15 reasons why you can switch to Linux ?

You didn't still try Linux yet ? Do you want to know reasons why you have to migrate to Linux ? I'll tell you 15 reasons why you can switch yourself to Linux . Before that what Linux can't provide you that Windows will !!!

  • Applications that can enhance your user experience : Many software publishers still bother releasing their softwares for Linux as they feel that the market is less for it . But change started just now and in no time we are gong to see all these applications available in Windows in Linux .There is also a project called "Wine" which, in some cases, is capable of running a given Windows application in Linux. You can visit the website www.winehq.org to now which softwares are compatible with it at this moment. Another option available is to emulate Windows itself within Linux which will be a bit difficult .
  • Games : This is one segment where it might take more time for Linux to overtake Windows .Still some games like Quake 4 run on Linux . But if you are a hardcore gamer , just be with windows .
  • Hardware Support : Like software vendors , hardwares guys also think that the Linux market is small . So some hardware released in the recent times might not support Linux .
  • Easy interface : Windows interface looks too simple compared with Linux if you don't know about using Linux , you might not like switching to it as it's not as simple as Windows .
Now why you need to install Linux .
  1. Free Free Free : Most of the Linux versions are free like Ubuntu . You don't need to pay hundreds of Dollars to get a O.S .You can download other Linux versions also from the internet easily by running a search . This will even decrease the cost of your system .
  2. Non-existence of virus : From the day you install Windows , you will find it getting vulnerable to different types of virus and spyware . You have to take all steps to protect it from attacks . With Linux , you don't need to do this hard work . Just install it and use it as many days as you can .
  3. Stable work environment : You can't run a machine with windows for a long time . It will either crash or atleast restart . With Linux , you can run you machine for years . Thats why internet servers use Linux rather than windows .
  4. Everything is open out there : Linux and "Open Source" software are free. They are under General Public Liscense which allows everyone to copy the software, see the source code , modify it, and redistribute it .
  5. One time installation : Unlike windows , you don't need to install each and every software after installing the O.S . In Linux most of the essential softwares are integrated with in the O.S itself like Firefox , Pidgin ....
  6. One click software update : Windows offers you windows update which updates only Software from Microsoft software . What about Non Microsoft softwares ? You have to update each of them individually . But Linux offers "Package manager", which not only takes care of everything installed on your system, but also every single piece of software your computer has.
  7. No need of using software illegally : All softwares associated with Linux are available free of cost . You need not reduce the weight of your pocket for this unlike windows where you have to buy even MS - office .
  8. Next generation User interface : Linux demands much lesser hardware configuration compared to windows Vista for displaying 3D effects and high graphic interfaces .
  9. No slowing down with time : When you install windows , it will be running at its best . But as time progresses and many of you might be giving a thought of reinstalling windows . Try Linux and you'll be surprised. Five years from now, your system will be just as fast and responsive as the day you installed it, not to mention that you won't have any viruses, adwares, trojans, worms, etc.. that would force you reinstall anyway.
  10. Enjoy Unlimited support : They are a lot of developers and geeks who are always ready to lend a helping hand if you get down into a problem . You can find lot of Open source developers Online .
  11. Multiple Workspaces : I don't remember how many windows I open while doing some important stuff and at the end I get frustrated seeing some of them grouped or messed up in the taskbar . With Linux , you don't need to worry about this problem . It offers you four workspaces , so that you can run different applications on different workspaces .
  12. Faster Bug fixing :In windows , you have to wait until Microsoft fixes the bug . Nearly all open source software (including Linux distributions) have a bug tracking system. You can not only file bug reports explaining what the problem is, but you can see what happens next !! everything is open and clear for everyone. Developers will try to fix the bug in no time .
  13. No rebooting : Whenever windows updates installs a patch , it will ask you to reboot your computer in a annoying way . In Linux it won't ask you like that every time it gets updated .That's why most of the internet servers had been running for years with out a restart .
  14. No hardware upgradation required : Every time windows release a new version , it needs its users hardware to be upgraded . Not is the case of Linux which Linux runs perfectly well on older hardware, on which Windows XP would probably even refuse to install, or let you wait 20 seconds after each click.
  15. Enhanced multimedia : Linux gives you some cool music players like AmaroK, Rhythmbox, Banshee .. The sound quality they offer is great and some of them like Amarok even organise the music in a great way .


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