan is completed .


This virus is a dangerous one . You can't even delete this one . It won't allow you to see dialled , recieved and missed calls in your phonebook.

If you know any more virus , don't forget to post them as comments , you might help some of my readers by educating them about virus .

About my visitors

Earlier I used to get my users only from India and sometimes from other Asian countries. But since a few days , I observed that America's traffic has showed steep increase thus increasing my adsense clicks and income . Europe is also competing with Asia and America's in traffic .The traffic from different areas across the world is shown in the figure below .

Regarding the referring sources ,google is usually on the top providing more than 50 % of the traffic .There is one site which has shown tremendous performance i.e lytebyte of JC wright . thanx to Mr .Byte .
Ill like to thank other link provides to my blog who has been offering immense support to me by sending their traffic here.

How to set your feedburner feed as your default feed in blogger ?

I may be late in publishing this . But it might help some who didn't notice this in blogger's blog. Blogger has recently added this feature of making you feedburner feed or other feed as default can now specify a URL to which Blogger will redirect your feed's traffic. This means you'll no longer have some subscribers getting your Blogger-hosted feed while others get your FeedBurner feed, and your subscriber count should (as a result) be more accurate.

To enable this functionality, visit your blog's Settings | Site Feed page, and enter your feed's address in the "Post Feed Redirect URL" field just like I did in the figure and save your settings ..

Why should you redirect your feed to feedburner ?

By redirecting your feed, you can get a true picture of how many subscribers you have. Some of you might even see a few more subscribers magically appear, though results will most certainly vary. Why so? Sometimes, publishers inadvertently fragment their feed audience by offering more than one feed address on the blog itself or within their autodiscovery tags (the method by which feed readers automatically detect the address of your feed for syndication purposes). This results in some subscribers not being counted, and no one wants that in a world where everyone should count for something. By redirecting your feed, you can consolidate any straggler subscribers and greatly improve your ability to effectively measure your audience.Feedburner provides different chiclets which shows your feed audience .

So if you have not yet created your feed on feedburner , go to feedburner and make one today . And know your feed audience.

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Yahoo ! Asia No .1

Most of the people entering the internet normally start their online life through Yahoo ! in Asia . It might be either for mailing or for chatting or for getting news. US based Comscore has conducted a survey to find the most widely used websites in Asia.The first place in the survey is occupied by Yahoo! , followed by Microsoft and Google .The Asian countries where the survey has been conducted are Japan , India , Taiwan , Hongkong , Malaysia......

According to this survey 10% of the population in Asia is using internet which is less than the world average of 16%. Highest amount of net usage is registered in South Korea with 65% of population using it.In Australia 62 % , Newzealand 60% , Hongkong 59 % of the population is using internet.Indian and china are backward in this context with India having 3% and china having 9% of netizens.

But India has surely got a very large market for the online traders.As the internet penetration is constantly increasing , India will open a large amount of opportunities.


How to predict your future Google page rank ??

Page rank , The thing about most of the adsense featured website owners worried about. You don't know when your pagerank is going to increase or decrease. But there are certain websites which can help in predicting you page rank . So You want to know what will be your page rank in the next coming update ???

Iwebtool has got a online future page rank predictor for you.All you need to do is to go to Future pagerank prediction page and enter your link in the text box provided.

(eg. remember to include the 'www.' prefix into your domains ) else it will show no sufficient backlinks for your site to be predicted.

After entering the domain link , just click on check and it will show you your present page rank , future page rank and the number of backlinks you have.

Apart from page rank predictor , the website has got lot of useful tools like backlink checker , link popularity checker , Google banned checker and ...........

Just go to this page for Iwebtools


How to connect to internet through mobile for airtel users ?

Finally I'm using internet service from airtel . After doing a lot of market research for a phone worth my money, I bought a sony Ericsson K51oi [The review will be posted in the next post] . So How to connect to internet after buying a mobile which allows you to surf through it and can be connected to your PC ?? Some models are there which allow you to surf through mobile but won't let you to connect to PC and surf.Be careful about that .

Note : This post is meant only for people from India .

Requirements :

A mobile which allows you to surf web and allows you to connect it to pc [ E.g Nokia 6070 , nokia 6080 in the range Rs 4500 /- , LG pulse 2600 ( not sure abt model no) will cost you around 4000 and sony ericcson has got k3xx i for 3700 and k510i for 5100 /- <>]

A airtel simcard with a minimum balance of 15 rs

Procedure :

After getting a airtel connection , type Internet active to 121

You will get a SMS in reply saying that your internet account has been activated

Now call your customer care and ask them to send settings for your handset.If they are not able to recognize your mobile , they will tell you how to set your mobile.Normally nokia mobiles will be recognised.For sony erricson you have to set the following options

Name : Mobile office
User name and password fields to be left blank.

Once you set your setting , you can surf on your mobile

You can also get your settings by typing MO to 2567 [ This is working in Andhra Pradesh. Im not sure about other places. ]

The airtel people will charge 15 rs per day for this service.


About specalisation 's in MBA

MBA offers different specializations.But very a few aspirants actually look for the purpose of these specializations before applying for any b school.I found some information about these specializations.I ll share that with you , so that you can choose which one is the best for you.5 different specializations are primarily offered in most of the MBA schools. Ill explain each of them in detail to you.

Marketing :

Marketing includes Sales, Brand Management and specializations such as Market Research & Advertising. Sales responsibilities include achieving sales targets, mobilizing resources such as advertising budgets and executing special schemes and promotion drives. Marketing responsibilities include new product development, pricing, market research and sales forecasting. Brand Management is a progressive field where you are responsible for successful management of brands.Aspirants for a career in Sales and Marketing should possess creativity and resource mobilization skills, apart from good communication and interpersonal skills without which it's a waste of time to choose this line. They also display high energy levels and enthusiasm. Companies that recruit these live wires are coca-cola , procter & Gamble , pepsi , LG, GE, Leo Burnett......

Finance :

An MBA with a Finance Specialisation learns a variety of subjects like Corporate Finance, Costing, Budgeting, International Finance, Working Capital Management and Investment Banking, Securities and Portfolio management and many more of the same ilk. The job opportunities could be in Corporate finance, Corporate Banking in banks, investment banking in leading Financial Institutions like ICICI, Securities Analyst in Brokerage Firms, a dealer/ broker in the buying and selling of finanacial instruments.Most people may not be aware that operations in the Security Market or the Stock Market is one of the biggest industries in India or any country's economy in the world.As a finance specialist one is expected to be good with numbers and a keen learner as finance interfaces with accounting, auditing, investor interest management, taxation, etc. A combination of MBA Finance with Chartered Accountancy is considered as the stepping-stone to a lucrative consultancy career.Firms that usually recruit for Finance are Citibank, American Express, Credit Lyonnaise,AF Fergusson, Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group, Accenture, Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey & Co.,IFCI, Morgan Stanley, CRISIL, ICRA, CARE, GE Capital , UTI, Lehman
Brothers, ICICI, HDFC, Saloman Brothers, Goldman Sachs on.

systems and consultancy Management :

Systems and Consultancy is almost synonymous with computers. Systems activity is a support function which is responsible for customised-development of IT solutions in all areas-from automating attendance punching to putting daily sales and distribution data online, to developing Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. Consulting is provided to organizations to devise strategies for new initiatives in IT, Marketing, HR or any other function.In the IT Industry, the options could be Project Management in a software development company like Infosys and TCS or Sales and Marketing in IT companies like IBM, Wipro, etc.An Engineer-MBA with a sound understanding of business concepts is seen as the best fit for the job of a project manager in software development, but a non-engineer is no disqualification either. For a successful Systems and Consulting career, you have to possess good analytical skills, be a good team-player and have an unending quest for knowledge.Companies that usually recruit for Systems are SAP, Motorola, Satyam, HCL, TCS, Infosys, I2 Technologies, Wipro Infotech, Mindtree Consulting, Price Water Coopers etc.....

Operations Management :

Operations Management is a comprehensive production-related responsibility that includes Inventory Management, Vendor Development, Purchase Management, and also areas which demand multidisciplinary skills like supply chain management and ERP, enterprise resource planning. A typical career would see one handling a few plants/vendors initially, followed by the responsibility for an entire factory, eventually undertaking a more strategic view like global sourcing for materials and imports.The skills required for any of the above jobs are eye for detail, people management skills, ability to negotiate, calmness in tough situations, sound technical knowledge, etc. Every manufacturing and sales and distribution company needs operation generals. Just to name a few….Larsen & Toubro, GE,Philips, Siemens, Mahindra & Mahindra, Maruti Udyog,Voltas, etc.

Human Resources Management [HR] :

HRM is all about helping a company reach its goals by focusing on people management. Two broad categories of HRM could be named as follows:

1. Plant (Factory) Personnel
The Plant Personnel function of HRD deals with maintaining healthy and positive industrial relations. The activities here include recruitment, payrolls, appraisals, administration, and all matters concerned with the Workers' Union. A stint in Plant Personnel offers exposure to handling highly sensitive issues such as discipline and union negotiation.Top firms like ITC, HLL, Coke specifically recruit candidates for the personnel management function.

2. Corporate Personnel
Corporate Personnel deals with HR activities in the corporate set-up that includes all managerial and supervisory staff. It covers all aspects from an employee's entry to exit, such as recruitment, attendance, leaves, pay, appraisals, audit and exit interviews. A lot of modern HR practices such as ESOP, 360-degree feedback and flexible timings, etc, have been path-breaking initiatives by some bright HR manager.You should possess good communication and inter-personal skills and present yourself as accessible, competent and charismatic.The best HR firms are William Mercer, Noble & Hewitt, Ernst & Young, Accenture.

Top commentators rewards

Hi readers , Ill be rewarding the best commentators on my blog by providing them with links.Im checking all your valuable comments from time to time.Post your link along with your comments.If you are a good commentator , other bloggers will also check you link thus increasing traffic on your blog.I rewared my best readers in my earlier posts.So get ready for this by posting your valuable comments.Im trying to give a chance to non tech readers by writing some articles related to society and stuff.If you have any suggestions for my blog , send me.

Virginity lost its value

A few days back I was travelling in a train from chennai to my home place Ongole .After some time , the person next to me initiated conversation with me.He inquired about my studies and gave his intro.After a few minutes , few others in the surrounding berths also joined our conversation.

Different people that are involved in the conversation are a constable , a teacher , a MBA [ finance] grad from Dubai , a lady and me .

The constable started the discussion with the topic of degrading moral values in the present generation.He gave his justification by giving examples like son leaving his father in old age , increasing amount of bad habit penetration in the youth ......The teacher justified him by quoting some examples which he sees in his school.

Then they started discussing about a newspaper article which was published just a day before about office spouse culture.For those who don't know about office spouse Im explaining it in a line.I'm inferring the definition from the newspaper article.If you have any other definition , post it as comment.

" A person of opposite sex who accompanies you in everything ranging from helping you in your work related things to listening and giving solutions to your hardships when you are in office is considered as a office spouse "

The teacher reacted furiously about this saying " Whatever is the name given to these kind of indecent relations , their motive is the same . Giving a cool name to these extra marital relations won't make them good relations.These companies are ruining our culture by inducing this kind of cultures.youth are getting easily attracted to bad these days. "

When I tried to interfere saying " it's not always the case ".They all said "You are just a kid.You have to see a lot more in your life son " . [:D]

The lady then told us about a girl of 10th standard in her neighborhood who eloped with a guy of 11th standard.She said that these kinda cases are increasing a lot these days.The police constable also supported her saying "Virginity has lost its value.Our culture has got diluted by the western values.It will be hard to find a virgin to marry in the near future :).You might find a guy who is virgin , but you won't be able to find a virgin gal ."

lol what a crazy point !!!

So what do you think readers ??? Is virginity really losing its value ?? Post your valuable thoughts as comments.

After that they started asking the MBA from Dubai about the living conditions in Dubai.He said that the amount of saving have reduced to 40 % unlike 70% earlier.He also told us that food is cheaper but residence is costly in Dubai.He also told us that crime is high . You should not interfere with the locals.You just have to complete your work and do nothing else , if you wanna be safe.

Im hearing a lot about the unhealthy living conditions in Dubai.If you have any information about the living conditions , post it as a comment.

Microsoft custom Email for your domain

We know that Gmail offers email service on our own domain.Now Microsoft India has released this feature for the Indians through windows live mail service.

Normally when you register yourself on a particular mail service , they will offer you a domain ******* or ****** through custom domain , if you have your own domain , you can ask live mail to offer their service through your domain.

If you have a website , the email will be offered like , provided the mail space and all other necessities are offered through windows live mail once you register yourself on

This service will certainly increase the number of users of the live mail if any famous website uses it which has good number of visitors.Looks like Microsoft started learning from Google .Google really markets its products through very good marketing techniques.

Unable to connect

I regret for not posting since a long time. I was trying to get a internet connection which is quite impossible here.They are offering a 64 kbps connection [ originally give 7KBPS ] for 600 rs and I have to buy a cable worth 6500 also for getting it . Turning to case of BSNL , their broadband prices are quite good [a 2 MBPS connection with 1GB download limit for 250 rs a month or unlimited download limit for 500 rs a month with a speed of 256 Kbps] , but connections are over subscribed here.They are saying that it will take 3-4 months to give a new connection.By that time I'll leave this place.I even tried dial up which is dead slow.Only one web page can be opened at a time and its pretty costly affair[270 rental for 50 hrs plus 13 rs per hr in day time and 4 rs per hr in night time ] .Finally I'm turning to AIRTEL which is offering internet for just 15 rs a day through mobile.

I can't write a blog from internet cafe as PC's suck there with low memory and a uncomfortable workplace.Browsing is also pretty slow.Only one web page can be opened at a time.

For all these reasons , I'm not posting. I'm looking for some guest authors.If you think you are a person with good writing skills and tech related knowledge , leave me a message on