Mobile virus

There are 5 different platforms in mobile phones. The first one is s-40.Chances of getting virus is less in this model.In the same way phones with out memory also have less chances of getting infected . The other platforms are s-60 , s-60 third edition , s-80 , s-9o which are vulnerable.

Virus and their effects

cabir warrior :

Tranismitted primarily through bluetooth.It prevents you from using your contacts in the phone memory .It deletes the information.It normally comes when you donwload games , videos and pics from internet or from some other phone which is already infected.

cam warriror :

This one is also transmitted through bluetooth.It selects some video clips in your memory and sends them to the contacts in your phonebook with out your intervention .

locknut -b :

This one is transmitted through theme files . It won't allow you to open any file in your mobile. The mobile gets switched off and on itself.

Tarzan :

This can be considered the king of viruses. About 90% of the mobiles normally are infected with this one . This decreases the battery backup in your mobile . Programmes will disappear after scan is completed .


This virus is a dangerous one . You can't even delete this one . It won't allow you to see dialled , recieved and missed calls in your phonebook.

If you know any more virus , don't forget to post them as comments , you might help some of my readers by educating them about virus .


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