File hosting service - good or bad???

More than half of the forums in the world are run with the help of users uploading their files on the File hosting services. Most of these file hosting services don't even need registration.They provide the service free of cost.Most of them limit the size to 100 mb.A mail service restricts the user to just 10mb and you need to be a part of some mail network to receive the file.But most of the file hosting services does not need any registration on both sides.You can either send the link of the file to your friends or invite them through mail.File hosting services either restrict the file size to 100mb or restrict the number of streams to download or removing the support for Download manager,thus forcing you to register for their pro version or doing something that can increase their revenue.
Consider megaupload.com it supports download manager ,gives you enough space but bad thing is whenever a user tries to download some file ,it will how you that slots of your country are filled.If you want to download you should download the mega upload toolbar.In the same way rapidshare used to restrict resuming of download and compatibility with down.But there is some good news for rapidshare users in India as per digital Inspiration since rapidshare now has its own server in India [dl30vsnl.rapidshare.com].I think that other file hosting services also should follow in the steps of rapidshare.

advantages of File hosting service :-
Free online storage of your files-can be used as online backup
Can share large files with other users in forums
No registration required for the novice users [ but files uploaded should be checked before they are displayed in public]

Disadvantages :-
Irritating restrictions on users forcing them to do things that generate revenue for the website
Increasing the piracy rate [ movies and softwares uploaded and shared without copyright]
Anonymity of users increases the illegal use of file hosting service
e.g. recent outrage of Gandhi on youtube
Note : video hosting services can also be considered as file hosting service since most of them are having same feautures as filehosting one's do.
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