Placement week in JIIT,Noida for 2008 batch

Placement season for the 2008 batch of JIIT,Noida has started.The companies going to come this week are Infosys on 30/31 jan,wipro on 31 jan,Tech Mahindra on 5th and 6th and torry Harris.Following is the mail from TPO of JIIT,Noida

Confirmation of companies for selection of students 2008 Batch at JIIT

1. Infosys- 30/31 Jan , Eligibiliy 65% throughout . Exemption
of 5% to UP and Bihar Board in 10/12th may be given. We r trying
to get 5% exemption for all at least in one one of the two exams 10th
or 12th.
However CGPA 5.8 is a must like last year. Wait till Moday 22 for 5%

2. Wipro PPT at 1800h on 31 Jan followed by written tests/interviews
on 01 Feb.
criteria 60% throuhout and no back logs. All streams eligible. A golden
chance for all
incl BI/BT/Chem/Civil engrs.

3. Torry Harris on 2/3 Feb --- CGPA of 6.3 and above only. Marks of
10/12th are
not being considered as of now. CS/IT/ECE/MCA and may be MTECHs.

3. Tech Mahindra likely on 5/6 Feb .Criteria not recd

*** Only WIPRO has been assigned dream status in the first round of

#### No limit on numbers by these cos. JUST QUALIFY.

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Jaypee Institute Of Information Technology


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This year's placement were very good at jaypee...Brands like google amazon ,microsoft, CSC,Oracle, Dreamworks, IBM,Cadence and many other fortune 500 companies recruited from jaypee in hefty amounts giving highest placement of 14 lacks and above

Along with them Regular recruiters were also there including IT giants like infosys , accenture, mindtree, syscom,wipro,aircom, cognizant, capital IQ, cmc(TATA) and many more providing salaries in the range of 3.25-5.5 lpa

There were huge number of core companies participation inlcuding erricson , landys Gyr , continental snapdeal,kmc,RNCO,Ssamsung , Maruti and many other multinaltionals providing average package of 4-5 lacks per anum plus perks giving R n D profile

At the end of placement season almost 70 % students had 2-3 jobs in hand

Average package at jaypee stood at 4-4.5 lpa this year..

Still many more companies are yet to come

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