buzeeee cities

The municipal commisioner,
Developing cities[Hyderabad,bangalore..]

sub:- Take care of your city


Your city is developing
but something is lacking
Everything is deteriorating
people from villages are storming
Industries are booming
Infrastructure is sucking
Totally your city is .......

This is all about the developing cities in india which is having unexpected growth and booom due to IT companies but lack of proper care and planning by the city planners making life horrible to the people who live there.It takes hours to reach from place to place.Sometimes you get blocked in the jams and finally you reach to your destined party or function or meeting only after its over.This is irritating to most of the people .And the most worst thing is the public transportation.Only some cities which are metropolitans from the good olden days only have some sort of nice public transportation like mumbai,chennai with the local trains,kolkata with their trams and Delhi with the Delhi metro But cities like hyderabad and chennai which didnt plan themselves bcoming metros suddenly has got screwed up badly and the industrial boom in those cities specially from the IT sector has brought a lot of people to the cities for their livelihood but the infrastructure usage being already reached to the saturation posing a dangeours threat to the development of the cities.So the governments and the city municipal commisioners ..open your eyes before your city turns into a haywire [:D]


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