Go go Go

NOTE:- Nothing is biased here guys.See this review then..I didnt post it bcoz movie has already turned old.But writing it on your request now

rating : - 2.1

Movie Summary :-
Mahesh is good with his performance and humorous dialects as usual but a confused director turned this movie into a haywire for viewers.......confused.......whats goin in movie.....theres is noptihng except the sets.....These are words what people say after the movie..

What the movie lacks :-
A organised storyline
High expectations from pokiri
Trying to put shitty hollywood graphics
A villain who cant even speak boldly
A rape scene by mahesh[it might be removed in theatres]
Heroine loving villain
Mad direction
NO element to make the viewer keep excited in the movie
what can attract the audience
Mahesh charm of the pokiri
Nice music scores
good wallpapers
high publicity
nice sets [bridge set and water set]
Mahesh shound concentrate on different stories but shouldnot try to put hollywood shots in movie like in vamsi and sainikudu....moreoever masses turn this type of holly stunts as like bala krishna..moreover he should be careful in chosing the roles for the future as fans have high expectations on him.Trying different is good but when you are a star you need 2 be careful Else movies will turn down at box office.