Indian Army helped by science

Indian Army - one of the biggest of its kind in the world and which has the resources allocated more than any other segment in the budget,is finally turning on to science to train its soldiers.Till now the army has relied upon the rigorous physical training in the presence of strict trainers to keep the soldiers Fit.
But with the increase of the Army population,it's getting tougher for them to train them manually and a lot of resources are also required to do that.Thye came up with a Simulator Development Division [ like US army...], which is helping the soldiers to acquire sharp shooting skills, assisting them to learn driving heavy vehicles in difficult hilly terrains or maneuvering a tank through a swamp.There is a T-72 auto-loader and gunnery simulator that jawans learn to acquire, engage and hit a target in various situations and conditions.The benefit with the SDD is all the personnel are subjected to real battlefiled conditions without any damage to anyone.
May be technology might help the army train their soldiers,But real life practical things are always practical like getting a cargo lorry out of the ditch,making some tank come out of mud..........
SO there is a great need to combine the G"old" [good old] style of work with the latest technology to take the army to a newer heights.


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