Windows drives not opening ? getting Open with Dialogue when you click on drives ?

Some people might be facing this issue that " Whenever they try to open their windows drive , A open With Dialogue opens instead of the contents of the drive ". They have to select Internet Explorer from Open With dialog to open the drives. What's the solution to this problem ?

The solution is simple . Just create a blank autorun.inf file in the drive with whom you are facing the problem . That's it and you can open all your drives with just a double click.

How to make this blank autorun.inf file ?

open the notepad by typing notepad in Start --> Run and Save As “autorun.inf”.

Other Solutions from Technova :

You can remove the autorun.inf by using the following commands in Command promt window .. Assuming you want to delete it in D drive

D:\>attrib -S -H -R D:\autorun.inf
D:\>del /F D:\autorun.inf.


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