College Drink's

Drink in a college life has got a very important position.I think you guy's might had understood.Im talking about the alcoholic drink's.From the experience of my engineering life ,I ll tell u about the drinking habits of the Indian youth in the college.I ll talk about the types of drinks they prefer,locations and the types of drinker's
Purpose :
Get relieved from their hardship's[got a backlog or broke up with a gal ........] [:D]
Masti [exams are over,holiday after a long time,some friend has came,going home.......]
Increasing the social life [friends,getting close to senior's........]
Showoff [ some guy's want to prove that they are heroes by drinking a lot..]
Types of drinks :-
[Most starter's prefer this and it is optimal in summer's]
[Highest preferred drink among the student's...Smirnoff,Romanov,Fuel are good [ruffel's is just cheaper..mixed mostly wih sprite or coke and sometimes water by experts]
[ If you are not a beginner,you will drink this.Not much costlier.Buy the ones which are smoother..students use Mc Dowell's,Director special,Royal challenge and Royal stag if they have some bucks..mixed mostly wih sprite or coke and sometimes water by experts]
[One of the good one to drink in the cold.not preferred to beginner's.you can have normal rum or white rum.Bacardi White rum is the best and smoothest.In normal rum old smuggler's is the cheapest and old monk is the optimist one.But Bacardi rocks in rum...mixed mostly wih sprite or coke and sometimes water by experts]
People drink jinn also sometimes.scotch and wine are drunk only if the the partyis thrown by some big guy
Location,s :-
Freind's rooms

Pub's and disc

Hostel room
[The best of location's and the riskiest...but vo mazaa hi alag hai]

Theke or small restaurant kinda places
[ Everyday drinker's love this location]

on some good scenics
[on the riverside,Stopping a car on the hill road.......]

Type's of drinker's
[ They drink for friends..prefer beer or a single peg of vodka or whisky]

[They drink on parties,occasion's like bday's,treats and ....prefer any drink in 2-3 pegs...bus saroor bana lethe hai..no probs with these guy's]

[They can drink 5-6 pegs .But they need to be handled with proper care...else they will get you in trouble if you are their company]

[All they want is some buck's to drink.They dont need a ocassion or something.They just want to drink.Location,company.... nothing matters except the drink]

Guy's It's better if you don't drink.But if you drink,know your capacity first.Don't drink more for show of ,it will dump you.There should be some people in company who can control others while drinking.But Drink is the most important part of student's life.Having a single peg with friend's is not a bad thing But don't make it a part of life.If you drink in optimistic way,your drinking is never a problem for you and others.

Warning :Drinking alcohol is injurious to health [:)]


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