Microsoft custom Email for your domain

We know that Gmail offers email service on our own domain.Now Microsoft India has released this feature for the Indians through windows live mail service.

Normally when you register yourself on a particular mail service xyz.com , they will offer you a domain *******@xyz.com or ******@xyz.co.in.But through custom domain , if you have your own domain , you can ask live mail to offer their service through your domain.

If you have a website 5p.com , the email will be offered like subhash@5p.com , provided the mail space and all other necessities are offered through windows live mail once you register yourself on 5p.com.

This service will certainly increase the number of users of the live mail if any famous website uses it which has good number of visitors.Looks like Microsoft started learning from Google .Google really markets its products through very good marketing techniques.


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