How to improve you adsense earnings by using the adsense competitive filter to filter Made For Adsense ads ?

Are you monetizing your blog with Adsense ? You might be noticing some clicks which are paying you as less as they can like 0.01$ ....I just Googled a bit about this and I found out about MFA (Made For Adsense ) websites.

So is there anyway to stop these MFA's or splogs from displaying their ads in your website via adsense ?

Yes , Adsense offers you a way in the name of Competitive Ad Filter . The purpose of this Competitive Ad Filter is to let you block specific ads, such as competitor’s ads, from appearing on your pages. Google allows to enter up to 200 URLs. Most webmasters don’t block out any sites because they’re not adwords advertisers and therefore feel they have no competition. But you are seriously losing money to MFA sites and other adsense arbitragers.

Let me explain you a bit about these Made For Adsense websites . These sites has got no quality content to bring in traffic to them. So they try to get traffic to their websites by becoming advertisers on adwords offering lower bids damaging our interests. These guys just live on Adsense. Their websites has nothing but title and ads .

These sites even irritate our readers as they click on links expecting some information But when they click they find nothing but a dummy website . I don't know the reason why Google has not blocked people like this ( May they might have some profits b'coz of these guys ) . so, these MFA's have no intent to stop. As long as Google continue to allow them , you will have more Arbitragers creating MFA sites to take advantage .

How Competitive Ad Filter is going to help you ?

To block an ad , you need to enter either the display URL or the destination URL into your filter. The display URL is the URL shown within the text of the ad. Its better if you rely on the destination URL of the ad in order to properly filter it. There are two methods of obtaining the destination URL of an ad : the Using AdSense Preview Tool, and looking at the link Properties. Google suggest you to use the adsense preview tool .

There is one more great website called Ads Black List which generates a list of 50 MFA sites for you to filter. If you become a member, the generated list increases to 200 which is the current limit of the Google Competitive Ad Filter. All you need to do is to enter your site URL and click the Get Black List button. Once you have the list, copy and paste all the URLs into your Competitive Ad Filter. It will take upto 12 hours before Google starts blocking the ads from the sites in the filter. In addition to the black list, Johnchow recommends you to add tinyurl.com to your filter list as many MFA sites use this service to hide their URLs.

Google should increase the limit on the Competitive Ad Filter with the growing number of arbitagers . By using the Competitive Ad Filter and blocking out MFA's , you should see a nice increase in your Google earnings.If you find this useful , Don't forget to thank me buddies .

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