Hillary clinton - It's not a cake for you in '08 race

compared with the rest of the democrats who are going to compete for the presidential ship of U.S.A IN 2008,Senator Hillary Clinton is the most battle tested,has the biggest fund raising network and can walk into the job with a unique set of skills and experiences gained from the eight years in the white house as the first lady.
Yet none of these guarantees that she will beat her opponents.or manage and master the issues that have long vexed her,like Iraq war and universal health insurance.Even she herself told her nearby that she is more worried about winning the democratic nomination than winning the general elections against a republican.with this presidential campaign starting far earlier than any other in history,Clinton,senator barrack obama of Illinois and their5 democratic reivals find themselves facing 400 more days before the nomination is sealed up.Each of these days could bring a surprise or flub or controversy that might change their fortune.
The current battlefield is full of heavy hitters and Clinton is going to face formidable challenges.OBama is the strongest rival thus far in attracting crowds of screaming fans.John Edwards,the former senator from North Carolina,was the 2004 vice presidential nominee,and has staked out a clear anti-war position;and senators Joseph Biden jr and Christopher Dodd are seasoned lawmakers who lead powerful committees,giving them access to donors and th media spotlight
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