Unable to connect

I regret for not posting since a long time. I was trying to get a internet connection which is quite impossible here.They are offering a 64 kbps connection [ originally give 7KBPS ] for 600 rs and I have to buy a cable worth 6500 also for getting it . Turning to case of BSNL , their broadband prices are quite good [a 2 MBPS connection with 1GB download limit for 250 rs a month or unlimited download limit for 500 rs a month with a speed of 256 Kbps] , but connections are over subscribed here.They are saying that it will take 3-4 months to give a new connection.By that time I'll leave this place.I even tried dial up which is dead slow.Only one web page can be opened at a time and its pretty costly affair[270 rental for 50 hrs plus 13 rs per hr in day time and 4 rs per hr in night time ] .Finally I'm turning to AIRTEL which is offering internet for just 15 rs a day through mobile.

I can't write a blog from internet cafe as PC's suck there with low memory and a uncomfortable workplace.Browsing is also pretty slow.Only one web page can be opened at a time.

For all these reasons , I'm not posting. I'm looking for some guest authors.If you think you are a person with good writing skills and tech related knowledge , leave me a message on subhash.veeravalli@gmail.com


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