Racist attack on shilpa shetty in Britain TV show

Indian Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty has been disgraced in a UK’s top reality show ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ which has a huge userbase of 4500 viewers.Let me throw some light on it

Shilpa shetty has been participating in the show along with other participants. When they were asked to describe her,one contestant repeatedly referring to Shetty as "the Indian" and refusing to pronounce her name; another alleged to have described her as a 'Paki'; a third describing her as a "dog"; a 'girl gang' of three poking fun at her accent and still others making derogatory comments about India's habitual ill-health just because Shetty presented a slightly underdone chicken curry to the inmates of the Big Brother house.

After these people started allegations on channel4 for telecasting this.But channel4 denies any such complaint and says that racial abusing won't be tolerated on the show from next time.Channel4 denies the allegations that racial abusing has been directed on the Indian actress.They also refused any such complaints on the racial abusing.They even said that shilpa herself don't complain about this thing.
Is complaints required on this kind of issue's by the participants when the issue has already become a international one???People has already started flooding complaints on this thing.
Channel 4 pledged to “take necessary steps” to avoid escalating the situation further, after it, along with media regulator Ofcom, received at least 21,000 complaints over the past 48 hours about alleged racism in the Celebrity Big Brother house.
The total number of complaints now stands at 16,400, making Shetty's ordeal the most complained-about television show in history. Angry members of the 1.3-million strong British Indian community told this paper they were mobilizing furiously to keep up the pressure on the authorities to take action over the indecent behavior towards Shetty just being a well educated,young,beautiful Indian

Some website has written that why people are making it such a big issue???I say action should be taken on these kind of people also.This in a international issue guy's and you say people making it big issue.But the channel4 must be given strict punishment,since they didnt even edit the show before broadcasting[ Live show's can be edited by broadcasting with a delay].Guys if you have any comments on this issue it's invited??/??


Its not an issue at all. Why you're saying that people saying this statement should be punished. Everything in this world is happening because of vested interests. No Indian should say about racial abuse. India is the only country in the world which use to abuse people in the name of religion, caste, money so on and so forth. Shilpa knew that she has to go under sledgings by fellow mates in the house. Its not a big deal at all. Why people are raising eyebrows for shilpa. If it happen to some unknown Indian like vijaya,sunitha, raman and rahim would this issue spread like this. Why you guys are trying to bullshit in the name of country spirit which has no meaning in this episode. This is nothing. Just see the guys who're working in Gulf and other areas. Everyday they've been harassed. What the hell you journalist are doing to those people. When an actress come across in a small time controversy why you're making it as a big deal.

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