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TATA finally take over Corus

After Indian borne industrialist MITTAL sparks in the steel world,its turn of one more Indian industrialist to get into top 5 of the steel industry
Indian steel giant,the TATA's has finally pipped Brazil's CSN to acquire Anglo-Dutch steelmaker Corus Group Plc at slightly more than $11 billion.CSN came out with a bid of 603 pence but TATA's came out with a bod of 608 pence.CSN officials confirmed pulling out of the race to acquire Europe's second-largest steel firm after a final offer of 603 pence a share. Tata Steel raised its final offer to 608 pence a share by the time the auction entered the concluding ninth round from 500 pence a share at the start of the auction.

Tata Steel's winning bid of $11.3 billion puts Corus Group's enterprise value, which includes debt, at more than $13 billion.

The takeover marks the largest acquisition by an Indian company and would propel the combined entity led by Tata Steel to the fifth rank in steel output in the world.

The nine-round auction called by the UK Takeover Panel began at 2200 hrs Indian time (1630 hrs GMT) on Tuesday.

Tata Steel had initially bid $9.2 billion (4.6 billion pounds) against CSN's higher $9.6 billion (4.9 billion pounds) last month, prompting the UK Takeover Panel to intervene and pick the winner through open bidding.

Under the auction norms, each suitor was required to raise bids by a minimum of five pence per share.

With this win, Tata Steel has now entered the big league of the global steel industry. Tata-Corus would have a combined production of more than 23 million tonnes.

Currently, Arcelor-Mittal is the world's largest company in this space, followed by Japan's Nippon Steel and South Korea's Posco.

The Corus acquisition would also help Tata Steel to be a 40 million tonne per year entity by 2012.

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Microsoft debuts vista in the market

Before im going to tell you about vista lemme come up with some facts on Microsoft windows
-> 95% of world computer users run some sort of windows operating system

->In 2007,75% of the new computers will be loaded with vista
->Windows vista is available in 18 different languages and eventually in 100 languages .
Microsoft finally releases windows vista at retailers in 70 countries,delivering a new computer operating system that aim to better aim the explosion of the digital media and protect users from the dangers of the internet
. Hours before the software went on sale in New York,dancers clad in Microsoft colors dangled from ropes and unfurled flags to form the red,green,blue and yellow windows logo.Vista is launched in almost 70 countries along with new versions of Microsoft exchange email software and the flagship of office business suite which includes word,excel and powerpoint.people lined up in BIC departmental store in Tokyo to become the first customer of windows vista.consumers will need to upgrade their PC's to 1 GB RAM to run this high end user targeted operating system.The good word for Indian s is that Microsoft Hyderabad office has 40 patents under it in the latest OS.
Prices and Options :
*The genuine windows vista loaded PC's in india will retail at a starting price of rs 22,000 while Microsoft 2007 Office consumer edition starts at 6,000 **The foru editions are windows Vista Ultimate,vista home premium,vista home basic,vista starter.Office 2007 is available in to editions of office home & student 2007 and office basic 2007


File hosting service - good or bad???

More than half of the forums in the world are run with the help of users uploading their files on the File hosting services. Most of these file hosting services don't even need registration.They provide the service free of cost.Most of them limit the size to 100 mb.A mail service restricts the user to just 10mb and you need to be a part of some mail network to receive the file.But most of the file hosting services does not need any registration on both sides.You can either send the link of the file to your friends or invite them through mail.File hosting services either restrict the file size to 100mb or restrict the number of streams to download or removing the support for Download manager,thus forcing you to register for their pro version or doing something that can increase their revenue.
Consider it supports download manager ,gives you enough space but bad thing is whenever a user tries to download some file ,it will how you that slots of your country are filled.If you want to download you should download the mega upload toolbar.In the same way rapidshare used to restrict resuming of download and compatibility with down.But there is some good news for rapidshare users in India as per digital Inspiration since rapidshare now has its own server in India [].I think that other file hosting services also should follow in the steps of rapidshare.

advantages of File hosting service :-
Free online storage of your files-can be used as online backup
Can share large files with other users in forums
No registration required for the novice users [ but files uploaded should be checked before they are displayed in public]

Disadvantages :-
Irritating restrictions on users forcing them to do things that generate revenue for the website
Increasing the piracy rate [ movies and softwares uploaded and shared without copyright]
Anonymity of users increases the illegal use of file hosting service
e.g. recent outrage of Gandhi on youtube
Note : video hosting services can also be considered as file hosting service since most of them are having same feautures as filehosting one's do.
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Placement week in JIIT,Noida for 2008 batch

Placement season for the 2008 batch of JIIT,Noida has started.The companies going to come this week are Infosys on 30/31 jan,wipro on 31 jan,Tech Mahindra on 5th and 6th and torry Harris.Following is the mail from TPO of JIIT,Noida

Confirmation of companies for selection of students 2008 Batch at JIIT

1. Infosys- 30/31 Jan , Eligibiliy 65% throughout . Exemption
of 5% to UP and Bihar Board in 10/12th may be given. We r trying
to get 5% exemption for all at least in one one of the two exams 10th
or 12th.
However CGPA 5.8 is a must like last year. Wait till Moday 22 for 5%

2. Wipro PPT at 1800h on 31 Jan followed by written tests/interviews
on 01 Feb.
criteria 60% throuhout and no back logs. All streams eligible. A golden
chance for all
incl BI/BT/Chem/Civil engrs.

3. Torry Harris on 2/3 Feb --- CGPA of 6.3 and above only. Marks of
10/12th are
not being considered as of now. CS/IT/ECE/MCA and may be MTECHs.

3. Tech Mahindra likely on 5/6 Feb .Criteria not recd

*** Only WIPRO has been assigned dream status in the first round of

#### No limit on numbers by these cos. JUST QUALIFY.

Also check out placement scenario in JIIT,noida
Jaypee Institute Of Information Technology


Video Game Addiction

Smoking,drinking,doping are still now the various addictions that has been affecting the today's youth.Now a new addiction has came and it does not constrain itself just to youth.Age doesn't matter for this.But it is highly seen kid's and teens.Yes,I m talking about video game addiction-the latest most passionate habbit of the today's generation.
This game addiction is not restricted to any level.The various games can be played either on Xbox or playstation or on computer.Kids mostly get addicted to xbox and PS2 games while teens prefer multiplayer computer gaming.The bad thing with the kids is they think that the whole world lies inside the game.The present day game graphics has gone to such a bad extent that everything appears to be happening with you in the game.Lack of proper parental care causes this addiction in the kids.Kids in my thinking shouldn't be exposed to video gaming as it manipulates the way they think about the world.Kids should be encouraged for outdoor gaming till their teenage.Once they get exposed to real world,they are less chances of getting addicted;Most of times kids get addicted as they don't find other interesting things to do.Parents should keep a watch on their kid and should always keep him busy with interesting things.
For the teens ,the main reason is boredom and passion of the theme of the game like first player shooting,racing....Most popular addiction games in the youth are
Counterstrike [cs/cz/source]
Age of Empires
World of Warcraft
NFS Most wanted
These are the most common multiplayer games seen on the Networks.Most of times people start playing the game because of the enthusiasm that is generated in them by their friends discussing about the game.The worst thing with the multi player gaming is people feel them like real battlefields for them.They discuss strategies,they fight against each other after game also sattiring each other.Many people turn a lot aggressive in the game thus by loosing the control on them.Even gamers are recognized by their game names.Some junior in my college still dont know my name but know my game name
Primary reasons :
passion on the theme
getting more involved with the game-connecting it to real life
Enthusiasm created by friends chat about game
Latest gadgets of the game
lack of parental care [for kids only]
How to get rid of this :
No shortcuts.Start reducing your gaming time day by day.Allot that time to some other thing that you find interesting to do.This will take little bit of time.When you have reduced it considerably,Get out of the place for sometime and go for some tour or stop passing time with your PC.Hardly in one month you will be out of this addiction.Once you loose addiction you will never get back to this.I bet you.
I was once a bad game addict,But some factor changed my thinking course,I followed the above and Im out of it now

Remember : Nothing controls you except yourself

Also check out college drinks
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How to Hide Blogger Navbar in New Blogger Beta

If you have shifted your blog from old blogger to the new blogger beta, you may have noticed that the previous CSS hack to remove the Nav bar will no longer be effective. That's because Google now uses different CSS tags to display the blogger bar. [#navbar-iframe instead of #b-navbar]

Fortunately, hiding the blogger navbar from new blogger is also simple. Just paste the below code anywhere in your Blogger template [enclosed by tags] and the blogger banner will be gone forever.
       #navbar-iframe {
For Classic beta template users in new Blogger beta, search and replace #b-navbar with #navbar-iframe to get rid of the blogger navbar.

Subscribe here to get more blogging tips and tricks or Get blogging tips and tricks via email .

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Adsense income

Hey guys five point someone completes 2000 page impressions and gets a nice income of 64$ in 2 is a screen shot of my report......27 jan is the day of highest income with 6.25$


Placement Scenario in JIIT.Noida

For the current batch 2003-07, 446 offers had been made so far for a eligible student strength of 466 [46 in eligible of 512].It takes the placement percentage to almost 96%.100% placements will be achieved for the current batch as there are still 4 months left for the academic year to complete.Highest package for the year stands at 4.8 by Connexant technologies followed by Torry Harris with 3.0.Average salary is 2.6.Infosys stands out to be the major recruiter of the year taking 154 students,followed by satyam taking 70,HCL,Accenture almost 65 ,TCS, caritor taking 40 approx......List of the companies that are in JIIT,noida for the previous two placement years are.
Mind Infosys
Agilent Tech
HCL Comnet
Mind Tree
Apothecaries Ltd
HCL life sciences
NIIT Technologies
Artech Infosystem
Grape City
Biofer Remedies
Panacea Biotech
Sanofi Aventis
JIIT University (Research scholar in Canada)
Keane India
Smart Analyst
eValue serve
L & T Infotech
EZ Bioxcel
First Rain
Torry Harris
Evalue serve
Nature Soft
Tech Mahindra

Apart from these there are biotechnology related companies also come whose names I don't remember.

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Jaypee Institute of Information Technology , JIIT

Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JIIT) ,Noida

Motto Education. Enlightenment. Empowerment.
Established 2001
Type Deemed University
Location NOIDA, UP,India

Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JIIT) located in NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh, India is a Deemed University offering programs in technical education at Under-graduate and Graduate level. Jaiprakash Sewa Sansthan (JSS), a not-for-profit division of the Jaypee Group runs the University
and various other educational institutions in the country.

Location and Infrastructure

JIIT is situated adjacent to the Electronic City at NOIDA and is at a distance of 3 km from the New Delhi – UP border. The state-of-the-art campus was built at a total project cost of Rs 7500 lakhs (Rs 750,000,000), with a total built up area of over 650,000 sq. ft (60,000 m²) comprising of buildings with internet connectivity (air conditioned Academic Block, and environmentally conditioned Faculty Residences, Student Hostels and Annapoorna (the college mess)), well-equipped modern laboratories as well as the library (Learning Resource Centre-LRC). Learning Resource Center is the backbone of ac
ademic activities of the Institute. LRC houses a collection of around 22000 volumes of books. LRC holds 22 journals, 16 news dailies, 20 magazines and 300 CD-ROMs.The library is linked with DELNET (Developing Library Network), the users of LRC enjoy the access of reading materials through this network also. The library subscribes to journals of national and international repute. LRC users can access online journals of IEEE, ACM and Springer through the consortium, INDLST (Indian National Digital Library in Science and Technology). The library is fully classified and cataloged and users can search for information at their own. The institute uses a Library management software, Alice for Windows . LRC users know the availability status of the books and other materials through the software OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue).

Photocopying, CD/DVD writing facilities are also available within the library for user convenience. The library has a spacious reading room area, a comfortable sitting arrangement in reading room encourages the readers to spend more time in the library. The campus presently has the separate hostel facilities for boys and girls. There are 3 hostels for boys and 1 hostel for girls. The administration of hostel is administered by a faculty member for boys hostel and girls hostel respectively as the Hostel Wardens. The overall charge of student's discipline and hostel administration vests in the Chief Warden. All the hostel rooms are provided with LAN connectivity with 24 hours internet through the main server of the academic block. reading rooms and additional sports facilities like table tennis rooms, chess and carrom rooms. The hostel is also connected with outdoor sports centers for lawn tennis, basketball, volleyball and badminton. The hostels are equipped with generators in order to provide 24 hour's electricity supply, water heaters, water freezer etc. The Campus has been networked for total connectivity. Its server room has Nine servers Compaq Alpha ES450,Compaq Proliant dual XEON Processors Servers ML370 and Compaq Proliant single Pentium Server ML330,ML350. Switching has been implemented through the latest layer 2/3 CISCO switches and Cisco 2620 Series Router. It has four Computer Laboratories with about 450 nodes operating on UNIX/Windows 2000 Professional/Linux/Windows XP. All the 4 computer labs are equipped with latest technology hardware and software. Other labs are Biotechnology Lab (9000 sq mt), Analog & Digital Communication Lab , Instrumentation Lab, Machine Lab, Control systems lab, Electronic Design lab (uses MATLAB and VHDL), Microprocessor Lab (equipped with Intel 8085,8086 and 8051 kits helps the students to develop the necessary confidence in Assembly Language programming ) and a well equipped physics lab. The M.Tech labs are equipped with state of the art facilities like LAN Trainer, CDMA Trainer, Antenna Trainer, Mobile Communication Trainer etc.

The university provides a pleasant and intellectually stimulating ambience for students in an eco-friendly environment. M/S Arcop Associates Pvt. Ltd., an eminent Canada-based architect firm, has done the architectural design of the campus with the construction being undertaken by the Jaypee Group itself.
JIIT currently offers B.Tech Degree in 4 branches:

* Electronics and Communication Engineering
* Computer Science & Engineering
* Information Technology
* Biotechnology

The syllabus is continuously updated as the need of the outside market changes. Continuous feedback from the companies also adds to the updating process. The institute has an excellent placement record. Every year many companies come to JIIT to appoint the students. This Year almost 95% of the passing out students have been placed in companies by campus recruitment.

I'll give you the detailed scenario of placements of the 2006 batch and 2007 batch in the next post.

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Thieves - They are smarter

Gone are those days when a thief comes to your house with a rope on his shoulders in the mid night hours,climbing through the drain pipe and then breaking up your locker to get the money.Welcome to new generation thieves....
These thieves are not like the old ones who use to commit thefts as part of the family profession.Stealing is no more a profession of unemployed,illiterate and the poor.New generation thieves may be rich,well educated and holding high dignitary positions.These thieves are extra smart.They have bigger network than the police do.They maintain high cooperation and close monitoring of each and every person in the network.The best thing is they have enough resources.
The special reason why the younger generation want to become a thief is showcasing to everyone that they are the smartest and the best.they use highly technical things to commit crimes.They pose a challenge to everyone.Its impossible to identify a thief.He will be just normal with the rest of society.
Type of crimes they commit will range from robbing the banks,hacking the ATM networks,stealing the most precious things.They don't go for small and silly mistakes.They have everything planned.Some mischievous thieves might even pose for the public by making some great escape plan.Still now the type of thefts we are seeing in the movies are going to become a reality in the near future.So police and people are you ready for it???
Old thieves :
Reason :- family profession,Poverty, and unemployment
who commit : mostly illiterate
What they steal : Anything like pickpocketing to bank robbery
Methods they use : purely traditional [ using chloroform,breaking up in mid night hours]
Faults : Most of time gets caught because of leaving the sufficient clue for police

New generation thieves
Reason :- To prove they are smart..aaaha smarter...smartest and the best
who commit :- Highly qualified professionals,educated people,Very intelligent kids,High dignitaries...
what they steal ;- Anything which is worthy than the worthiest.Hacking networks,robbing banks in cinematic fashion [ you wont have a single sign tha something is getting planned infront of your eyes],museum things
Methods they use : Highly technical [ using robots,jamming networks,destroying logs.........],Disguising as someone else
Faults :- hardly they leave any..If at all all they leave any it wont be sufficient to catch...Everything is planned

SO people get ready to watch the new generation thieves [:P]
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Youth lacking this

Today,s youth -They are crazy,They are ,They are brave,They love enjoying the life.Simply they are fully loaded.But there is something which these people lacks [especially in the metro's] and that is the most vital thing needed for a human life.Its common sense.In this article ill quote you some examples to show how much extreme is this new disease in the youth!!!!!!!!
I study in NCR region and i know many students from around the country.Some days back i was going in a auto with some students of a engineering institute which is just beside my university.They are discussing this way.
One student asks "Dude,can we install two OS in a single PC"
The other replies "why not,I have two OS in ma pc.One is Windows XP professional and other is Ms Office"
Then the first one asks this Microsoft seems to be the king man
The other replies "not only MS,there is one more company google.Im trying for its OS but cant get it.Saala mil hi nahi raha hai."
The horrible thing is these guys hold 70% in engineering and are slected for a software company.I pity that company.

Most of the times these guys don't know whats around them.Some guy asks me some place which is just in the street next to mine.They don't know how to deal with different kinds of people..They don,t know where to spend and where not to spend the money.Most of them are like "frogs in the well".They just know spending the bucks given by their parents in the cafeteria or going to mall or going to party or in some designer closett.They dont know other places where you can get optimistic prices of things.They dont know what world will be like when they get out of their parents hands.They don't know whats real life.And some students study like hell with out having general knowledge.I dont know what fun they feel in their life all the day seeing book.This youth doesnt know how to speak with different types of people[autowala,rickshaw wala and paraathewala....].Some behave like real stupid kids asking very simple questions in the lectures.The most comical thing is that these guys with out brains look to most of the the gals as the most smart guys.[:)].
But the guys who use common sense properly are really going to have great time because they know how to use this world.They know how to enjoy each part of the life properly.Guys who come from rural and small towns are having nice sense of humor than metro guys.Because they are grown up in a environment where they see and deal with different kinds of people.They are exceptionally brighter in not getting deceived by others like metro people.


Social animals

From demands of the masses,Im elaborating to you who are called the high society kids and why they are called social animals???Luck and chromosomes play a major role in who gets cast with the golden spoon,but being a socialite is far above that..what it means is the way of your life.You need to do somethings to be a socialite
You need to have a boldfaced name
A person who looks graceable in page3
And finally you should be primping,pampering and partying all the time.
A socialite hangs only with other socialites.The reason is a socialite can grow socially under other socialite.The common thing in socialites is they would never do any work.
Tips for beginners :
Live on top of food chain
should be hot,urbane,anglicized and preferably moneyed
love the shutterbugs,air kisses and even touching you freely

But don't take these people as b grade kids.They are no more less than celebrities except some lack of utilitarian skills.

Advantages :
Never wait in queue
Always will have a table full of drinks like Grey goose..
Rubbing shoulders with celebs
being on family and friends lisr for discounts and sales at boutiques
invitations to the most glamorous sairess
have the hottest arm candy
on the page3 all the time
Invitations to 5 star hotels

Most known socialites are magazine editors[unlimited acess to designer closets],actress,host,model,publicist

Suggestions :
A normal person feels u people never think of your own family making your kids get ruined like you in the early stages of their life due to lack of parental care.Its not bad to have a great social life,But maintain everything with in the limits,so that no one have damage either you or your family
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Nominations for Oscar 2007

The nominations for the 79th Annual Academy Awards have been announced. Take a look at the main categories:

Best Motion Picture

Little Miss Sunshine
The Departed
Letters from Iwo Jima
The Queen

Best Director - Motion Picture

Martin Scorsese – The Departed
Clint Eastwood – Letters From Iwo Jima
Stephen Frears – The Queen
Alejandro Iñárritu – Babel
Paul Greengrass - United 93
Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture

Judi Dench – Notes On A Scandal
Helen Mirren – The Queen
Kate Winslet – Little Children
Meryl Streep – The Devil Wears Prada
Penelope Cruz - Volver
Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture

Leonardo DiCaprio – Blood Diamond
Peter O'Toole – Venus
Forest Whitaker – The Last King Of Scotland
Will Smith – The Pursuit Of Happyness
Ryan Gosling - Half Nelson
Best Performance by an Actress In A Supporting Role

Adriana Barraza – Babel
Cate Blanchett – Notes On A Scandal
Abigail Breslin - Little Miss Sunshine
Jennifer Hudson – Dreamgirls
Rinko Kikuchi – Babel

Best Performance by an Actor In A Supporting Role

Alan Arkin - Little Miss Sunshine
Jackie Earle Haley - Little Children
Djimon Hounsou - Blood Diamond
Eddie Murohy - Dreamgirls
Mark Wahlberg - The Departed

Best Foreign Language Film

Water (Canada)
Days of Glory (Algeria)
After The Wedding (Denmark)
The Lives of Others (Germany)
Pan's Labyrinth (Mexico)
Best Animated Feature Film Of The Year

Happy Feet
Monster House
Achievement In Art Direction

The Good Shepherd
Pan's Labyrinth
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
The Prestige
Achievement In Cinematography

The Black Dahlia
Children Of Men
The Illusionist
Pan's Labyrinth
The Prestige
Achievement In Costume Design

Curse Of The Golden Flower
The Devil Wears Prada
Marie Antoinette
The Queen
Best Documentary Feature

Deliver Us From Evil
An Inconvenient Truth
Iraq In Fragments
Jesus Camp
My Country, My Country
Best Documentary Short Subject

The Blood Of Yingzhou District
Recycled Life
Rehearsing A Dream
Two Hands
Achievement In Film Editing

Blood Diamond
Children Of Men
The Departed
United 93
Achievement In Makeup

Pan's Labyrinth
Achievement In Music Written For Motion Pictures (Original Score)

The Good German
Notes On A Scandal
Pan's Labyrinth
The Queen
Achievement In Music Written For Motion Pictures (Original Song)

An Inconvenient Truth
Best Animated Short Film

The Danish Poet
The Little Matchgirl
No Time For Nuts
Best Live Action Short Film

Binta And The Great Idea (Binta Y La Gran Idea)
Eramos Pocos (One Too Many)
Helmer & Son
The Saviour
West Bank Story
Achievement In Sound Editing

Blood Diamond
Flags Of Our Fathers
Letters From Iwo Jima
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Achievement In Sound Mixing

Blood Diamond
Flags Of Our Fathers
Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Achievement In Visual Effects

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Superman Returns
Adapted Screenplay

Borat Cultural Learnings Of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation Of Kazakhstan
Children Of Men
The Departed
Little Children
Notes On a Scandal
Original Screenplay

Letters From Iwo Jima
Little Miss Sunshine
Pan's Labyrinth
The Queen
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American's spend more time infornt of computer than wives

An overwhelming 65 per cent of Americans spend more time with a computer than with their spouse, according to a new public survey released on Tuesday.

Conducted by the research firm Kelton Research, the 'Cyber Stress' study confirmed consumers' growing relationship with technology in their everyday lives, with 8 out of 10 Americans (84 per cent) saying they were more dependent on their home computer now than they were just three years ago.

The survey also revealed that the average consumer has experienced computer troubles eight times over the last three years, with the average American wasting 12 hours per month due to problems with their home computer. In addition, 52 per cent of Americans describe their most recent experience with a computer problem as one of anger, sadness or alienation.

Considering the large role computers play in people's lives today, experts said that computer problems can sometimes cause significant emotional distress, similar to what happens when a problem occurs between spouses.

"As computers become increasingly pervasive in our lives, our relationships with them can begin to seem almost as important as a relationship with a significant other. When problems occur with the computer, it often leaves people feeling frustrated or helpless," Dr Robi Ludwig, renowned psychotherapist, said.

"Like any relationship, the test comes not when things are going well but when times are tough. And unfortunately in the case of their computers, things are not going so well for Americans," said the survey commissioned by, a leading provider of software and services that automate the resolution of technology problems.

courtesy : rediff

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Is 0.99 =1????

What would you say if I said that 0.999… (Also written 0.\bar{9}or0.\dot{9}) is equal to one? NO! Obviously… since we think that let there be any number of 9’s after the decimal, its still infinitesimally smaller than 1. That’s what I thought out loud when I first saw this article. But the weird thing is that there exists not one but numerous proofs of varying difficulties proving the above fact that indeed they are equal if we take into account Real Number System i.e., the normal numbers we use for the mathematically challenged.

Proof by Fractions:
Algebraic Proof:

The proof which is so obvious is based on a few basic assumptions of Real Numbers but they are assumptions anyways. Any one of those assumptions have to be undermined to make this equality void.

For A more lucid account see Wikipedia’s Featured Article on 0.999…

Wass up iphone???

The iPhone is a combination camera phone, PDA, multimedia player, and wireless communication device announced by Apple CEO Steve Jobs during his keynote address at the Macworld Conference & Expo on 9 January 2007.[1][2] The iPhone will support push e-mail, mobile telephone, text messaging, web browsing and other wireless information services. Apple has indicated that OS X will run on the iPhone, but has not clearly revealed the distinction between Mac OS X, the OS running on Macs, and OS X on the iPhone.

For Complete Information on iPhone Specifications and Technical Details Follow this: iPhone

The Issue:

Infogear originally filed for the U.S. trademark “I Phone” on September 3, 1993, and later applied for “iPhone” on 20 March 1996. Both trademarks have been registered in the United States since 1999. Cisco Systems obtained the iPhone trademarks after its acquisition of Infogear in 2000. The term has been used on the (Infogear) iPhone since 1997 and (Linksys) iPhone was launched in 2006. Cisco’s trademarks cover “communications terminals comprising computer hardware and software providing integrated telephone, data communications and personal computer functions” (1993 filing) and “computer hardware and software for providing integrated telephone communication with computerized global information networks” (1996 filing).

Cisco representatives stated on 9 January 2007, that their company and Apple had been in negotiations regarding the trademark and expected to reach an agreement about the name shortly, according to documents received by Apple’s lawyers the night before the Macworld keynote event. Cisco has since announced they are suing Apple over the infringement of the trademark iPhone, seeking an injunction in federal court to prohibit Apple from using the name.

A separate U.S. trademark application for “iPhone” was filed on 26 September 2006, by a heretofore unknown entity named Ocean Telecom Services LLC, covering “handheld and mobile devices”. The application claims a priority date of 27 March 2006 based on a trademark filing in Trinidad and Tobago, serial number 37060. Apple had previously filed under its own name for the “iPhone” trademark in Australia, claiming the same priority date and using the same Trinidad and Tobago application, indicating that, in all likelihood, Ocean Telecom is a front company for Apple.

Apple has made filings in various countries outside the U.S., including Australia, where a separate iPhone trademark was filed in 2002 and registered in 2005. It is presently unclear whether Cisco owns any rights to “iPhone” elsewhere.

According to the WHOIS database, Apple owns the generally non-profit organizations domain name (domain created 1999-12-06), Cisco owns the network-oriented domain name (domain created 1998-01-28), and the Internet Phone Company LLC based in Santa Rosa, California owns the commercial domain name (domain created 1995-08-24). Internet Phone Company LLC is not a subsidary of Apple or Cisco. The site was hit with a surge of traffic following the Jobs keynote and was temporarily taken down.

The use of the name iphone in secondary TLD is unclear. It was reported that, as early as November 2006, that in some countries the relevant domain names are owned by individuals, including, for example, and
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Hillary clinton - It's not a cake for you in '08 race

compared with the rest of the democrats who are going to compete for the presidential ship of U.S.A IN 2008,Senator Hillary Clinton is the most battle tested,has the biggest fund raising network and can walk into the job with a unique set of skills and experiences gained from the eight years in the white house as the first lady.
Yet none of these guarantees that she will beat her opponents.or manage and master the issues that have long vexed her,like Iraq war and universal health insurance.Even she herself told her nearby that she is more worried about winning the democratic nomination than winning the general elections against a republican.with this presidential campaign starting far earlier than any other in history,Clinton,senator barrack obama of Illinois and their5 democratic reivals find themselves facing 400 more days before the nomination is sealed up.Each of these days could bring a surprise or flub or controversy that might change their fortune.
The current battlefield is full of heavy hitters and Clinton is going to face formidable challenges.OBama is the strongest rival thus far in attracting crowds of screaming fans.John Edwards,the former senator from North Carolina,was the 2004 vice presidential nominee,and has staked out a clear anti-war position;and senators Joseph Biden jr and Christopher Dodd are seasoned lawmakers who lead powerful committees,giving them access to donors and th media spotlight
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Greg chapell slapped by a fan

India coach Greg Chappell was slapped by a cricket supporter, named Biranchi Maharana, at the Bhubaneswar airport on Monday.

The man who belongs to the Kalinga Sena, a local political outfit in Bhubaneswar, was unhappy with Chappell because of the non-inclusion of Orissa players in the Indian team.

The Orissa police has arrested the man.

These kinda incidents occur,if the team continues to perform badly having some recommendation players in them.If the politics still continues with the game,Today its the coach turn,tommorow may be your turn players and selectors.So play the game for the nation,not for your ads.

Real estate - the new gambling business

Real Estate- the new face of business,is turning to be the most profitable business of the present times.With the increasing amount of risk[rapid raise and fall of prices] in investing their money on other things like gold,stocks......people are turning to invest their money on land.As the population increases and the towns devolop into cities,these lands prices are going to touch a high.This is the strategy of the realtor's.But real estate business is not that much easy one to do.what are the risk's involved??
Always remember that if one person gains something in a business,someone else loses it.The same applies to real estate.If someone gains by selling the land at a higher price,the other might lose after the prices fall down.Lands also have a price level that reach saturation.Its the real estate brokers that create the price boom in a certain area to get their land's to be sold at higher prices.Real estate business most of times is done by mouth.Broker's try to bluff you saying the words like that this land has got bright future.What is meant to them is just the money they get in the transaction.Sometimes influential people proposes some future development in the area to push the land prices up.But the real fact will be that some of their relatives might have lands around there.Once the lands are sold out,the proposed development is never again talked of.And the one who buys the land when the prices are high is ditched.
Some problems the normal people have before and after buying the land are:-
Broker's can ditch you[might sell you a useless land]
The other person can sell you govt land or fake you
No guarantee of price increase
Forced acquisition of your land by others[major problem for normal people]

Precautions and suggestions:-

Buy a land from the people you know
Never let the whole thing in the hands of the broker or property dealer

know about a person who sell you the land before you buy[trusted sources]

Never buy a land when the prices are at a high
know about the land.
Dont invest on land if you want immediate profits

Enquire about the land in the government office whether its government land or not[sometimes corrupted officers allow the realtor's to sell such lands.Beware of them]
Keep checking your land now and then to avoid acquisitions by others
Invest on outskirts of city as areas inside will already be at saturated prices
Never pay the whole amount until the registration is over
construct something on the land as soon as buy to avoid forced acquisition.
If you want to do big business with real estate ,a bit of political support might be necessary

Investing in the land is not a bad thing.but be a bit attentive.else you might get loss


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How to get on with the exam stress

Today's students and their examinations - their relation is getting horrible with the increasing number of psychic problem's in the children.Some children going to the extreme limit of committing suicide.Whats wrong with them??ill throw some light.
Types of stress :-

pre examination stress [ tension of exam,competition......]
Post examination stress[results,people asking about the paper.....]
Factors resulting to these kind of stress :-

High expectations on the child [Every parents wants their child to top the class] Peer and parental pressure [comparing themselves with their friends and their friends talking about the paper after exams also - post examination stress]
A high need to be on the top to get a seat in some college
symptoms :-

getting exhausted while studying
Staying alone
Studying longtime without break
unhealthy life style
expressions of negligence
feeling of worthlessness
negative thinking
How to prevent this :-
Make a time table and try to follow it
take shot breaks in study
sleep well
talk to friends and family when you feel tired
when relaxing,never think of book

keep one thing in your mind that everyone will have the same feeling
have self confidence on you
Notes for the parents :-
Encourage and support your child.No one wants to fail in the exam.don't talk negatively about them.Dont force them just to study,It causes irritation in them on studies.Help them relax and let them be free.Once exam is over don't keep talking about how they did the exam again and again.This causes post examination stress.It will reach its peak by the time result is going to be out So parents direct the child towards good if he is inclining towards bad,But dont force them to be the best.Sucess will come to them at some part of life.