Get DVD's cheaply in India with Big Flicks

Until now , If we have to see a latest movie , we either rent a DVD or buy one [if you can afford] . Normally it will cost 25 Rs/day to rent a DVD . If you are a movie buff , you need to spend 750 Rs/month to see a movie a day . What if someone gives you unlimited number of DVD's to watch for just 250 Rs a month ?

I know you will be excited to know about this thing . Reliance as a part of its retailing plans has entered this field also . It opened Big Flick stores in selected cities of India . You can visit their website on BigFlicks.com .

Rental For Indians :
BigFlicks offers you movies Online and Offline . For offline users , All they need to do is pay 250 Rs either through their credit card or cash and get their address and other details registered on BigFlick's website . Now just order the movie you want either by queuing on internet or call the store to deliver it to your home . Not even that they deliver the DVD at your doorsteps , they even collect it right from your home .All you need to do is subscribe and then just sit and watch .I subscribed to it and they are delivering me 2 DVD's per day . Note that you can have only one DVD with you at a time . Call the store , tell what you want , they will collect the older one and will deliver you the new one . What are you waiting for dude ? Just subscribe yourself and enjoy watching unlimited number of movies .This rental Service is exclusively for Indian's .The range includes English , Hindi and regional movies .

For users across the world :
They are providing you the facility for downloading movies which will sound a bit costly as you can find many free sites and links to download movies from net .Still for your info , they are providing each video download in the price range of US $2.99 to US $9.99.Movies are normally of the size of 1.5 GB.They even provide you with a Download manager to download movies . For more details , Check this page .

One of my friends at Idlebrain.com has compared three such type of services. Have a look at it .



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