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Rewarding my most loyal readers

I had been noticing some most loyal readers of mine these days who has been giving immense support to Five point someone.So I'm rewarding them with links.Ill be rewarding my top 10 loyal blog readers every week and every month from now by giving links to their great posts.Till date my loyal readers are :
These people are listed based on the number of their visits on mybloglog stats and comments posted.So stay with us and be a part of my link love.


Recover your data even when your system is not bootable

Nothing is forever.Your data is not a exception.Where ever you store it ,something unusual might happen and result in loss of data.Sometimes you might had deleted your files with out sending to recycle bin using [Shift+delete] , or your hard disk has developed some bad sector or some malicious program or virus might had creeped into your pc resulting is loss of important data.In such cases How will you recover your data ???

Active File recovery has got a data recovery software for you, which has the ability to effectively recover data as a result of having been accidentally deleted, formatted or otherwise lost.They claim that it is the only way to recover your data even if your system is not bootable.

How is it possible ??

They take advantage of the fact that the actions performed when emptying the Windows Recycle Bin are reversible. When a file is deleted, the operating system only changes the attribute of the space used by the file from an "occupied" status to an "available" status. The file’s information is hidden until it can be unlocked by a recovery utility. It is a good idea to avoid writing files to the affected drive partition to steer clear of writing over data that you wish to recover.

Active file recovery software is available in five different versions

Active@ File Recovery Demo Version : The Demo version is fully functional but limited only to recovering deleted files up to 64 KB.
Active@ File Recovery Standard :Get accidentally deleted files back. Data recovery software for all Windows file systems.
Active@ File Recovery Professional : A package that contains Active File Recovery and Active@ Partition Recovery, the utility to recover deleted files or damaged partitions.
Active@ File Recovery Enterprise : Installation package contains Active@ File Recovery, Active@ Partition Recovery, as well as a downloadable Bootable Windows ISO Image that you can burn to CD-ROM.
Active@ File Recovery Internet Service : Active@ File Recovery Internet Service gives you the ability to recover lost or deleted files on any Windows PC connected to the Internet.

Note : These softwares are not free and you need to order these.

So recover deleted files even when your hard disk crashes now with Active file recovery software.You can try demo version also.


What's the selection criteria of IT companies ??

Frankly nothing.They don't need anything.There is n't some particular criteria for these people to select the trainees.They can take anyone.Neither your educational excellence matters nor your intelligence.All you need is a degree with 60% and you can easily get a job in a MNC.

I saw hundreds of people getting placed in front of me without knowing anything about a computer in IT companies.Technical interviews are just crap.All they ask is your hobbies in a tech interview.A HR interview is nothing but just some questions about you and your family.If you are able to speak English all the way,you will clear these interviews without big effort.Very few people will be there who are really asked the stuff which is really meant to be asked.

The most comical thing I find about these people is that the one who presents the powerpoint presentation can't even speak English properly.It's just that your college management should satisfy the HR with suitable perks to them and a big number of students will be in.Clearing the first round of interview i.e written test is just a game of luck.I don't think they check those papers.I personally tested this thing.One time a group of 6 of my friends submitted the same answers by cooperating with each other.2 guys only solved the questions in them and the rest just copied their answers.To my surprise those 2 guys names didn't feature in the selected guys and the ones who copied the same answers were in.Since there is nothing technical asked in tech interviews , Interviews are nothing but the interviewers wish who will select you if his mood is great by asking you some questions like about yourself , hobbies to test your English knowledge.

Recently , HR of these companies are taking money for back door entries.One of my friend has even entered in a Hyderabad based software giant by paying 1.5 lakhs.This year lot of entries had been done this way in that company.The college in which my friend is studying has placed 44 students inside this company by just making the students pay 1.5 lakh each.By the way people are saying these companies are recruiting people in each way possible because they have that much great number of projects.But what about the quality of work these companies are going to present to their clients with this kind of workforce ???.At onetime getting a job in a software company is a mix of hard work and dedication for people,Now its just a game of luck and nothing else.If you have luck on the day , you will be in.

So next time you want a software job , you don't need to go through your concepts and all.Just relax and go.If it's your day , you will be in.


How to carry a computer in a train ??

Im back home after a long journey again.As my engineering is completed , I had to vacate my hostel.Vacating the hostel is not a problem , but carrying the computer in journey is a nightmare.I can't dare to send it in parcel van as they throw the things like some ball in parcel vans.I went to station a day earlier and found out the details.They told me to come 2 hrs earlier to the station to pay for the luggage.My train is scheduled to depart at around 3 PM and I left to station from college at around 11:30.After getting down from cab, I hired a porter and then took the luggage to the parcel office in platform 12.One can find commision agents there.My luggage actually counted to 90kgs.They asked me 100 rs and told the officer that its just 70 kgs and made him write a slip.Then they took me to the booking counter where the bill will be made.The person who came with me asked for 50 rs more as his commision which I rejected.He brought his group members for 50 rs.I told them that Ill complain to the manager if they keep on irritating me.Someone of them understood the situation and asked others to leave.After some hectic platform changing , I got into train which came almost 1 and half hour late [Typical hindustani train ].

The train is headed to kerala and Tamil naidu.So its full of tamilians and keralites.Now setting up computer in berths is a whole big problem.They dont understand my problem , nor I understand their language.They didnt allow me to put my monitor in between the berths as it will reduce their legroom.I requested for a long time and finally they agreed on a condition that they will dine on my monitor.I hate them doing that but I had to agree.To gain something , we need to loose some.Things were fine till evening.Suddenly one of the tamil woman started sitting on ma monitor.I asked her to get up as its fragile.She said no I wont.She even started saying that it wont break easily.The bad hing is she didnt understand what is monitor ?? All the rest 5 stupid passengers got into a quarrel with me that I should remove my monitor from there or else the woman will sit on it [ All are from her place ] .We quarelled for sometime until one BSF jawan from adjacent berth who claimed himself to be a literate told them in tamil that Its like a TV and they should not sit on it.He told the woman to get up and she did.Looks like some regional feelings do creeped inside her after that guy told her.

The next day they messed up the whole place while doing the dine and even spilled some sambar on my monitor.Actually I was furious about it.But to keep the monitor there,I was just smiling all the time like some diplomat.The worst thing is they dried the kids underwear on my monitor.I objected this time and they said we are just drying on the carton not on the monitor inside it.They again started asking why I have problem with everything.I had to tell them all the provisions of Indian railways about luggage after this and finally I complained to TT who told them that I have everything and they can't deny me from keeping my luggage there.But it was too late and I was seriously screwed up by then.I got down from the train at around 12 in the midnight hours of the next day.

The worst thing is all this costed me more than 1000 rs apart from ticket.

Backhome the Harddisk has crashed and I have to buy it and also I need to get a new connection.So Im blogging from elsewhere.So guys have patience and be with us.