Video Game Addiction

Smoking,drinking,doping are still now the various addictions that has been affecting the today's youth.Now a new addiction has came and it does not constrain itself just to youth.Age doesn't matter for this.But it is highly seen kid's and teens.Yes,I m talking about video game addiction-the latest most passionate habbit of the today's generation.
This game addiction is not restricted to any level.The various games can be played either on Xbox or playstation or on computer.Kids mostly get addicted to xbox and PS2 games while teens prefer multiplayer computer gaming.The bad thing with the kids is they think that the whole world lies inside the game.The present day game graphics has gone to such a bad extent that everything appears to be happening with you in the game.Lack of proper parental care causes this addiction in the kids.Kids in my thinking shouldn't be exposed to video gaming as it manipulates the way they think about the world.Kids should be encouraged for outdoor gaming till their teenage.Once they get exposed to real world,they are less chances of getting addicted;Most of times kids get addicted as they don't find other interesting things to do.Parents should keep a watch on their kid and should always keep him busy with interesting things.
For the teens ,the main reason is boredom and passion of the theme of the game like first player shooting,racing....Most popular addiction games in the youth are
Counterstrike [cs/cz/source]
Age of Empires
World of Warcraft
NFS Most wanted
These are the most common multiplayer games seen on the Networks.Most of times people start playing the game because of the enthusiasm that is generated in them by their friends discussing about the game.The worst thing with the multi player gaming is people feel them like real battlefields for them.They discuss strategies,they fight against each other after game also sattiring each other.Many people turn a lot aggressive in the game thus by loosing the control on them.Even gamers are recognized by their game names.Some junior in my college still dont know my name but know my game name
Primary reasons :
passion on the theme
getting more involved with the game-connecting it to real life
Enthusiasm created by friends chat about game
Latest gadgets of the game
lack of parental care [for kids only]
How to get rid of this :
No shortcuts.Start reducing your gaming time day by day.Allot that time to some other thing that you find interesting to do.This will take little bit of time.When you have reduced it considerably,Get out of the place for sometime and go for some tour or stop passing time with your PC.Hardly in one month you will be out of this addiction.Once you loose addiction you will never get back to this.I bet you.
I was once a bad game addict,But some factor changed my thinking course,I followed the above and Im out of it now

Remember : Nothing controls you except yourself

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