How to host files on Blogger ? Free File hosting for Blogger users

Hosted your blog on Blogger ? You might be wondering where to host your files !! Does Blogger provides any facility for its users to host their files ? If Blogger does , what are the limits ? Many questions might be circulating in your mind . At Technova , Ill try to answer your questions associated with this .

Blogger doesn't support uploading of files except images to its server . You can host your images on the Blogger Server . Image files can only be uploaded through your blog posts. To achieve this , Login to Dashboard and click on " New Post ". Blogger post Editor will open. In the top frame of the Post Editor , you can find a bluish icon which displays Add image when you hover the mouse over it. Clicking on it opens the upload image dialogue Box . Using this dialogue box ,you can upload your image files to Blogger server and you can use them later in other posts .

What are the limits for Image hosting in Blogger ?

If you are posting pictures through Blogger, Picasa to a your free Blogger blog, there is a total limit of 300 MB. If you are posting them to an FTP-published blog, then you are limited to the amount of space available on your server.If you are posting pictures through Blogger Mobile there is a limit of 250K per picture.

So where can I upload my files in other formats using my Google Account ?

Google has one more service called "Google pages " . You can create 5 different websites in Google pages with each site having free 100 MB web space to host files. To upload create a Google space account and click on Upload in bottom frame of sidebar.You can access your files by getting the link after uploading it .

You can also host your files by creating a Google Group of your own. You can upload 100 MB of total files here also. Click on " Files " after clicking on Manage Group. Then click on Upload File button. Here you can upload image, PDF, Mp3 , WAV, Doc, Txt and any other files . You can also upload image files to other freehosts like Flickr, Photobucket, Imagehosting etc. After uploading the files , keep your mouse cursor over the filename and right-click and choose Copy Link Location. This copies the location/URL/link of your file at the free host. Then paste it into this code in your blog and use it . I hope this solves your problem .

Friends , If you know any other services that lets users hot their files for unlimited time , Let us know by posting a comment .

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Thanks for the info!

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There are also third-party file hosting services available.

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Thanks friend for helpful information. Thanks a lot to technade.com, I love it too much

I wanted to know about this and landed on your site. But in the end, it says : Google Pages has been shutdown already....


It's kind of a shame that there's a limit of 300MB, but what's even more sad is the lack of the ability to upload videos and files. Anyway, it's still a decent platform, and may prove to be a good one for first time bloggers.

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